An ode to shit BBC coverage #GiletsJaunes


#BBC coverage is poor,
Of rioting France next door, 
Yet far flung nations get full saturation,
So it’s Moscow / Hong Kong galore…”


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Jeffrey Epstein… murdered?

Remember Lee Harvey Oswald.
Remember Jack Ruby.

Why will I NEVER believe today’s cover story emerging from the United States, home of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory?

Q. Who stands to gain?

A. The usual suspects. A cabal of globally powerful and prominent paedo-rapists and abusers, who have now had their freedom, their future potential to destroy young lives, and their reputations SECURED.

Jeffrey Epstein Dead of Suicide: Reports via @heavysan

Is this the fate that awaits brave Julian #Assange? To be put to death in a United States prison cell, by unknown, protected government actors?

And already, the stories are not matching.

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[New post] Opinion  – Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Names Powerful Men in Alleged Sex Ring

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New, compelling #Russiagate eBooks from The Duran





 NEWS         LINKS         VIDEO         THE DURAN SHOP

Available now…

…from come two eBooks charting the #Russiagate hoax scandal, priced at only $5.99 for both eBooks and available from the following link:

This link [see 31:00] to the most recent video release on The Duran YouTube account features director Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris – Editor in Chief of The Duran – providing a summary of both #Russiagate eBooks.

Upon discovering website and its associated YouTube account, we’ve spent the last couple of years eagerly tuning in – along with 85,000+ fellow YouTube subscribers – and have found these video presentations to be hugely entertaining and informative.

They form an absolutely indispensable record of the historical ebbs and flows as #Russiagate unfolded.  These extremely fluid political events are described from clear vantage points focusing both inside the US Government and from a broader standpoint, looking out across the global geo-political landscape.

The #Russiagate eBooks bring together the contents of 11 separate discussions recorded between 3rd May and 10th June 2019.

Both eBooks also include a substantial foreword by Alexander Mercouris, which link to previous web articles and offer excellent insights into the #Russiagate scam through every twist and turn along the way.

We can even see how were amongst the first commentators to predict how the democratic will of the US people risked being subverted and how this could have potentially resulted in a US President being toppled through impeachment, all based upon an elaborate tissue of Democrat Party lies.

At a mere $5.99 these #Russiagate eBooks come highly recommended by the Wirral In It Together blog.

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BREAKING News. Wallasey.

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Frank Field can do what the hell he likes. It’s official. Does @grassrootsmick1 know?

So… so-called UK regulator the Electoral Commission are simply “making recommendations”, and haven’t got round to regulating the finances of Frank Field’s new pride and joy.

“Independent” Moira’s elbowed her way in to do that! And we’ll be making a new Standards Complaint, naturally!

If there’s a sudden, snap election, Field could emerge the victor having driven a coach and horses through most of the alleged “rules” in the process.

Does his rival Mick Whitley know about this?

Would you agree, voters of Birkenhead…?

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It’s almost three weeks since we lodged a Standards Complaint against Wirral Tory Councillor David Burgess-Joyce. An update

David Burgess Joyce - Wikipedia page

Just a reminder that Wirral In It Together lodged a Standards Complaint against this now suspended Tory Councillor on 17th July 2019. In our reasoned opinion, he committed a #racist crime and our complaint is therefore well-founded.

Predictably, although we’re employing the official email channels that Merseyside Police advised us to use after we were accused of ‘harassment’ (bogus) by our local councillor Adrian Jones, the Brighton Street basket case has slipped right back into ignoring us all over again.

But as readers know, we don’t tend to get easily deterred and lately, we’ve been discharging our own brand of determined citizen journalism with added zeal.

Here’s the reminder (below), fired off this morning to Deputy Monitoring Officer Vicki Shaw, the senior officer who’s taken it upon herself to raise the fortress drawbridge once again and pretend the local public don’t exist, the very real people who actually pay her wages, fill up her purse and fund her summer holidays.

Arrgh. People, we’re now having a guilty moment.

It’s just occurred to us that Vicki may be enjoying her summer hols in the South of France as we speak. It’s that time of year, readers. If this is the case then we do apologise, humbly, deeply, sincerely and from the bottom of our Seacombe-bound (with occasional excursions to Newbo) heart.

5th August 2019 - Burgess Joyce standards complaint reminder to Vicki Shaw

We had a response earlier:

Vicki Shaw response to Burgess Joyce Standards Complaint 5th August 2019

Our response:


The Council’ s official response


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Tomorrow we will make a complaint to the Electoral Commission about Frank Field’s Birkenhead (Alleged) Social Justice Party

Field and McLaughlin - Birkenhead Social Justice Party

If the above text is difficult to read, here is the content on the left in a more readable format:

“Thank you so much for being willing to support my work. I am trying to raise £12,500 towards my election campaign expenses. You can either donate by clicking the button below, or by sending a cheque to:

Frank Field MP
c/o 15 Stoneleigh Grove
Rock Ferry
CH42 4NH

If you are donating online, to comply with electoral law, please make sure your billing address is the same as the address to which your card is registered.”

The information in the above graphic is sourced from two separate online locations.

On the left, we have information drawn from the website of Frank Field MP’s newly-minted Birkenhead Social Justice Party. The new party is a matter of a few days old and the web address is

On the right is information taken from the website of Wirral Council, and in particular from the details held for Independent Party Councillor Moira McLaughlin. The web address is

Now, you may be way ahead of us here but bear with us a while as we explain our concerns. In the past, when Frank Field was up for election as a Labour Party MP candidate, he would rely upon the services of an election agent. The person performing that role in the past was alleged #racist and current Deputy Mayor of Wirral, Councillor George Davies.

However, due to the fact that the pair now occupy different parties, GD is no longer permitted to act as FF’s election agent. In fact, were he to do so, it would be considered an immediate expulsion offence. Labour Party members are required to place their trust in, hold close to their hearts and fully discharge the aims and values of the party. Helping your old mate and #Wirralgate protector to keep Mick Whitley out of office in Birkenhead would not chime in with those aims and values and would upset Jezza and John in no time at all.

So our next question is an obvious one.

Moira McLaughlin is the Leader of the Wirral Independent Group, a political party apparently – according to the website – which contains three Wirral Councillors. If George Davies cannot discharge the role of election agent for Frank Field on pain of expulsion, how on earth can Moira McLaughlin do it?

The Matron’s appearance and behaviour in this excellent video taken at FF’s sabotaged party launch at Birkenhead Town Hall on Friday 2nd August would appear to suggest she may be taking the word “Independent” altogether too literally.

But take it from us Matron, pleading a defence of “Independence” will not make you independent of the Electoral Commission’s rigorous rules, the ones detailing who is permitted to do what and who is cleared to handle public donations made in good faith. Take it from us, it certainly ain’t any old Tom, Dick or Moira.

To add insult to injury, as we can see, Frank and Moira are now unashamedly begging for cash from the straitened, poverty-stricken, austerity-clobbered Birkenhead public. They need £12,500 to go towards Frank Field’s election expenses.

Good luck with that.

1. Nowhere on the new website has Frank Field provided public reassurance by naming Moira McLaughlin or stating whether she is a new or founding member of his Birkenhead Social Justice Party. 

2. Nowhere on the new website has Frank Field provided further public reassurance by stating that the quoted address where cheques should be sent is (strangely) that of a competing Wirral political party leader – Moira McLaughlin.

3. Furthermore, how on earth can the Matron – someone who has been up to her neck in proven disabled abuse in the past – be trusted with what could be – in Frank and Moira’s wildest dreams – large amounts of money destined for the cause of Birkenhead’s alleged Social Justice?

Here at Wirral In It Together, we have been long-term observers of both of these characters. We don’t like what we see, we never have, we don’t trust them an inch, and we believe the actions of both – on clear display here – to be highly suspect.

We will, therefore, be lodging an urgent complaint with the Electoral Commission tomorrow, 5th August 2019.

Wish us luck!

Our complaint – now lodged

Electoral Commission complaint re Field and McLaughlin

The Electoral Commission response 

It seems Frank and Moira are at liberty to play fast and loose, demand money from the public and print what the hell they want on their website. So says the alleged “regulator”.

For our part, we’ll simply warn you, hang onto your cash and whatever you do, don’t vote for the Birkenhead BS Justice “Party” (membership, 2)



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⭕Caught on video🎥🎞️. Mention of somebody’s wife “having a heart attack” appears to amuse Frank Field fangirl Councillor Moira McLaughlin


Moira Mclaughlin grinning at mention of somebody having a heart attack

Grins from the Matron at the mention of somebody suffering a heart attack. See 00:41 in the video below…

Our earlier post on the full YouTube video, dated 2nd August and filmed at Birkenhead Town Hall:

Frank Field ⭕CAUGHT ON video… 🎥🎞️. Anyone need disabusing* of this MP’s “good” reputation? Read on…

Moira McLaughlin – who features here – is officially recognised and described as an “Independent” Wirral Councillor.

However… if this is the case, she is presumably in competition with Frank Field.

So WTF was she doing at the launch of Frank Field’s new “Birkenhead Social Justice Party” on 2nd August in Birkenhead Town Hall…?

Is she now a member of this party also, boosting its membership to 2?

We think we should be told, but probably never will be.

21:30 4th August 2019. We spoke too soon! 

The Matron has taken over from Deputy Mayor and alleged #racist Councillor George Davies and appears to be actively performing the role of Frank Field’s election agent!

Anyway, watch The Matron’s apparent enjoyment of Mr ReeceJones’ plight…

And in case that isn’t clear, here’s a link to the full video on YouTube

Toodle pip!


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Frank Field ⭕CAUGHT ON video… 🎥🎞️. Anyone need disabusing* of this MP’s “good” reputation? Read on…

frank field wirral ghost

*A quick apology goes out for our use of the word ‘disabusing‘. You won’t see that word used a great deal, even in our moribund, up their own arse, neo-liberal broadsheets. Still, this blog aims to be educational as well as informative.

The best place to start this post is here, with a short video, shot at Birkenhead Town Hall – we’re not sure when but with the presence of Moira McLaughlin, we think it could be dated – by somebody accusing Frank Field of bullying.


We’ve since had it confirmed that the video is new and was shot yesterday, 2nd August 2019 at Frank Field’s now failed launch of his “Social Justice” Party – membership; 1. 

And upon viewing, it appears at least one so-called “Independent” Wirral Councillor, Moira McLaughlin – the woman invoking ‘threatening behaviour’ on the video – is still slipping between the sheets and warming Frank Field’s Tory bed and its associated carcass, when on duty. 

Caught on Video:

Some essential background

Follow this very important Twitter thread below, from 31st August 2018, which was posted at the time Frank Field very publicly flounced out of the Labour Party, accusing Councillor Louise ReeceJones of ‘intimidation’. Wirral Council’s proven, abusive, deceitful reputation is carefully omitted:

Frank field resignation letter

Importantly, the thread below reveals a link between “Britain First” supporter and ex-Wirral Councillor Jim Crabtree and Frank Field when he was Birkenhead’s LABOUR MP.

On the same day that Jo Cox MP was murdered, criminal Crabtree thought it would be a great idea to make a death threat against the wife of the man who shot the above video – Labour Councillor Louise Reece-Jonesfor which he was given a very short suspended sentence, now served.

Here’s a link from Field’s website connecting Field and criminal #racist Crabtree, who represented Bidston & St James – a Birkenhead ward – and as such will have had many, many dealings with the new “Social Justice Party” MP over the years.

frank field crabtree post on his blog

Readers will notice we haven’t even mentioned #Wirralgate, a #racism, cover-up and covert audio recordings scandal which has been deliberately ignored by the editors of the Wirral Globe, the Liverpool Echo, local BBC reporters, BBC North West TV, et al. all of whom are part of Field’s sprawling web of deceit and who are firmly on the toxic payroll, living the highlife that goes with it and masquerading as “local news bringers”.

But why?

Because it is enormous. And if it had ever got out, Field would have collected his obscene, gold-plated pension many years ago and lots of Field-generated “stories” would have suddenly come to a halt, hitting their sales and their f*cking crooked, capitalist bottom lines.

UPDATE: this gets worse by the hour. It’s now being reported that Field allegedly tried to intervene in the Louise ReeceJones case and prevent #racist councillor Jim Crabtree from being handed a prison sentence.

This judicially and socially unjust behaviour from the wannabe Social Justice MP appears to have been done out of public view.

If true, why are we not surprised…? Because it goes with the bloody territory. In fact, it’s like a page torn straight from the toxic Frank Field playbook.

Perhaps this is why, despite Jo Cox being murdered on the same day, and the ugly “Britain First” connection, criminal #racist Jim Crabtree only received a slap on the wrist and a very short suspended sentence?

So… a big shout goes out to… Friends in high places.


Disappeared… Absent Without Leave, we would suggest. The same place it was on day one of the second Hillsborough inquest, when fucko teamed up with Rupert Murdoch to write for The S*n.

If the United Kingdom still had investigative journalists, Birkenhead’s many vulnerable constituents could have been protected and Field would have been either serving time at Her Majesty’s Pleasure or out on his arse and living off his handsome, gold-plated pension many years ago.

Here’s another clip from the video.

Toodle pip!


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