LOBO loans. Wirral Council plunged the people of Wirral, our kids and grandkids into £295 million of foreseeable, avoidable debt. We objected in 2016. Grant Thornton’s response has just arrived!

YEP! We’ve received the Grant Thornton response to our August 2016 qualifying objection, which arrived a couple of weeks back signed by their Director John Gregory. Attached to his email was a 13-page Decision and Statement of (alleged) Reasons.

We’d originally asked for a public interest report to be drawn up and for a High Court acknowledgment of Wirral Council’s failings to be produced. These were perfectly reasonable requests given the long and abject history of failure. A failure which had been replicated right across the country by hundreds of councils ‘during the good times’. Ha.

There then followed some to’ing and fro’ing. The decision had been stamped with an unsightly “Commercial in Confidence”; an attempt at trashing the valuable concept of openness and transparency.

We wanted to publish it. They wanted to conceal it, claiming it was a letter to us (and not the Wirral Public) and therefore ‘not intended for publication’.

The ‘auditor’ position appeared to be;

“Why would the public want to know about a measly £295 million debt that doesn’t run out until the 200th anniversary of Everton Football Club, occurring in 2078”?

Our final, weary contribution to this particular email exchange was:

Gregory checked with his bessies at the council, saying it was their decision. They reluctantly gave the go-ahead a few days ago and he then claimed that all along it was in fact he who was allowing us to proceed:

We won’t spoil this by telling you what the decision was. You’ll need to download it by clicking below and then reading it!

If you’re on Facebook, you can follow this link to an event we publicised which came and went the other day. While you’re there, if you’re a Facebook member, please join our group, “Wirral In It Together”:


Unlike the council, their ‘auditors’ and the local ‘newspapers’, we thought it vital as many Wirral Council tax payers as possible should know in great detail about what’s been done in their name and behind a veil of secrecy ever since the captured Wirral Globe and Liverpool Echo (Wirral edition) gave up reporting on the subject yonks back.

Our qualifying objection was lodged over four years ago on the 10th August 2016.

Mr Gregory, his predecessor Robin Baker and Wirral Council, in the form of Councillor Adrian Jones – former chair of the ‘Audit’ & Risk ‘Management’ Committee – had been feeding us shite, fobbing us off and dragging their heels.

We still don’t know what the reasons are for such a long delay. As you can see here, the mealy-mouthed motherf*ckers haven’t got the bottle to tell us.

‘A number of different factors’ our pert, shapely, beautiful, bouncing, hirsute backside.

And to sink the boot in even further, tight arse has given us just 21 days to appeal. What a miserable kick in the teeth.

Well, Gregory’s Girl, if you’re reading this, you’re confident we won’t be appealing, aren’t ya mate?

And why’s that?

Because the plebs never appeal, even if they’re retired from the toxic rat race, like what we are. Citizens – including us – can’t just breeze down the bank and secure a remortgage to free up the cash. We also can’t afford to appoint an expensive team of legal executives, poised to drop everything, take up the simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play to fight ‘auditor’ greed and council criminality.

Can we?

This is how the system has been set up. To enable practised, elected and unelected psycho / sociopaths to function in a safe space, to build their wealth and strengthen their empires, with us miserable swine frozen out. All with the purpose of making any fight back impossible, whilst crushing the man in the street, or should that be gutter?

Oh no, dismal failure is the guaranteed destination of any disgruntled but spirited type, like what we are, who knows they’re being fleeced and poisoned yet seeks to resist paying up and opening their gaping maw to swallow the drip-fed council / ‘auditor’ medicine.

In the past, we had the Audit Commission, a public body with national reach, and also some measure of accountability. But what have we got now? Shit. That’s what. Shit.

Since the Tories scrapped the AC and handed the role of alleged “regulation” on a silver platter to their bent private company mates, every last vestige of public oversight has been put to the sword.

Moreover, there is no longer any incentive for these fuckers to carry out the job of pinpointing dishonesty, theft, corruption or making public servants answerable.

Why? Because councils pay six figure annual stipends to the twats. Up and down the country this figure goes into the billions. In return councils get protection and the crooked books get balanced. It’s a fucking legalised RACKET folks.

Oh, to hell with it…

…we’re outta here.

Peace out.

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The Prime Minister’s latest statement. Getting Northern lockdowns lifted is a lot easier than we think.

LONDON, UK — Prime Minister Boris Johnson has released new guidelines for Northern parts of the country who are looking to restart their lives and kick-start their businesses. He said, “local leaders may only begin to lift their lockdowns once a cure for death has been found.”

“Once we’ve beaten the final enemy, death, we can slowly begin to re-open over a 100-year period,” Johnson said at a press conference today. “Counties that report just one death for any reason will be forced to stay in lockdown and keep social distancing in place indefinitely. No progress can be made until we have a solution to the eternal question of how to prevent people going to meet their maker.”

“We can’t be too careful in the meantime — we must all be visible, be seen wearing masks and keep spreading our collective fear until this pesky requirement to keep pushing up the daisies has been conquered.”

Johnson said acceptable targets to aim for to get towns and cities re-opened would include:

1. Discovering how to clone hundreds of new Tory voters from “useless” Tory OAPs who are ready to die anyway

2. Successfully transplanting Tory heads onto freshly killed working class Labour bodies, and;

3. Inventing a time machine which goes back to the “spiffing” election year of 1979, enabling millions of Tory landslide voters to transport themselves forward, postponing death itself and keeping the Tories in power for all of eternity.

At publishing time, Johnson had clarified that London would remain open for business regardless.

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We lodged a qualifying objection about £139 million of Wirral Council LOBO loans FOUR years ago. We got our final response from Grant Thornton today … 1,511 days later


The above is a link to the working out of the days taken for Grant Thornton – the alleged

‘regulator’ of Wirral Council’s finances – to finally arrive at their conclusion.

The email we received was marked “commercial in confidence” suggesting that the contents are classified and restricted in some way.

Who knows? Grant Thornton didn’t bother to explain it.

John Gregory took the reins from his predecessor, whose name we’ve now forgotten, it all started so long ago.

For now, we’ll reveal that the objection was unsuccessful and compared to the 1,511 days Grant Thornton took to get their shit together, we have just 21 days to get ours together and appeal.

Bye for now!

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Can you FEEL it? Dark forces have got us rolling around inside their #hyperschemes… #Covid19 #TheGreatReset

We need to stand firm, research the truth, bust out of their schemes, SCREAM at the top of our voices, NO!! Hold onto our legacy, our history and our nation – for our children – before they’re all gone.

#Art #Poetry #Protest #Music 🎶

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“I’m not walking away” says Baron Frank Field… as he walks away…🤣🤣🤣

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As the DOJ net closes on Robert Mueller and his team of democrats, up to 27 mobile phones have their data wiped.

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Has Twitter found a new way of shadow banning its ‘problem’ users?

We sent a tweet this evening:

When we checked the tweet activity twenty minutes later, there had been just one view.

Such an eventuality is unheard of. Normally on our Twitter account there’d be between 50 and 100 hits in the space of 20 minutes on a Friday evening.

So once again, we’re smelling a rat. When this has occurred in the past, we’ve browsed across to the trusty www.shadowban.eu, punched in our Twitter username and discovered a screen full of red annotations, indicating we’ve been shadowbanned by the dribbling Silicon Valley ghouls in several different ways.

But tonight, all was Green for GO and we were in the clear:

So unless everyone in the world has decided to ditch the internet this evening, give up the ghost and suddenly cease their online activity altogether, in unison, it seems Twitter have sharpened another axe, swung it around and pioneered a new method of censoring / silencing troublesome types like us.

Please be careful out there and let us know if your activities are being curtailed and your online presence hidden away in the same fashion.



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Join any UK political party, sign on the dotted line and hey presto! Your human right to free speech has just been surrendered.


Free speech is classified as a human right, the right to speak or write an opinion without obstruction from people acting outside the law or from the law itself.  Access to free speech is defined and enshrined in laws and constitutions of many countries and in international conventions to which governments have obligated themselves.  The right to free speech is, of course, manipulated as a political tool by governments, both by those who are opposed to free speech and by those who present themselves as choosing to allow it. 

The concept of access to free speech is misunderstood purposefully by some politically motivated activists.  Free speech, as a right, does not include insistence that anyone listens.  The right to be heard is not the right to be listened to.  Walking away, switching off the radio, blocking on twitter or sticking fingers in ears while singing “la la la” are…

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Covid-Gate, The Political Virus – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Our routine, everyday freedoms are now seriously coming under threat in Australia, where a man has been arrested and charged with incitement for arranging a protest. He faces a $20,000 fine if found guilty. Others are now being arrested for walking down the road. Be afraid.

The Wall Will Fall

The national economies of 193 countries, member states of the United Nations were ordered to close down on March 11, 2020. The order came from above, from Wall Street, the World Economic Forum, the billionaire foundations. And corrupt politicians throughout the world have enforced these so-called guidelines with a view to resolving a public health crisis.

Millions of people have lost their jobs, and their lifelong savings.In developing countries,poverty and despair prevail. We are told the it is V the Virus which is responsiblefor the wave of bankruptcies and unemployment.

The unspoken truth is that the novel coronavirus provides a pretext andjustificationto powerful financial interests andcorrupt politicians to precipitate the entire World into a spiral of mass unemployment, bankruptcy and extreme poverty.

And then Joe Biden tells us that the US economy must remain in a lockdown to save lives.What utter nonsense. Has he analysed the underlying causality? I…

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Are you a YouTuber? Are you repurposing your videos and podcasts and creating eBooks? Read on. During this quiet period, our company, Easy Virtual Assistance is out there looking for transcription work

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