Who was Jeffrey Epstein? With True Geordie


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Intelligence analyst Michael Shrimpton on Epstein, Savile, Heath and McCann


Earlier Epstein videos:

  1. John Mark Duggan interview 1
  2. John Mark Duggan interview 2
  3. Charlie Robinson interview
  4. Ron Chepesiuk interview
  5. John Mark Dougan interview 3



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Assassination attempt on Russia-exiled Ex-cop John Mark Dougan. Plus ex-MSNBC star is seen on #Epstein video

Earlier / later Epstein videos:

  1. John Mark Duggan interview 1
  2. John Mark Duggan interview 2
  3. Charlie Robinson interview
  4. Ron Chepesiuk interview
  5. Michael Shrimpton interview
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Our Twitter account, – @Wirral_In_It – age 9, is permanently closed, banned, deleted. Was it a disgruntled celebrity…?

banned and censored

It had to happen one day. But what was the reason?

We don’t know, but it’s another very small step on the road to creeping, Silicon Valley totalitarianism. 

Not long after the axe fell this afternoon, an email appeared in our inbox. It was Twitter, lecturing us on “hate speech”, vulnerable groups, the Nazis and the Holocaust, but taking great care not to specify what we’d actually done to deserve the deletion of a 9-year, 5 month old account with 5,770 followers and 238,000 tweets.

That way we’re left to scratch our heads and wonder which tweet(s) did it. One thing’s for sure, we don’t tweet “hate speech”. Never have, never will. Twitter could have checked back through our account if they could be arsed.

But there was one tweet in particular today, just before the ban – as it happens – and this was nothing to do with hate speech, Nazis, the Holocaust or vulnerable groups.

It was a limerick sent to not very vulnerable, former Tory MP Louise Mensch in response to her tweet, which had been a reference to Labour MP Jess Phillips’ reported announcement that she was considering standing for the leadership of the Labour Party:

jess phillips to put herself forward as labour leader

As a dyed-in-the-wool Tory, Louise Mensch “respects” right-winger Jess Phillips, loves kicking opponents when she perceives they’re down and had to get her contribution in:

louise mensch tweet before my twitter ban


The “This Tweet is unvailable” comment is a reference to my now deleted tweet – a limerick – which went as follows:

“Unhinged” Louise Mensch, 

A “textbook succubus” wench, 

When mingling with Jess, 

Loves creating a mess, 

And a helluva putrid stench.

A succubus is a demon in female form, or a supernatural entity in folklore. It appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity.

Perhaps I was being sexist or mysoginistic in resorting to such a term?

No. Not for one second.

Louise herself appears to be unperturbed by this description. In fact, she appears to take pride in it, quoting the terms “unhinged” and “textbook succubus” with relish in her own Twitter profile, here:

mensch twitter profile

Maybe the use of the rhyming words wench / stench have upset her enough to contact Twitter and request that we be permanently silenced and erased for “hate speech”…?

And it appears to have done the trick!

Let’s face it, when you’re born in Westminster, become a Conservative MP, have helped to shape society into the paragon of virtue and kindness it is today, been a churner outer of low-brow, chick-lit bilge and a failed UK TV panel show wannabe who’s fled to Sick America in search of God knows what, your 290,000 followers is gonna carry a lot of clout with sharp-suited, impressionable 21st Century, Silicon Valley reactionaries, zealots and censors.

So another low-born, socialist member of the great unwashed gets his account wiped out. Job done!

twitter profile before ban

profile after ban

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Author Ron Chepesiuk visits John Mark Dougan in Moscow and confirms existence of covertly recorded tapes

The heat rises even further on Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell and others.

The excellent @shaunattwood YouTube channel got another exclusive interview today, this time with Ron Chepesiuk, award-winning screenwriter, documentary producer and crime expert.

ron chepesiuk biography

As explained here, Ron visited Moscow, sat with John Mark Dougan and witnessed a very small amount of sexual activity between an older man and what appeared to be an underage girl at an unknown location.

Earlier / later Epstein videos:

  1. John Mark Duggan interview 1
  2. John Mark Duggan interview 2
  3. Charlie Robinson interview
  4. Assassination attempt on John Mark Dougan
  5. Michael Shrimpton interview
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Council Tax Cash for Honours. The Quid Pro Quo. Freedom of the Borough of Wirral (x 2) in return for huge cash favours bestowed upon councillors

cash for honours the story of wirral council

Council Tax Cash for Honours

Here’s a little throwaway item. On the surface, it’s an absolutely tedious, nothing story which we spotted in today’s online Wirral Globe local ‘newspaper’, a site we don’t visit very much. 

Not since its editor became an obedient little puppy dog, leaping, scurrying, fetching, coming to heel, then panting like a loathsome, scabby mongrel, in return for owner Wirral Council’s treats, regular walkies, public cash, favours, wraparound adverts and the occasional boot up the arse…


Forget the American airman, brave though he was. He’s a distraction, thrown in to draw attention away from the main event, i.e. Freedom of the Borough of Wirral for Dr. Nunzia Bertali.

“Who the hell is that?” …we hear you cry. Well, here’s some pretty ancient history, drawn from one of our old posts, titled:


Many serving Wirral Councillors were sinecured here 10, 20 years ago and my God, do these people have long memories when it comes to returning favours long bestowed.

e.g. they’ll remember with fondness that time in 2002 when a committee of specially chosen individuals met to discuss the small matter of a pay rise for councillors.

And they’ll recall with delight how a carefully selected, chosen few including Nunzia Bertali – the fragrant lady referred to in the above article – signed off a monster cheque in the form of a pay rise in councillors’ favour.

Beforehand, and luckily for the councillors who were being rewarded, they’d granted themselves leeway to choose their own people for this important task.

Before sitting for the first time, the body would be carefully labelled ‘Independent’, just to ward off any nosey, troublemaking employees or busybody members of the public.

So no worries there. Reassuringly, it was all above board and carried out in secret with no publicity. It’s called “democratic freedom, the ability to operate in a safe space, and in the wider interests of the public” … or something along those lines.

The panel concerned met a few times and for anybody out there worried that its members would be worked like dogs and made to give freely of their time, relax. It was quickly sorted. They were paid handsomely from your council tax.

However the exact remuneration figure for members of what became known as the “Independent Remuneration Panel” was never released to the public. So in summary, it was another one of those mysterious £??,???.?? jobbies.

But after some determined digging, done at the time, we discovered that the Chair of this panel of outsiders – a certain former council CEO, author and religious nut called DON LATHAM – had been paid £2,000 per sitting.

Remember folks, this was the going rate 17 long years ago and you wouldn’t be far off if you brought it up to date by adding a nought to that figure now. After all, holidays in the South of France didn’t come cheap back then, don’t now, and such luxuries have to move on and remain ‘competitive’.

Another pious sort sitting on the panel was the then Bishop of Birkenhead, the Reverend David Urquhart.

And lookee here!

He got a similar reward of Freedom of the Borough of Wirral in 2006!

So that’s TWO members of the same very generous panel who’ve had their names put up in lights and their reputations enhanced by this honourable award.

Personally, we don’t think it’s very fucking honourable at all. In fact, it’s deeply sordid, grubby, it’s Council Tax Cash for Honours and it reeks to high heaven. And the co-opting of a nutty, religious author and a senior man of the cloth who now sits in the House of Lords as the Bishop of Brum – just to give it an air of respectability – makes it even more so.

Oh, to hell with it. Fuck ’em.

freedom of the borough of wirral recipients

In years (months?) to come, can we expect Unilever’s Geneva-based Gerry Hare, working in a Swiss role to join his benighted fellow schmoozers, Urquhart, Bertali and Maddox on the above list?

Anyway, the details are all laid out at the above link, and remember, these were the annual pay rise highlights from 17 years ago. Not bad are they?


OPPOSITION LEADER – unknown TORY councillor  – 30.5% (UP £3,050) = £13,050

ALL 64 REMAINING COUNCILLORS – ALL PARTIES  – 16%    (UP £1,200) = £8,700

So while a total of £85,600 was lavished upon Wirral councillors of all parties per annum going forward, council workers – of whom we were one at the time – were being treated like shite as usual and were out the door on strike as a result. We settled for 3%, completely unaware of what was going on in private and the greed that was being indulged in and played out behind our backs.

Our union – UNISON – deep in the pockets of management, would have been in on it – probably taking a hefty cut – but that’s another story.

Back then, in between going to quizzes at Stanley’s Cask, and getting pissed in the Tavern with the measly few quid we had left, we’d go into work, go onto our office computer, access the intranet and search out the above, hidden information on these committees and panels.

We then went home with it and used the very ancient desktop publishing software of the time to create the following leaflet:

This production – The Gravy Train, Issue 01, July 2002 – was furtively put up on all the noticeboards of the Council’s Highway Services offices in Civic Way, Bebington with the intention of revealing to staff the calibre of the councillor and senior officer shite that ruled over them and that they’d been busting a gut for, day in, day out.

Not very long after this, we were pleased to blow the whistle on an overtime scam, valued in the mid-thirty thousands, only to get clobbered with a range of bogus gross misconduct charges, advised we were “out of step with the rest of the team” and told to prepare for the high jump.

Which never happened because we wiped the floor with the pricks, overturned the bogus charges, resigned and got a better-paid job.


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With Boris Johnson visiting Liverpool today, let’s see how the city remembered the Iron Lady

via 8th April 2013 – Thatcher is dead. Cameron hails her outside 10 Downing Street. In Liverpool, there was a different response.

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CIA, FBI not good alternatives to Trump

Sick America is now at death’s door. And it’s all self-inflicted.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 24 March 2016 video says about itself:

The Dark Prison: The Legacy of the CIA Torture Programme | Fault Lines

“In the immediate aftermath of 9/11 we did some things that were wrong. We did a whole lot of things that were right, but we tortured some folks.”

It’s been more than a year since US President Barack Obama admitted that the CIA tortured prisoners at its interrogation centres.

While the CIA has long admitted the use of waterboarding, which simulates drowning by pouring water into a person’s nose and mouth, a truncated and heavily redacted report by the Senate Intelligence Committee in December 2015 detailed other abuses that went beyond previous disclosures.

Reading like a script from a horror film, some of the techniques involved prisoners being slapped and punched while being dragged naked up and down corridors, being kept in isolation in total darkness, subject…

View original post 739 more words

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#Epstein Clinton Maxwell Interview. Shaun Attwood talks to Charlie Robinson


The sheer depth of detail around Jeffery Epstein provided by Charlie Robinson here is simply staggering. Many of the missing background pieces of the jigsaw are provided.

Sit back and watch them slot into place. It’s compelling stuff because the sheer depth of Charlie Robinson’s research comes across in a very compelling way.

Great work again by Shaun Attwood whose videos are going viral and are now followed by 289,000 YouTube subscribers.

Earlier / later Epstein videos:

  1. Ex-cop who fled to Russia has access to #Epstein’s covertly recorded videos (now encrypted) allegedly of Prince Andrew and others.
  2. #Epstein Russia exile John Mark Dougan – checks covertly recorded DVDs, finds paedophile activity, a famous face, and more…
  3. Ron Chepesiuk interview
  4. Assassination attempt on John Mark Dougan 
  5. Michael Shrimpton interview


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#Epstein Russia exile John Mark Dougan – checks covertly recorded DVDs, finds paedophile activity, a famous face, and more…

Interview 2

Many searching questions are put to John Mark Dougan, who appears genuine and has detailed, authentic responses.

He’s lost everything so far, but his life and his freedom.


Via @shaunattwood <<< Click here to follow Shaun on Twitter.

Link to John Mark Dougan’s original whistleblowing website against his former employer. Brave man. I don’t believe there is any denying his authenticity.


Earlier / later Epstein videos:

  1. John Mark Dougan Interview 1
  2. Charlie Robinson #Epstein interview
  3. Ron Chepesiuk #Epstein interview
  4. Assassination attempt on John Mark Dougan
  5. Michael Shrimpton interview
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