SARS-COV-2 / COVID19 … WHO, WHY and WTF? First Published on on 4th April 2021. Updated on 23rd August 2021*

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On 5th March 2021, the anniversary of the very first COVID19 death in the United Kingdom came and went. Let’s use this staging post to set out our stall here at Wirral In It Together, to explain what our blog has been covering over the last frantic, chaotic year, and to state where we now stand on the ebb and flow of such epic, cascading, global events.

What have we been up to?

Personally, research, research and even more research. In the century just passed, it was difficult and time-consuming even to plan, much less attempt such work. But now, with internet access, it’s become a ready avenue that’s accessible to capable, thinking, questioning citizens based in any country with internet capabilities and who find themselves needing answers or needing to inform others.

There’s no denying (Silicon Valley censorship notwithstanding) that a plethora of answers can now be sought, found and shared via desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones.

So why not take up the opportunity? It would be foolish not to.

We should be defensive of free speech, always open-minded and naturally sceptical. Most objective researchers would sooner do all the digging for themselves than rely upon others, in particular those vested media interests, busy knocking each other out of the way to further their own controllers’ and employers’ unstated agendas. You know the sort. The lauded and celebrated influencers of the popular outlets. The smiling faces beseeching us from our screens / newspapers. Those large egos, promoting themselves as independent thinkers, until you lift the veil, and discover they’re deep in the service of the powerful, i.e. elected governments, wealthy oligarchs, billionaire proprietors and corporate lobbying groups. Those who will be guided by very singular, and starkly different motivations to the common man.

It became clear very early on as we delved into a wide range of mainstream, social media, internet and alternative, independent news websites, that our own UK government and media were being less than honest with us – duplicitous even – as ministers repeatedly fumbled, misspoke, and contradicted each other.

As the global ‘pandemic’ broke in March 2020, SAGE, a group of handpicked, elevated, governmental scientific advisers overegged the pudding, revealing from the outset that they could not be trusted. Meanwhile, the press / media had a cynical, watchful eye on sales / viewing figures and seemed far too keen to flaunt their own products on the back of a genuinely lethal crisis; one that’s now been adopted as a sales opportunity – to prop up a historically dubious, caught out on phone hacking, and now tanking industry.

Noticeably, here in the UK, disparate media interests have come together as one to push the establishment line. It seems there may well have been at least one unannounced, non-minuted meeting called, in some shadowy backroom, to draw up a blacklist on certain crucial subjects.

And pretty soon came the marching in lockstep, the blanket omission of awkward areas and a wholesale failure to discuss the crucial pros and cons of the descending horror. This one-way traffic approach – that is rigidly adhered to – has survived intact to this day. They’ve become stuck like shit to this particular blanket, which was frantically drawn across. In fact, there’s been absolutely no mature debate between their pages or across their airwaves. None whatsoever. You surely must have noticed?

And in keeping with the grotesque, legacy media intimacy, the cobbled together faux-solidarity, the virus (SARS-COV-2) and disease (Covid19) have become highly-politicised footballs, to be kicked about and headed every which way. So, on the “dissemination of news” front, we as information-hungry citizens find ourselves becoming seriously short-changed, isolated, starved even, by our two main info providers, Government and media. It’s alarming.

Were you alarmed also to learn that both the British Broadcasting Corporation and the World Health Organisation were in receipt of outlandish levels of funding from United States billionaire Bill Gates? We were. So we asked ourselves: “Why would a powerful US citizen be confidently ploughing many, MANY millions of his own precious financial stockpiles into these two foreign outfits? Why would any genuine philanthropist squander so much of his money hand over fist? And to what ends?

Soon, an answer materialised. As time moved on, and as we gazed upon the bizarre behaviour and newly skewed output of both organisations, the penny dropped. Gates had been attempting to bribe and manipulate the grateful recipients of his cash, to twist their arms, their conduct and their content in the hope of influencing governmental health policy. He was seeking to alter the UK national broadcaster’s highly influential platform to suit his own agenda – an agenda which primarily featured the promotion of Covid19 vaccines – so that the fruits of his labour would ultimately shine and grow fat on the tree.

As you probably know, it’s on the record that Gates personally stands to make a rather cool $20 billion if he’s ultimately successful in injecting the entire global population. So it’s an investment placed with a watchful eye on future dividends.

To say ‘there are strings attached to (soon to be divorced) Bill and Melinda Gates’ donations’ now ranks as one of the most colossal understatements of all time.

When you learn also that national governments and their public health services the world over are now at the beck and call of the Bill Gates-captured WHO, and find themselves railroaded, with their health policies heavily influenced by the man, it makes a bizarre kind of sense. Because national health policies are now drip-fed, dictated centrally, from on high and not – as you’d expect – processed through any even-handed, correctly scrutinised democratic framework. So we stand here, horrified to report that yes, the WHO’s largest private funder by far – Bill Gates – currently appears to be succeeding hands down.

The excellent Dr Joseph Mercola has been kindly updating us on the Gates funding situation, and here’s an image from one of the doctor’s articles:

Who Insider Blows Whistle on Gates and GAVI

The sprawling, trawling, global net of Mr Bill Gates has been cast wider than many people think. Here’s former Pfizer Vice-president and Chief Scientist Mike Yeadon on Gates’ funding of a one time impartial but now captured and capitulated UK public regulatory body:

And Gates’ malign money manipulation doesn’t stop there. When a conflict was contrived and set up between accomplished scientist Christopher Exley, the man behind 300+ peer-reviewed papers across a career of 40 years on the deleterious impact of aluminium – including within vaccines – and his university employer, there was only going to be one winner: 

Where do we stand on these issues?

COVID-19 exists and it’s a deadly disease. The older you are, the more co-morbidities you suffer from, the greater the risk to your survival. We are not “Covid deniers” – or at least not the connotative, weaponised version of it. We’re not even sure what this ‘denier’ term means.

TV, radio and newspaper news bringers will pepper and weaponise their stories with ‘Covid-denier’ and other pejorative phrases (“Anti-vaxxer”, “tin-foil hat wearer”) with the aim of dividing people and stirring up anger and resentment in the hearts of the less capable, more impressionable, drip-fed, conditioned normie hordes. But noticeably, there’s never any helpful definition provided, to explain what these terms mean and where they’re derived from.

The problem with hurling vague accusations whilst deliberately making careful omissions, avoiding public debate and withholding crucial information is … when someone asks a question like, “Has any qualified scientist isolated and purified the SARS-COV-2 virus in accordance with Koch’s Postulates?” – which may arise naturally after they’ve been doing some broad ranging, independent research – the questioner can end up being rounded upon and become unfairly and inaccurately smeared as a “Covid denier”.

The current answer to the above question after almost a year of this global pandemic is “No, nobody seems to have isolated and purified the SARS-COV-2 virus”.

So the natural question which results from this is: “Why not?”

Another obvious query would be: “How do we successfully vaccinate billions of people against a virus when we don’t have all the information to hand?”

And some more:

“Why were death certificates being tampered with by doctors?

Why was ‘Died from COVID-19‘ being added, often fraudulently, as the cause of death?”

There’s no smoke without fire and very early on, even the global mainstream media produced numerous accounts where people had tragically died of COVID-19, yet in reality, they had not. It was a heart attack or a brain haemorrhage or an illness that had nothing to do with COVID-19.

It eventually emerged that physicians in a growing number of countries were being motivated by a perverse financial incentive – likely to be influenced by Gates – to record the cause of these deaths as COVID-19, done to basically enrich themselves, whilst boosting the COVID-19 death statistics. Generally speaking, human beings – even top professionals – are to varying degrees weak, frightened, greedy, opportunistic, and when they were granted an easy chance to make a few quid / dollars / euros, with little risk of being found out, much less prosecuted, they ploughed full steam ahead.

And to finish, the following nine links explain the situation here very well indeed:

  1. FACT CHECK: 100K Covid Deaths? Our response to – The Daily Expose
  2. An excellent overview which you really need to read!
  3. Rejoice…?!?!
  8. BILL GATES: See 46:00 onwards:

*23rd August 2021

What’s happening now? Here’s an additional, tenth link that appeared today:

Here’s the very latest update on the highly-conflicted, global funding interests of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is now seen to be even further openly influencing the ‘regulatory’ performance of the United Kingdom’s Chief Regulatory body and to be pushing Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ into the arms and on into the bloodstreams of our children, where they’re not needed and they’re proving to be dangerous. Our children are born with evolutionary built-up, naturally occurring, historical, developing defences against all seven coronaviruses, as were we, a global population of 7+ billion people.

US software tycoon and non-medic Bill Gates plans to profit heavily – into the many billions of dollars – through large shareholdings in experimental, unapproved, now out of date gene therapies labelled ‘vaccines’, has gained emergency use authorisation by proven, repeat-offending criminal concern Pfizer, and also Moderna and BioNtech. Millions of serious, adverse events and thousands of deaths are occurring right now, and they continue, unacknowledged by the media, governments and criminal manufacturers. But how will our vulnerable, developing children cope with any unforeseen, long-term adverse effects and the likely threats to their health?

The medical, Hippocratic Oath to *DO NO HARM* is being willingly trashed by captured, retained, reckless, high-salaried doctors and medical authorities the world over, whose parent pharmaceuticals lobby is now controlling world governments and has secured itself legal immunity from prosecution.

23rd August 2021 Link here:

A recent, criminal history of Pfizer

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Way Upstream – With Covid Nineteen?

THE CREW – A group of four unhappy friends; two couples on a boating holiday, but with marital problems. Collectively they are the middle-class, spoon-fed, trusting British public. Here, they’re a naïve sitting duck, waiting to be occupied, infected and their lives taken over by a deadly virus. As the action unfolds, they can each be seen in terms of differing public attitudes towards dangerous circumstances:

KEITH TAYLOR – Essentially a ‘conventional sceptic’. His own man. Secure in himself and his own destiny, but mistrustful of others and extremely self-unaware. He’s likely to be a pillar of his local community and a Tory voter.

The controlling partner of a novelty goods factory, Keith is the dominant mover, shaker and engine of the company through sheer force of personality. Here on holiday, what he views as his workplace ‘leadership skills’ are transferred across from head of the company to ‘skipper of the boat’, a dominant role which is self-taught from a manual. He’s supremely confident until the virus appears, and his amateur skippering “business” is quickly closed down. Upon registering the threat, Keith instantly sees a rival and begins harbouring a deep mistrust. His misgivings intensify as time goes on, but soon he is usurped as leader and brought under the virus’s control through its skilful, ‘democratic’ manipulation of his wife and friends.

JUNE TAYLOR – Keith’s wife. Here under duress, but a firm fan of the virus. She has no concerns at all, seeing it not as a threat but as attractive, deeply alluring and a powerful entity which needs to be accommodated, respected and understood. June is the only member of the crew who is defensive and sympathetic towards it. Her admiration – and later lust for it – causes her to cheat on her husband when he’s away at the factory. Right from the start of the outbreak, June is a staunch believer, and as time passes, she surrenders all resistance and becomes willingly ensnared and infected, with no hope of being rescued, much less cured.

ALISTAIR “I seem to be marooned” WINGATE – A would-be believer, but can never make his mind up. He would only grant his approval of the virus for an easy life, or at least until he can escape back home. Alistair is an equal partner at the factory but with very little control compared to Keith. He is racked by extreme self-doubt and beset with low confidence. Throughout his time on the boat, Alistair is weak, hesitant and easily dominated. He is quietly resentful and suspicious of the virus. How much of that mistrust is through genuine doubt and how much through his own inadequacy never becomes clear. At one point, Alistair is relaxing on the side of the boat, staring into the water. Reaching down quickly, he expertly catches a small fish in his bare hand and releases it, hinting there may be hidden depths, and much more to Alistair than meets the eye.

EMMA WINGATE – Alistair’s wife. Like her husband, she is undemanding, accepting and always prepared to make allowances for other people. Although happy to live in the shadow of Keith and June, she is more self-possessed, composed and tranquil of mind than her husband. Emma is first seen clutching a first aid box and spends the whole time on the boat wearing a lifejacket, a sure sign of her concern over the wisdom of being on this holiday at all. She knows the virus is very real, is quietly petrified of it and takes her own precautions against it. But even Emma’s guard goes down eventually and it becomes clear that given enough time, she seems destined to become infected, controlled and completely dominated, just like June.

VINCE GRANT – The virus and killer disease. A dishonest and disruptive outsider. Charismatic, clever, imperious and manipulative. Very early on, the virus ‘comes to the rescue’ of the marooned boat and its crew. Its vigilant eye soon sees an opportunity to take control, flourish and spread its malign influence among new ‘friends’. Reasonable at first, it invokes mutual trust and co-operation, asking them to work with it. It reassures them that all will be well if everyone performs a different function and keeps things ship shape. If they agree and accept these terms, its broad-ranging boats / river expertise will steer them through.

FLEUR – The vaccine, which comes onto the scene a long time after the initial virus / disease. As regards salvation and a cure for the crew, it quickly becomes clear that all is lost. The vaccine is just another arm of what has now morphed into an ominous threat to public health. As a past conquest of the virus, it’s ‘joined at the hip’, staying close, following barked orders and working under the insidious control of its master. So the vaccine brings absolutely no support or optimism, and no remedy to the spreading malaise. As a treatment, it’s totally ineffective, and it couldn’t hope to repair the damage to public confidence nor ease the disruption caused to everyone’s lives.

Initially, the crew / public are required to place their trust in the virus. As time goes on however, their collective belief wavers as the situation deteriorates. As Skipper, the virus quickly ‘mutates’, becoming ever more menacing as the sinister aspects to its character emerge. Ultimately, the contagion becomes completely uncontrollable, inflicting damage and looming large over everyone. The threat it carries is all-consuming, blighting lives and exposing a group of defenceless land lubbers – cast adrift in unfamiliar surroundings – to their fate. In the end, the virus, disease and vaccine assume total dominance, and become a direct threat to the survival of Alistair, Emma and June.

Until finally, Alistair “We seem to have lost a bit of the camararderie of the river” Wingate comes to their rescue…

And finally, for us, there’s no doubt about it, Alistair was given the funniest lines by Mr Ayckbourn…!

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Using free speech. That’s your first BREACH…!

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Boris Johnson’s cure for death

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Latest from America’s Frontline Doctors


President Biden’s speech changes nothing.…none of the facts……none of the problems……none of the lies.Let me explain.Today the facts remain the same: SARS-CoV-2 poses virtually no mortality risk to people up to 70 years old. For those beyond 70, survival approaches 95%, and with early treatment is nearly 100% survivable.

Today the problems with the “vaccines” remain the same: none have been studied for long-term effects, and the short-term toxicity is alarming. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), run by the CDC, shows over 15,000 deaths following COVID vaccines.Today lies about vaccines remain the same: The CDC lied when it said: “If you get the shot, you are protected from COVID. If you get the booster, you are protected from COVID.” Finally, CDC Director Walensky had to admit this was false because the shots are completely worthless against Delta and (ironically due to the shots!) Delta is all there is now.

One of the biggest lies is that people with natural immunity need the shot. This lie is dangerous. If you are COVID-recovered and take the shot, you are not only not getting any benefit, but you are at HIGHER risk of a serious adverse event including death. Protecting the COVID-recovered is the basis for two of our lawsuits.

If you are being coerced to have the vaccine by your employer, do not quit your job in protest. And do not resign if your employer pressures you to resign. Keep showing up and doing your work.

By forcing your employer to fire you, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits, and your employer must pay the costs for this. Companies that choose to force vaccination upon their employees as a condition to maintain their job must be made to feel the financial pain associated with their choices.

Also people are waking up and pulling back from vaccine mandates (University of Alabama.)Bottom line: In the words of Winston Churchill, “Never give in!”America’s Frontline Doctors is in this fight 100%. I know you are too. To that end, please consider contributing to AFLDS today.Count me in $30Count me in $50Count me in $100Count me in $1,000Your tax-deductible gift will help our Legal Team, our Citizen Corps, and continue to bring you real news through our new News Division.Thank you again for standing with AFLDS.For Liberty,

Dr. Simone Gold, Founder
America’s Frontline Doctors

P.S. – Let me encourage you in this: President Biden’s vaccine mandates, mask requirements and lockdowns will not stand. Lawsuits are coming. So are rallies, and quite likely, civil disobedience. The outcome will mean that our liberties will be strengthened. I am confident that standing together, you and I will win.
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Labour Renaissance – The Magnate Tendency – The Free Press?

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Labour Renaissance – The Magnate Tendency

As the 🇬🇧 UK 2030s approach, I’m reminded of 🇩🇪 Germany 1930s.

The Free Press?

Source- Original Renaissance logo modified by author.

On the 20th July 2021, the Labour Party National Executive Committee passed a resolution to proscribe four Socialist organisations: Socialist Appeal, Labour In Exile Network, Resist and Labour Against The Witch-Hunt. Anti-Corbyn activists, such as the Jewish Labour Movement, claimed that “membership of these [Socialist] groups is incompatible with Labour’s values”.

In August, the Party went a step further and began expelling those who did not support the purge, including renowned Socialist filmmaker Ken Loach, who stated on Twitter that ‘Labour HQ finally decided I’m not fit to be a member of their party, as I will not disown those already expelled.”

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£20 Universal Credit uplift to be taken away British Gas prices dramatically rise.

The poor side of life

It’s often been said that being poor is an expensive way to live and this weeks British Gas price hikes prove this. Keeping your home warm is always a challenge when you’ve got a low income, indeed many are forced to rely upon pay as you go meters to provide their energy.

Keeping a home warm enough to live in is a basic human right and it shouldn’t be regarded as a luxury but sadly this is soon to be the case for even more people that could barely afford to keep warm already.

On the 1st October British Gas are increasing their prices dramatically.. Heres one example of how much more its going to cost

To put it…

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True Humility, True Forgiveness – by Caitlin Johnstone – Caitlin’s Newsletter

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Agustín Carstens: would you buy a dieting régime from this man?

Ah, a Mexican politician. Must be legit…………..

The Slog

In this, the latest in an occasional series about the ethereal ‘They’ behind the Brave New World Order, The Slog examines the ultra-slim rationale behind fat-headed proposals from the BIS for “reform” of the paper-and-coin physical cash system. The Conclusion reached is that the plans are high in systemicness, and low in realityness.

Apologies for the late arrival of this post. It would’ve gone out at 9.15 am, but an interface with French bureaucracy that should’ve taken ten minutes took over two hours

The somewhat bulky gentleman to your left is the boss of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Agustín Guillermo Carstens Carstens. Clearly, one Carstens wasn’t enough for him…judging by his build, in fact, one of anything is never quite enough for Agustín. It’s the sort of build that could be Built Back Better…unless the aim is to Build Better Billy Bunter Backs & Bottoms. In 2018…

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Press Release: Deaths Associated with Pfizer Shot in Young People | NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science

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Do COVID Vaccines Cause Menstrual Changes? NIH Awards $1.67 Million in Grants to Study Possible Link. • Children’s Health Defense

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