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#Brickgate – Edited transcript of phone conversation between us and Jim Waterson of Buzzfeed (at the time)

Edited transcript of telephone conversation between JW – Jim Waterson (Buzzfeed News, now at The Guardian) and PC – Paul Cardin, proprietor of the Wirral In It Together WordPress Blog Date of conversation 6th January 2017 Date of transcription 30th May … Continue reading

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Nigel Hobro versus Wirral Council. Before District Judge Campbell, Birkenhead County Court – 22nd May 2018

Brief summary and background to the case. Nigel Hobro is the claimant here, a former employee of Enterprise Solutions, trading as WirralBiz Limited [dissolved in 2014], where he worked as a qualified accountant. Nigel noticed impropriety and dodgy goings on … Continue reading

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Transcript of our conversation with Angela Eagle on 11th May 2018

Last Friday, we attended an Antisocial Behaviour meeting at the Wallasey Unitarian Church.  Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy was ill, so didn’t attend, but sent her deputy in her place.  Also present was our MP, Angela Eagle, a police … Continue reading

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#Brickgate, Angela Eagle fed #FakeNews to the Daily Mail, and speaking truth to power

31st December 2020 – an update – LIARS prosper. Angela Eagle is made a fucking DAME in the New Years Honours list We’re just back from the above public meeting in the lovely Memorial Unitarian Church, Manor Road, Wallasey, … Continue reading

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Wirral – Where Public Service Went To Die …

Originally posted on Wirralleaks:
This week we were quite happy taking a sentimental journey round the septic isle until Dr Robert diagnosed us with ‘Sandie Shaw Syndrome’ . No , we’re not in the words of the barefoot singer’s Eurovision…

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Tory use of voter suppression is another cowardly act

Originally posted on ducksoap:
As part of last week’s council elections, at selected polling stations, there was a trial of a voter ID requirement in order to be allowed to vote. There are several problems with this trial: Some people…

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BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan’s Twitter abuse. Our final response.

Previous posts: 1. As Amol Rajan deletes his offending tweet, our complaint goes to Stage 2 2. BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan’s offensive “Scum” and “Idiots” tweets. Our complaint goes to the next stage 3. The BBC defends Amol Rajan, a senior employee, … Continue reading

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An election day discussion. Should we vote Labour?

  Today, the people of Seacombe will return hard right, Blairite abuser Adrian Edward Rowland Jones to the council. In other news, lung cancer patients are fighting their disease by taking up chain-smoking.          

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Wirral’s Bone Idle Hard Right Labour Councillors. The plot thickens.

  We’ve been given some helpful information about Councillor Net, the internal Wirral Council members’ casework portal.  All our councillors were instructed to use it around two years ago, but in their wisdom, have mostly decided to ignore the memo. Presumably … Continue reading

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