The sheer ingratitude of Labour @CLPWallasey makes itself known

blocked by @CLPWallasey


Starting around three years ago, Wallasey Constituency Labour Party (membership 1300 at the time) democratically set out their stall at the local AGM on 24th June 2016, the day after the EU referendum.

This clearing of the air was long overdue and all done within the party rulebook. The 44 delegates present agreed to state their support for Jeremy Corbyn as the leader and for Angela Eagle as local Wallasey MP.  They’d already shown their loyalty by supporting Eagle in her failed bid for the deputy leadership.

But Eagle was not happy about Wallasey members’ support for Corbyn, a position which flew into the face of her own stated, on the record praise for Corbyn’s campaign trail performance in the lead-up to the Brexit referendum.

She was not present at the AGM but it appeared to be a tempestuous meeting, from which arose media-borne allegations of bullying, intimidation and homophobia against certain members, which were much later proven to be completely without foundation.

From the moment these allegations were lodged we viewed them as fake, and an extremely malicious form of “trial by media”.

And so it proved when Wallasey CLP quickly became suspended for 18 months by a secretive, kangaroo court squatting inside Iain McNicol’s hard right NEC, which in turn was squatting inside the party. 

The next day, behind everybody’s back, Angela Eagle had a new website set up,, but continued to keep quiet about it.  Two days after that, she went public, revealing she intended to challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the Labour Party.  We then got the lies of Brickgate and the rest is history.  Her pathetic tilt at stardom failed miserably and fizzled out very publicly and very quickly.

Acting completely independently and without any consultation, starting on 12th July 2016, we decided it was time to lend our support for what it was worth.  We did this on here and via our social media channel of choice – Twitter.  And we did a lot.

1. BREAKING NEWS – #Brickgate – Angela Eagle’s Office Window was NOT broken…

2. #Brickgate – A Story That Won’t Go Away

3. Writer of gushing Guardian eulogy of Angela Eagle fights facts with innuendo

4. #Brickgate – Angela Eagle and The Guardian – a further update, and probably not the last

5. #Brickgate – Angela Eagle MP – Freedom of Information Request to Merseyside Police

6. #Brickgate – Reports of ‘attempted break-in’ at Polish off licence, opposite Angela Eagle’s Office

7. Exclusive – Wallasey Branch of Constituency Labour Party – Timeline to Wallasey CLP Suspension

8. Angela Eagle’s 17 whistleblowers – The Eagle 17 – Are they for REAL?

9. #Brickgate FOI request – A response is in from Merseyside Police

10. #Brickgate / Angela Eagle / Broken Stairwell Window – Our Complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation

11. #Brickgate – Angela Eagle – Merseyside Police Change Their Position on Freedom of Information Request

12. Post Factual Politics – an Update on #Brickgate – Investigation Complete – Nobody Arrested

13. False Flag “Whistleblowing” – A Guide – Part One – Starring Angela Eagle

14. #Brickgate latest ~ Wirral Labour Council: “Eagle broken window was Anti-Social Behaviour” – and NOT an angry mob from Islington

15. #Brickgate – Police finally admit – There’s No Evidence to Conclude ‘Angela Eagle’s Window’ was Smashed by a Brick

16. #Brickgate – Angela Eagle’s PR man – Imran Ahmed – throws his weight around on Twitter

17. #Brickgate – and the Alternative “Reality” of Conor Pope

18. #Brickgate Update – Angela Eagle’s alleged ‘Broken Office Window’ – all the links

19. #Brickgate – Police say “no proof a brick broke a window”. But 50 mainstream political journalists are unmoved

20. UPDATED – #Brickgate becomes #PieceOfMasonryGate as More Intriguing Answers Come in…

21. Merseyside Police Expose Angela Eagle’s #Brickgate Newspaper, TV and Radio Falsehoods

22. The Quest for the Fabled “Window of #Brickgate” – Part One

23. EXCLUSIVE – Wirral Council is Taking an Axe to its Customer Service Staff – 100 Full Time Jobs to Go

24. Do you live in Wallasey? After #Brickgate, a string of bogus allegations and council abuse, does Labour candidate Angela Eagle deserve your vote?

25. We had an Important Question for our Local Councillor, Paul Stuart

26. Wallasey CLP Suspension, Latest. The Labour Party, Breaching Data Protection Act, Unlawfully Withholds Paul Davies’ Personal Data.

27. BBC to help young students “Identify Fake News” #Brickgate

28. #Brickgate, Angela Eagle fed #FakeNews to the Daily Mail, and speaking truth to power

29. Transcript of our conversation with Angela Eagle on 11th May 2018

30. #Brickgate – Edited transcript of phone conversation between us and Jim Waterson of Buzzfeed (at the time)

31. #Brickgate, an update, almost three years later

32. Angela Eagle supporters have been discovered telling lies about Wallasey CLP Vice Chair Paul Davies

33. Wallasey CLP News. Does the Malicious Behaviour of an Angela Eagle Supporter Equate to Gross Misconduct?

34. Anti-Semitism, Israel and the Labour Party [version 2] – by Paul Davies, suspended Vice-Chair of Wallasey Constituency Labour Party

35. UPDATED – Wallasey Momentum’s Response to Labour NEC Report ~ Alleged Homophobia Towards Angela Eagle

36. Wallasey Constituency Labour Party ~ Press Release, with enclosures.

37. UPDATED with TV Report – EXCLUSIVE – Wallasey CLP Response to Labour Party Report. Personal Critique by Vice Chair Paul Davies

38. Eagle asked Wallasey CLP to support #OwenSmith – knowing they couldn’t vote

39. Police ‘no brick’; proven-false #smears; time #Wallasey CLP had INDEPENDENT report

40. Wallasey vice-Chair under expulsion threat – for refuting false allegations

41. Wallasey CLP vice-Chair Paul Davies. NEC investigation this Wednesday

42. 19-page Letter to Labour NEC Disciplinary Committee by Wallasey CLP vice-Chair Paul Davies – published in FULL

43. The Wallasey CLP Homophobia and Intimidation Allegations Have Collapsed

44. All charges dropped v #Wallasey CLP. When will it be reinstated – and false accusers punished?

45. What are the Charges Against Wallasey CLP’s Paul Davies?

46. Wirral’s Hard Right Labour getting a taste of democracy as The Matron resigns from the party

…plus so much more aimed at exposing the enemy within – here on Wirral – the pisspoor Tories, the squatting, hard right Labour faction, now dwindling, their once-bountiful, blue-tinged, toxic grapes, now withering on the vine.

Nobody protested, apart from the usual suspect, sock-puppet accounts that were loyal to Angela Eagle, Wirral Council’s hard right Labour councillors and to the hideous local status quo.

We personally know some prominent members of Wallasey CLP – who will remain nameless – and our action was taken through a sense of loyalty to both these old friends and to the Labour Party’s aims and values – a party to which admittedly we are not, never have been and never will be a member.

The last time we’d voted Labour was in 1992, five years before Tony Blair arrived as Labour Prime Minister.  We even regret doing that to this day because it installed Angela Eagle. And look how that turned out.

We fully appreciate that when you become a member of any political party – whether you rise through the ranks or not – signing on the dotted line means you willingly surrender certain, crucial ‘freedom of speech’ aspects to your internationally recognised Human Rights.

To be specific, when you sign up and pay your £4.30 per month, your Article 10 rights to Freedom of Expression become instantly curtailed and reduced in scope as an ominous disincentive to speak out in public is brandished over your head.  This is not unique to the Labour Party.  They’re all at it.

Article 10 EU Convention on Human Rights - freedom of expression

We could never join a political party.  Because its serving officers would take it upon themselves to interfere and aim to stop us blogging about awkward truths, which might involve dishonesty, deceit, or even bullying and abuse, all of which has occurred on Wirral over and over again in the past … and will again in the future.

Why?  Because the poor things treasure their reputations above all else and despise any independent, beyond their control publishing of dangerous, factual content by persons they regard as ‘upstarts’ or ‘subversives’.  Persons like us.

We are viewed as ‘threats’ by these inadequate, jumped-up abusers of the power foolishly vested in them. 

Our determined input over the last three years will have greatly assisted the cause of left-wing members and officers of @CLPWallasey, who were probably aching to speak up and make their views known, but felt either browbeaten, self-censored or potentially intimidated into not doing so.

Imagine how we felt upon discovering we’d been blocked by the very people we’d set out to help and had been helping continuously for the last three years.  We still support Labour of course.  The wider cause of the unrepresented UK working class is so much greater than these petty, piddling local issues.

We made a direct approach to try and get this fixed some weeks ago, but that appears to have failed.  So this is where our specific Wallasey CLP help must come to an end.

We should stress that what we did was all done beneath the radar, and no public gratitude was ever expressed, sought nor expected.  Which to us is totally as it should be, entirely fitting in the circumstances and the appropriate way for both Wallasey CLP and the Wirral In It Together blog to behave.

This blog is now well into its eighth year and has always been at pains to speak from a public interest standpoint and to criticise the failures (ongoing) of Wirral Council and others.  So much so we’ve even had UKIP people cheering us on.

Admittedly, over the last three years, we’ve lost some followers and gained probably a lot more due to our more obvious left-wing bias.

This post is being made to reassure readers that no matter WHO populates the members’ chamber and aspires to the control/leadership of Wirral Council in the future, we will continue to watch them like a hawk and to expose their failures and their perceived crimes to the local population.

We don’t give a damn if they’re right-wing, left-wing or middle of the road centrists. As usual, no leeway will be given.

August 2021 Update

Ahmed is still spreading his hate, beneath the careful guise of ‘countering’ it!

Toodle pip!

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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1 Response to The sheer ingratitude of Labour @CLPWallasey makes itself known

  1. Bobby47 says:

    Whilst I’m a socialist at heart, me? I don’t believe in any of them. They’re all equally as incompetent. They all embrace the most complicated of social, economic and political issues without a hope in hell of ever being capable of addressing them and resolving a single one of them and yet they haven’t the will or the ability to fill in a pot hole or stop a Council haemorrhaging million’s on LOBO Loans and ending Gagging Payments. Essentially, if they can’t do these relatively simple tasks, why in the world would they even think about dealing with stuff a bloody algorithm can’t sort out.
    For example, the mad bastards all latch onto the thoughts and ideas of little Greta, a child who possesses the unique ability of actually being able to see Co’2 emissions, a feat hitherto unmatched by any living creature that walks, crawls, flys and swims on the planet and they pledge to do all manner of things to stop global warming. It beggars belief!
    And what have we got to address our ever changing complicated world.The Conservatives and their Old Money. Essentially their doctrine is, ‘we’ll hang onto our money and do as much as we can to make the poor people pay to maintain us in our positions of power and every so often we’ll give them something that’ll sound fucking good but will have no measureable positive impact upon their pointless lives.
    Then there’s my Party. Bloody Labour! Infested by Blairites and the ideologue educated middle classes who quite like the idea of being exposed to working class poor people, they organise themselves and then sneer, snarl and pin derogatory labels on anyone who doesn’t become a slavish follower to their tyrannical ideology that honourably quite fancies the idea of helping poor people but then their good and noble cause gets top trumped by their inner desire to have the money for themselves and be able to afford to live like the rich ones up on the hill.
    Theyre all liars. Theyre all narcissistic and there isn’t a cigarette paper thin enough to separate any of them.
    Worse, and it’s a tragedy to say it. Our Jeremy. The kindest and most decent of parliamentarians who finds himself, through his own inability to grasp the stinging nettle and be a leader, caught between a rock and a bloody hard place. And it’s all his own fault. By appeasing the likes of Eagle, Watson and all the others who’ve no idea what it’s like to walk in the shoes of poor people, he’s ended up as bad as Theresa May. Clueless. Without direction. Reacting to events rather than shaping them and in bed next to Fat Tom, who’s now known as Skinny Tom, a man who champions the betrayal of working class Labour voters and yearns for personal power at the expense of honour and loyalty.
    Frankly, I liked him more when he was Fat. At least when his cholesterol was sky high, his arteries were about to explode and gift him the mother of all heart attacks, at least, the very least, I could laugh at the fat fucker and wonder when it was he last saw his scrotum.
    Anyways, here we are. A Labour Party infested by Blairites, Union Leaders telling Brexit voters they’re racist and Far Right and Wirral Labour bumbling on and fucking up anything and everything they glance at.
    The glorious consolation to all those bereft of hope and the will to continue voting Labour? The Wirral Labour group will do everything they can to stop global warming, which is absolutely nothing, to ensure that The Gulf Stream and The Jet Stream continue to hurtle around the planet in a clockwise direction and thus ensuring another fifty years of social anarchy on the Wirral peninsular brought about by mad bastards pretending they had anything to do with being a Labour voter.


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