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Who’s blocking us on Twitter?

There’s probably a hell of a lot more, but here’s a few to start with. @StaffsPeople is the new CEO at Wirral Council.  See here.

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How Lord Fraud’s Benefit Rules For Self-Employed Workers Will Mean The End Of Enterprise

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Fuck entrepreneurs.  Seriously.  Fuck them.  Most of them are are chinless jumped up idiots squandering their trust funds and boring everyone shitless with their latest wacky idea for rasberry fucking flavoured baked beans.  Or online…

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What happened when I Googled “Council CEO passionate”? I got a horror show…

There’s a good story in today’s online Wirral Globe, all about how the new CEO at Wirral Council has sent a letter to all staff, setting out his stall and proclaiming his ‘passion’ for all things public service, and how … Continue reading

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Deconstructing The So Called Jobs Miracle And Why It Has Nothing To Do With Iain Duncan Smith

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Repeatedly over the last few months the Tories have cheered that there are more people working than ever before as if this was some kind of fucking miracle.  In truth it is exactly what you…

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Today, in Wallasey Town Hall (Wirral Council HQ) I spoke with new CEO Eric Robinson

14th April 2015 A member of my family is ill sadly, and my wife has been staying with her a lot.  So I’ve been stepping in and looking after my two girls, aged 8 and 10. The Easter holidays are in full … Continue reading

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Paul Cardin appears on

6th April 2015 The other day I was invited onto Bastion Radio, a Bristol-based up and coming internet service run by Mike West and Kai Holloway. They’d seen a few of my tweets and posts and were interested in hearing all about … Continue reading

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