Transcript of our conversation with Angela Eagle on 11th May 2018

13 05 18 - stamping out antisocial behaviour

Last Friday, we attended an Antisocial Behaviour meeting at the Wallasey Unitarian Church.  Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy was ill, so didn’t attend, but sent her deputy in her place.  Also present was our MP, Angela Eagle, a police inspector and a number of hard right Labour Wirral Councillors.  As stated in our previous post, we didn’t get to ask our question, so we waited and queued after the meeting to meet Angela.

Here is a link to the video of our conversation:

And here is a transcript of the conversation for anybody struggling to hear what went on:

Transcript of conversation between Angela Eagle MP and Paul Cardin at Wallasey Unitarian Church, Manor Road, Wallasey CH41 1DA on Friday 11th May 2018


Paul:           Hi.

Angela:       Hiya.

Paul:           Paul Cardin.

Angela:       I know.

Paul:           Right.  I didn’t really get a chance to ask you a question but it’s something that’s concerned me for some time.  What do you think about Mr. Corbyn?  How do you think he’s doing at the moment?

Angela:       Fine.

Paul:           The leader…okay, yeah?  You happy with him?

Angela:       But, you know, we’re still in opposition unfortunately but he’s doing fine, why?

Paul:           Oh, that’s sad, isn’t it?  Yeah.  No, okay, I’ll cut straight to what I was going to talk to you about.  Jane Kennedy, she’s a bit of a sort of an anonymous figure around here.  People don’t really know her, you know.

Angela:       Well, she’s ill.

Paul:            I know, yeah.

Angela:       Which is why…she was going to be here.  She’s very disappointed not to be here.  Which is why her deputy had to come.  But she’s off sick.

Paul:           Okay.  Well, I hope she gets better soon.

Angela:       So do I.

Paul:           Right.  What it concerns is a couple of years ago, almost a couple of years ago, a brick went through the window just round the corner here…

Angela:       Paul, we’re not…I’m not talking to you…

Paul:           Yeah…can I talk about this?

Angela:       No, no, no.  We’re not talk…

Paul:           It’s antisocial behaviour.

Angela:       No, no, no, no.  We’re not talking about this.

Paul:           Please.  You can’t just close me down.

Angela:       No.  There’s other people…

Paul:           This is antisocial behaviour…

Angela:       There’s other people to see…

Paul:           No, no.  I’m a person.  I’m a constituent of yours.

Angela:       There’s other people to see.  Listen…listen…

Paul:           No, no.  Please.  I’m a constituent…

Angela:       We’re not reviving all of that.

Paul:           No.  But it’s…but please, Dan Hodges is reviving it.  Thanks to you putting the #FakeNews out there, Dan Hodges is still working with it.  “How far will the Corbynites go?  Precisely what lines are they prepared to cross to protect their hero?  I thought we had reached the nadir of Corbynite cultism in 2016…”

Angela:       What’s this got to do with it?

Paul:            “…when his supporters hurled a brick through Angela Eagle’s constituency office window.”  That’s just false.  It’s #FakeNews, wouldn’t you agree?

Angela:       No.

Paul:           It’s true…?

Angela:       What do you mean?

Paul:           Corbyn support…?

Angela:       Will you just leave?  I don’t want to talk about this.

Paul:           Where’s your evidence?  The police officers talked about evidence earlier.

Angela:       Listen…Paul…Paul…

Paul:           He can’t work unless he has evidence.  Jane Kennedy appeared to have evidence to suggest…

Angela:       Paul.  Paul, will you go please?

Paul:           …Corbyn supporters did it.  Corbyn supporters didn’t do it.

Angela:       This has got nothing to do with the meeting today.

Paul:            Yes, it has.  It’s antisocial behaviour.

Angela:       This has got nothing to do with the meeting today.

Paul:           It’s antisocial behaviour, so I want to just read out this statement to you.

Angela:       No, there’s people waiting to see me about issues that are current now.

Paul:           This is antis…  I’ve been waiting to see you…I…and now you’re trying to get rid of me and close me down.

Angela:       Yeah, I, I…

Paul:           Please.

Angela:       …this…this is not an issue.

Paul:           No, that’s not fair at all.  Yes, it is an issue.

Angela:       It is completely personal.

Paul:           The Daily Mail are still using it and you’ve helped them to do that.  That’s…it’s a resignation issue as far as I’m concerned, feeding the Daily Mail false news so they can throw it at your party leader.

Angela:       Okay.  Will you now leave?

Paul:           They’re throwing it at your party leader.

Angela:       They’re not throwing anything at my…

Paul:           They’re still…they are, look.  Dan Hodges.

Angela:       Can we…come on.

Paul:           Dan Hodges is doing it.

Angela:       Just leave, Paul.

Paul:           Look.

Angela:       Paul, Paul.

Paul:           No, I won’t leave.  No, I want some answers from you.  You’re my Member of Parliament.

Angela:       Paul, please.

Paul:           Now can…sorry.  Can I have some answers, please?  Why did you put that #FakeNews out there into the public domain?  Why did you do that?  It wasn’t your window.

Angela:       Paul, will you now leave?

Paul:           It wasn’t your constituency office window.

Angela:       Will you leave this…?

Paul:           No, I won’t leave.

Angela:       Okay, well, I’m going to see my other constituents.

Paul:           Ahhh.  Okay, well, I got my message across, I think.  Thanks a lot Angela.  Bye.

End of transcript


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#Brickgate, Angela Eagle fed #FakeNews to the Daily Mail, and speaking truth to power

11 05 18 - angela eagle invatation to antisocial behaviour public meeting


11 05 18 - wallasey unitarian church

We’re just back from the above public meeting in the lovely Memorial Unitarian Church, Manor Road, Wallasey, built in 1899 and a stone’s throw from #Brickgate – no pun intended.

The meeting went okay, but the whole thing felt a bit like a tick-box exercise, and due to the rather dismissive treatment of a sensitive local issue – antisocial behaviour – it got a bid rowdy at times.  And when a police inspector repeatedly responded to public complaints with, “I don’t recognise that statement”… and … “antisocial behaviour has gone down”, the audience got more and more frustrated.

We’d taken the following question with supporting statement to read out to Angela Eagle.  I held my hand up towards the end, but appeared to be ignored.

11 0 18 - angela eagle question and statement at church

Luckily, Angela had already offered to take complaints and queries from the public after the meeting, so when it ended we all queued up to be seen.

As we walked towards the stage at the front, down the central aisle, our three intrepid hard right Labour Seacombe councillors who’d been seated in the front row took their chance to escape down a side aisle.  Here they are in order of exit, Councillor Christine Jones, Councillor Adrian Jones and Councillor Paul Stuart.

jones jones stuart leave the church

As we queued, we were approached by Bridget Frear, Angela Eagle’s assistant.  We voiced our complaint to her and brought to her attention the following opinion piece in the Daily Mail of 8th April 2018…

11 05 2018 - dan hodges mail on sunday april 08 04 2018

We then stepped up to greet Angela…

We’ll finish with reminders of how Angela Eagle and Jane Kennedy were inflicted on us back in the early 1990s, a time when Neil Kinnock and Roy Hattersley’s star chambers were destroying good candidates UK-wide, and replacing them with right wing upstarts who later went on to call for the invasion of Iraq, the bombing of Libya and Syria, to destroy the Labour Party’s legacy under the guidance of war criminal Tony Blair and to fill council chambers up and down the land with cowardly, careerist, hard right Labour candidates.

Angela Eagle – Private Eye Reminds of Angela Eagle’s Highly Dubious Origins

Jane Kennedy – More News on Angela Eagle’s Dodgy Past, and the Rise of Jane Kennedy

…and finally an observation.  We are very poorly served…

…and how do we get rid of these people?



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Wirral – Where Public Service Went To Die …

A superb summary here of Wirral Council’s ongoing, relentless plunge into the gutter. Will it be a Northamptonshire County Council style ending as all power is removed and the Government commissioners step in?


Human Nature

This week we were quite happy taking a sentimental journey round the septic isle until Dr Robert diagnosed us with ‘Sandie Shaw Syndrome’ . No , we’re not in the words of the barefoot singer’s Eurovision winner ‘Puppets On A String’ (we leave that to others). As fellow sufferers of the syndrome know  : “There’s Always Something There To Remind Me” and it messes with your head.

So whilst it’s vaguely concerning/amusing/appalling that other local authorities are equally inept and corrupt, let’s be reminded of Wirral Council’s rap sheet courtesy of ‘The Good Doctor’. Although as we replied to our esteemed commentator the sleaze (there is no other word) that lies behind the bare reported facts doesn’t bear thinking about!


It is 2011, and Wirral Council is in serious trouble. It is on the brink of Government intervention and has received a damning…

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Tory use of voter suppression is another cowardly act

Have a look at the following tweet, which we sent after #Windrush broke into the news. #Windrush was #racism yes, but with the added bonus to the Tories of suppressing Labour voters.


As part of last week’s council elections, at selected polling stations, there was a trial of a voter ID requirement in order to be allowed to vote.

There are several problems with this trial:

  • Some people do not have photo ID (driving licence or passport) and there is a higher percentage of non-Tory voters who do not have such ID
  • The trial did not require photo ID but many staff and potential voters didn’t know that (non-photo) ID such as bank cards were acceptable to be allowed to vote
  • Polling stations where the trial took place were in wards whose result could directly affect which party would have control of the local council
  • The trial had not been tested legally before going ahead
  • There is negligible voter fraud in UK elections and, thus, absolutely no need for Voter ID

According to the Electoral Reform Society about 4000 voters were denied…

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BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan’s Twitter abuse. Our final response.

amol rajan bbc

Previous posts:

1. As Amol Rajan deletes his offending tweet, our complaint goes to Stage 2

2. BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan’s offensive “Scum” and “Idiots” tweets. Our complaint goes to the next stage

3. The BBC defends Amol Rajan, a senior employee, who was abusive, and may have defamed Paul Cardin

4. Amol Rajan Idiots and Scum and our Full Complaint to the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit

5. BBC Amol Rajan’s abuse, “Idiots” and “Scum”. The BBC have NOT upheld our complaint. What now?

We needed to respond to the BBC’s final finding by 7th May. Here is the email we sent today.



Keep checking back and the BBC’s response will be printed here when it comes in.

The next port of call is likely to be OFCOM.

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An election day discussion. Should we vote Labour?


Today, the people of Seacombe will return hard right, Blairite abuser Adrian Edward Rowland Jones to the council.

In other news, lung cancer patients are fighting their disease by taking up chain-smoking.












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Wirral’s Bone Idle Hard Right Labour Councillors. The plot thickens.

councillor net email - ignored

A 2016 email re: Councillor Net, which came into our possession


We’ve been given some helpful information about Councillor Net, the internal Wirral Council members’ casework portal.  All our councillors were instructed to use it around two years ago, but in their wisdom, have mostly decided to ignore the memo.

Presumably this system is broken down into 22 wards, with three councillors per ward, and has been designed to keep everything tidy, manageable and nicely-populated with all the various issues regarding pot holes, street lighting, litter, dog poo, etc. as they arise.  So in an ideal world, it would be giving the public a comprehensive run down of all the regular casework that the generous complement of 3 councillors per ward carry out on behalf of their voters, and all with regular updates as tasks are completed.

But it’s not quite working like that.  66 members should be subscribing to this.  It’s their everyday, bread and butter work after all, undertaken on behalf of voters, and it’s what we pay them for.

We’re told it functions well (when used), and although the public cannot access it (yet), it’s a welcome nod towards at least a thin veneer of openness, transparency and accountability.

What better for we the public than a councillors’ casework management system, updating us on how busy / not busy our councillors have been with issues on the ground?

It sounds great to us because voting for somebody is a transaction after all.  You invest your trust when granting your mandate in the ballot box.  And then you sit, and wait, and hope for something back in return.  Something to give you an idea of whether you got any value.  Or was it the same old story?  Was your vote simply squandered?

We think what’s needed now is a commitment to publish annual reports listing all 66 members’ names and the number of cases they’ve carried out.  Rather than having to rely on placing FOI requests.  What better way of engaging us, giving us transparency, something back in return and most importantly, information on councillor performance, to inform our decision on whether to vote / who to vote for next time around?

Will we re-elect somebody who’s been working hard all year round? ….. Yes.

Will we re-elect somebody who’s been swinging the lead, coasting along, doing 1 task per month, or whose name doesn’t even appear on the list? ….. No.

And guess what?  That happened 25 times in 2017.

Instead of embracing the new technology and the chance to make some progress, 65 of them appear to regard Councillor Net as some sort of “threat” or a “spy in the camp”.  Yes folks, imagine you’re a lazy bastard from the old school who’s been making a habit of screwing the system dry for years or even decades, a deadbeat who simply wants to attend 2 or 3 meetings per year, collect his / her allowance, not do anything to earn it, and is seeking to avoid their constituents like the plague.

The last thing he or she will want is some highly-efficient system elbowing its way in, making demands of them, and worse still, blowing them up to the waiting public once a year, telling us they’d entered nothing into its pages, and therefore appear to have done nothing all year.

So they shun it, swerve it, give it a wide berth, knowing that if they all stick together like modern day Luddites, together in solidarity, man versus machine, they’ll be in the clear.

Which sums up the18 hard right Labour councillors and their 7 Tory, alleged “opposition” colleagues.  25 deadbeat bumps on a log whom Michael Dixon discovered did the sum total of f*ck all throughout 2017.

They’re listed here, and are now otherwise known as “the untouchables”.

And due to their deliberate nobbling of this system – which we’ve all invested our Council Tax in in an attempt to help them – it’s all been rendered worthless.

If junior employees did the same, downed tools and walked away from their duties, they’d be for the high jump, rounded up, then dumped out on their ear.

But not councillors, oh no.  They enjoy charmed existences and are at liberty to swan around, like they’re enjoying a buffet, picking, choosing and discarding.

So they can opt not to co-operate with any new-fangled system that threatens to expose their laziness.

That’s the clear message we’re getting at local election time.  How about you, readers?  Will you be voting hard right Labour or Tory, endorsing their individual and collective failure and anointing them into more years of shirking, dodging and passing the buck?

We suggest you have a long, hard think about who you vote for on Thursday May 3rd !

Toodle Pip !


See our recent post which appeared to show that only 43 councillors of the 66 in total had been bothering to upload their cases during 2017.

Way ahead of the field on performance was Green Party Councillor Pat Cleary, who’d completed 183 cases, or over 15 per month, more than the entire total for the 39 hard right Labour councillors, who trailed in with a miserable 170 cases.

And which party seems to be wilfully making a mockery of their obligations re: representing their constituents?

Step forward hard right Labour, the party in power.  That’s right, those making like abusers of power, waving through austerity, complaining about Tory cuts, passing on those same cuts to staff but never to themselves, hiking the bloated salaries of senior officers and voting through policies which are Tory through and through.

We won’t go on about golf courses, luxury housing, inadequate Children’s Services, £50 million of low-interest loans to fellow councils, £137.5 million in high interest LOBO loans which finally expire in 2078 and cost 12% of your council tax year in, year out, alleged #racist Deputy leaders, the selling off of former council houses on the cheap, alleged #racist former Mayoral Consorts or over 100 foster children going missing on their watch, sensitive, hushed up disciplinary moves towards a certain very unpopular person, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. but you get the picture.

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Wirral’s Hard Right Labour Councillors. Not only are they crooked and dishonest… they’re bone idle. It’s official.

pat cleary caseload


We’ve had a leak ! 

This says it all, doesn’t it?  And it confirms what we’d suspected all along.

Wirral’s hard right Labour councillors seem to be all mouth and no trousers / skirt / Father Christmas costume.

The above information was prised out of Wirral Council by determined FOI requester Michael Dixon.  Here’s a link to the excellent website where the request was originally placed back on 15th March this year…

As we can see, the council bizzarely attempted to claim that they couldn’t produce and provide a brief, two-column listing of councillor caseloads without this work exceeding 18 hours charged at £25 per hour.  This was a lie of course.

The 18 hour rule is the Section 12 costs exemption, whereby the data controller can slam the shutters down if the work involved in gathering the info, collating it and supplying it is expected to exceed a cost of £450.  The FOI Act very unwisely has determined that the data controller can be relied upon to make such assessments.

The problem comes when the same data controller happens to be terminally bent, politically biased, occupying the gutter, and in possession of highly embarrassing shit, that they will do their utmost to conceal.

Shit like this.

Fair play to Mr Dixon, who stuck to his task, requested an internal review and eventually came out on top, with the council rolling over, and the information coming through two days ago on 25th April 2018.

We’d like to send our warmest congratulations to him if he’s reading this.


Now let’s have a look at the sordid details…

wirral council councillor submissions to councillor net - pat cleary

Councillor Performance Index (CPI) – highest to lowest performer

councillor pat clearyTOTAL = 183            gold medal pat cleary

GREEN PARTY = 1st place

councillor ian lewisTOTAL = 54               silver medal ian lewis

TORY PARTY = 2nd place

councillor wendy clementsTOTAL = 51              bronze medal wendy clements

TORY PARTY = 3rd place

Mentioned in dispatches…

councillor phil davies TOTAL = 38

Close, but no cigar.  For comparison, Councillor Cleary of the Green Party ploughed through practically FIVE times as much, working in the same very busy ward of Birkenhead and Tranmere.

It seems Phil Davies failed to rise to and meet the SAME demand.

The hard right Council Leader has also let himself down several times in the past by being an unrepentent, inveterate liar.  See here, here, here, here and here.

councillor bruce berry  TOTAL = 31

councillor angela davies TOTAL = 30

councillor chris blakeleyTOTAL = 26

The also rans… (names and totals only)

Alan Brighouse (LIB DEM)

Geoffrey Watt (TORY)

Tracey Pilgrim (TORY)

                                 TOTAL = 21

Jean Stapleton  (HARD RIGHT LABOUR)

                                 TOTAL = 16

Stuart Whittingham (HARD RIGHT LABOUR)

                                 TOTAL = 12

Matthew Daniel (HARD RIGHT LABOUR)

                                 TOTAL = 11

Christopher Carubia (LIB DEM)

Lesley Rennie (TORY)


                                 TOTAL = 9


Phil Gilchrist (LIB DEM)

                                 TOTAL = 8


Stuart Kelly (LIB DEM)

                                 TOTAL = 7



                                 TOTAL = 6

Dave Mitchell (LIB DEM)

Paul Hayes (TORY)


                                 TOTAL = 5

Jeff Green (TORY)

Pat Williams (LIB DEM)



                                 TOTAL = 4


Steve Williams (TORY)

                                 TOTAL = 3

Tom Anderson (TORY)

Treena Johnson (HARD RIGHT LABOUR)

                                 TOTAL = 2

Adam Sykes (TORY)

Irene Williams (HARD RIGHT LABOUR)


John Hale – retired – (TORY)



Phillip Brightmore (HARD RIGHT LABOUR)

Les Rowlands (TORY)

Walter Smith – deceased – (HARD RIGHT LABOUR)

                                 TOTAL = 1


If you’ve got this far, you may be thinking, hmmm, that’s not everyone is it?

You’d be correct.  There are only 43 councillors listed above, one of whom is retired and the other who is dead, both of whom still managed to undertake more work than those in the list below.

Yes, readers, here come the dregs, featuring the 25 councillors who did the sum total of nothing for their constituents despite collecting a total of at least £184,000 in allowances for occasionally turning up in 2017 …when they felt like it.

These people may be unusually active of late, and knocking on your door over the next week or so, keen to receive the promise of your vote in time for the local elections on May 3rd.

Your unwitting endorsement will enable the obscene gravy train to rev up and continue on track, swelling their bank balances …and for very little in return !

Except if you live in Birkenhead & Tranmere where – there’s no denying – the one and only Green Party Councillor is certainly putting a shift in !

Far be it from us to recommend who you vote for, but we DO urge you to put two and two together, weigh it all up, and vote in accordance with your conscience AND the evidence that Michael Dixon has prised out of the council and that we’ve reproduced here.

AND FINALLY… here it is, it’s Zero hours / Zero effort contracts all round for the following roll call of Wirral Council deadbeats…



George Davies, Deputy Leader, alleged racist (ULTRA HARD RIGHT LABOUR)

                               TOTAL = ZERO


                               TOTAL = ZERO


                               TOTAL = ZERO

Adrian Jones (ULTRA HARD RIGHT LABOUR, feigning love for Corbyn at election time)

                               TOTAL = ZERO

Christine Jones (HARD RIGHT LABOUR, feigning love for Corbyn at election time)

                               TOTAL = ZERO


                               TOTAL = ZERO


                               TOTAL = ZERO


                               TOTAL = ZERO


                               TOTAL = ZERO

Christina Muspratt (HARD RIGHT LABOUR)

                               TOTAL = ZERO


                               TOTAL = ZERO

Matthew Patrick (HARD RIGHT LABOUR)

                               TOTAL = ZERO


                               TOTAL = ZERO


                               TOTAL = ZERO

Christine Spriggs (HARD RIGHT LABOUR, but still keen to have a UKIP candidate banjaxed)

                               TOTAL = ZERO

Michael Sullivan (HARD RIGHT LABOUR)

                               TOTAL = ZERO

Jerry Williams (HARD RIGHT LABOUR)

                               TOTAL = ZERO


                               TOTAL = ZERO


Eddie Boult (TORY)

                               TOTAL = ZERO

David Burgess-Joyce (TORY)

                               TOTAL = ZERO

David Elderton (TORY)

                               TOTAL = ZERO

Gerry Ellis (TORY)

                               TOTAL = ZERO

Andrew Hodson (TORY)

                               TOTAL = ZERO

Kathy Hodson (TORY)

                               TOTAL = ZERO

Cherry Povall (TORY)

                               TOTAL = ZERO




OVERALL DEADBEAT COUNT = 25 Wirral councillors, over three quarters of whom answer to hard right Labour.  Therefore hard right Labour dominate and win the deadbeat count hands down, as expected.


Toodle Pip !

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BBC Amol Rajan’s abuse, “Idiots” and “Scum”. The BBC have NOT upheld our complaint. What now?

amol rajan bbc

Previous posts:

1. As Amol Rajan deletes his offending tweet, our complaint goes to Stage 2

2. BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan’s offensive “Scum” and “Idiots” tweets. Our complaint goes to the next stage

3. The BBC defends Amol Rajan, a senior employee, who was abusive, and may have defamed Paul Cardin

4. Amol Rajan Idiots and Scum and our Full Complaint to the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit

Today, 24th April, we had a response to our complaint initially lodged on 5th February, and later submitted to the Executive Complaints Unit on 9th March 2018.  It’s way over two months, but we’ve now exhausted all the BBC’s internal channels.

An email arrived this afternoon with a letter attached, written and signed by Andy Bell, the Complaints Director.

Much of our complaint is not addressed at all.  The response is highly inadequate and makes a finding on only ONE element of the original complaint – my perceived offence and not anyone else’s. 

Here it is:


bbc cardin finding



So that’s it.  In the strange, inverted, topsy-turvy, post-Savile, post-disc spinning, post-cigar smoking, post-child raping world of the nation’s foremost broadcaster, no lessons have been learned, and it’s okay for senior BBC employees to hurl abuse at licence fee payers.

Anyone having a bad day who feels like sounding off is now in the clear.  It’s official.

And they can pass on their gratitude to pioneering young Media Editor Amol Rajan who has bravely gone in where it hurts, given it his best shot, won this concession and pushed back even more boundaries for his Tory chums.

Yes, all those under pressure BBC colleagues of his, deeply frustrated up to this point with having to contain themselves, smile and be pleasant whilst dealing with the most hideous, inferior “scum” and “Idiots” , can now let fly and turn the air blue. Because whatever toxic volleys they hurl in their paymasters’ direction, they can rest easy, because it won’t amount to a serious breach of the BBC’s standards, all courtesy of Complaints Director Andy Bell.

As this response is ‘final’, it looks like there won’t be any scope allowed for an appeal.  So Amol is in the clear and who knows, could introduce his next TV show with “Evenin’ arseholes”, which would be a far cry from the days of Dixon of Dock Green. 

So after complaining and waiting for 10 weeks, you will be told.

And once told, you will be dispensed with.  Although a slender chink of light remains.

They may deign to amend the wording of their verdict ever so slightly upon receipt of further information from you, but will then make sure they return with the final say, once they’ve squeezed you dry, slammed the door shut and extinguished every last kindling of hope.

This is all very IPSO isn’t it children?  With punishments handed down from on high, the party line rigidly adhered to, and no room afforded for fair, reasonable, measured behaviour.

I’m actually quite surprised that the Complaints Director who reached this verdict does not seem to boast a double-barreled surname, unlike many others who’ve made it into the hallowed upper echelons of the BBC.

But I think I know why.  I reckon he’s probably dropped the ‘-End‘ bit to show he’s ‘one of us’, all the better to mingle and network with the steerage in the boiler room and the typing pool.

Toodle Pip !

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An updating post by Audrey on the latest situation. FIVE years ago, Audrey’s autistic son – the Mainman – was attacked and had his teeth knocked out by an untrained worker employed by Autism Initiatives. Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson ignored the Mainman’s care plan and Audrey’s plight and all the emails that were sent to him. He even branded Audrey as a “malcontent” on his pet, captured radio programme – the Roger Phillips phone-in on BBC Radio Merseyside. Happily, the Mainman won his legal case against these foul corporate and council abusers.

For Love of the Mainman......

5 years – 60 months – 260 weeks – 1.825 days – 43.817 hours – 2.629.038 minutes – 157.742.310 seconds this is how long the Mainman has suffered at the hands of Liverpool City Council – Autism Initiatives.

One tooth knocked out [will lose another in the near future] – 19 operations – bruised body – cut lip – coat ripped off his back and Support Worker said I don’t know how it happened.


One of the 19 operations my wonderful lovely son had to go through – it broke my heart.

On the 18th April 2018 we were in court for the Judge to sign off the Mainmans compensation for the serious injuries he received while in the care of Autism Initiatives.

In 2017 my Solicitor/Barrister advised me to remove Liverpool City Council from the legal action as each party were going back and forth with no regard to…

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