Does this BBC video support #Copeland ‘suspect count’ allegations?


Earlier this evening, the SKWAWKBOX published information provided by independent electoral analysts Applied I F Limited, which indicates that the process for completing an election lawfully had not been completed properly in the Copeland by-election – and that the vote count was therefore suspect.

In the early hours of Friday morning, after the Stoke Central result had already been announced and discussed, the BBC switched to Tom Bateman, its reporter in the Cumbrian constituency for an update.

Bear in mind that, late on Thursday evening, various commentators – including BBC Question Time’s David Dimbleby, had stated they were hearing that it was ‘looking very much like’ Labour had held Copeland as well as Stoke Central.

Bateman then tells studio host Andrew Neil:

bateman.pngAt the time, before the result had been announced, it seemed a little odd but not necessarily significant.

Now, in the wake of a claim by an…

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Exclusive: electoral expert – Copeland by-election ‘unlawful’, count ‘suspect’


copeland-toryThe fallout from last Thursday’s by-election results continues to lead news bulletins and feature prominently in the all-too-predictable media attacks on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The media continues to try to pin responsibility for Labour’s defeat on Corbyn, even though Labour’s election results in the constituency had been in sharp decline since 1997 and an anti-Corbyn candidate was standing.

But there may be yet more to the story.

Applied IF Limited is an independent, non-partisan company that specialises in the forensic analysis of election results and has the ear of senior civil servants, the judiciary and senior police officers involved in electoral law.

The company contacted the SKWAWKBOX with a preliminary analysis of the Copeland by-election and the results may cause shockwaves.

The crux of the matter is the legislation – from the Ballot Act 1872, though the Representation of the People Act 1983 to the Parliamentary Voting Systems and…

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Brighton Street

Built on dogshit pavements
Watch the lackeys swoon
A cynical arrangement 
Every workday afternoon
Where the fecal germs of Mister Fooks
Are rendered obsolete
The legal beak is “Turgid Spoor”
In the case of Brighton Street

In the cheap seats where corruption breeds
Somebody is out of cheques
Sheeple are a luxury Wirral breeds
Where voters welcome death
Nepotism is their power
Pigs’ trotter their meat
Spend a penny, grab a crate of cheap beers
On the edge of Brighton Street

Where the dignity isn’t
That’s where it is
Fake your position
Vacancies exist
In an X-certificate exercise
Ex-Freemasons excrete
Frank Field smiles and a kitten dies
In a box on Brighton Street

From the whoring-houses and the bedsits
Full of councillors / disease
Somebody gets it
Where the missing documents freeze
Using private Twitter accounts
You can’t see their tweets
Brown envelopes shut, then open up
Right down on Brighton Street

Policies collide, ideas clash
Disaster-movie stuff
For a man with a Red [stroke] Blue moustache
One rosette’s not enough
There’s a gagging clause – so drivel speaks
There’s a PR man in tow
Meanwhile on Brighton Street
Silence is the code

Hot beneath the collar
A CQC inspector calls
Where the perishing stink of squalor
Impregnates the walls
The kids have all got rickets
They spit through broken teeth
The name of the game is containment
*Inadequate* Brighton Street

The Lipster – he’s our hired Trot
Drives a souped-up car
Yellow socks and a private yacht
Nuthin la-dee-dah
OAP, mother-to-be
Feel the guy mistreat
As poverty spreads
And Third World scenes
Are the norm on Brighton Street

The kingdom of the bald
The combover is king
Slaphead problems are redefined
The barbers do not ring
A wallet bursts like a blister
The only form of heat
Where a former mayor sells his sister
Down the river on Brighton Street

The boys are on a covert tape
A girl immolates herself
Their common problem is
Frank Field’s not someone else
Clean cash blows in
Soiled notes flow out
You can’t keep it neat
It’s a nicely-furnished dustbin
The Clown Hall, Brighton Street

Stella, Pip’s ageing daughter
Betrays no sign of life
But the stench of Wirral Waters
And the ghost of Peel’s delight
Through brainstorming sessions
Feckin artists’ impressions
We say  “Retreat!”
But Pip keeps flogging his tarnished plans
Down the middle of Brighton Street

Senior bods turn to poison 
Quick as lager turns to piss
Auditors are physically sick
Every time they tick
It’s a cardiologist’s nightmare
No trace of any heartbeat
On easy, cheesy, greasy, queasy
Beastly Brighton Street

Souls dead as vicious fish
Don’t stick round for laughs
If I could have just one wish
I would be a Chief of Staff
On a permanent six figure salary
Come fudge or fall asleep
When The Bible gets molested
Around the back of Brighton Street

Inspired by “Beasley Street”, John Cooper Clarke 

Songwriters: John Cooper Clarke / Martin Hannett / Stephen Hopkins
Beasley Street lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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#UKIP #StokeCentral campaigner p***es on house, tries to force entry. Help identify.


Shocking CCTV video footage has emerged of a UKIP leafleter in Stoke Central constituency pushing a leaflet through the door of an elderly lady then urinating on the wall of the house – and then, when the resident comes out to remonstrate with him, trying to force his way into her house in what must have been a terrifying assault.

A tweet showing a still of the incident and comments by the woman’s son are below, as is the video footage. If you recognise this individual, please contact this blog so the information can be passed to the police.

The SKWAWKBOX is provided free of charge but depends on the generosity of its readers to be viable. If you can afford to, please clickhere to arrange…

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All charges dropped v #Wallasey CLP. When will it be reinstated – and false accusers punished?

In fairness to all involved, there now need to be consequences.


News has emerged today that allallegations against Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) have ‘collapsed’ because of their complete lack of substance and the failure to follow party procedures, such as reporting alleged homophobia to the police, even though this was demanded by Labour rules and by the CLP executive.

ae-txtThe NEC (National Executive Committee) investigation has closed – without any charges being brought against any individual for supposed homophobia or intimidation. And none will .

Labour Briefing have published a statement (and their own statement, which is at the end of this article) from Kathy Runswick, the CLP chair:

k-runswickMs Runswick’s statement is a model of diplomacy and reconciliation.

But the SKWAWKBOX has covered the events surrounding these spurious allegations for many months now and the mere ‘collapse’ of charges does not close the matter.

The allegations were dishonestly made and cynically exploited. Proven false accusations were made by certain…

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The Wallasey CLP Homophobia and Intimidation Allegations Have Collapsed

13th February 2017

Here’s a tweet from @WirralMomentum sent a few hours ago:

…so, after 153 days of suspension (ongoing) and the long-term failure by Angela Eagle’s anonymous gang of accusers to do their duty and go to the police with details of the alleged crime(s), here we are, in the clear and vindicated.

Even the Labour Party NEC – which of late, under the toxic guidance of Iain McNicol – who’s been a dab hand at finding innocent members bang to rights on spurious charges, before dispensing with them -couldn’t come up with the goods.

Still, the damage has been done hasn’t it? – and beneath a cloak of protection that many would class as ‘feigned victimhood’. The accusers couldn’t be identified, we were told, for fear of further bullying and intimidation.

However, any target of bullying would remind you that the most accomplished bullies’ first refuge is to assume the role of victim.

We spent last Summer watching it all unfold in the papers and on SKY, BBC TV and Radio.  Nobody will remember today – the day it all fell apart – because there’s no way it will be picked up and reported.

The #FakeNews has been repeated so many times, ad nauseum, that it’s become indelibly seared into people’s minds – and that’s where it will remain.

Being a craven, political animal, and contemptibly lacking in courage, Angela Eagle will have known the outcome of this from the start, from when she first got together with Liam Murphy (now moved on) at her trusty Liverpool Echo, and the likes of Anushka Asthana, political editor at the Guardian.

Both were only too happy to suspend their journalistic code of ethics and become willing conduits, the former taking absolutely everything on trust and the latter churning out opinion, smear and innuendo in place of hard facts and serious, professional research. In other words, this was #FakeNews writ large.  Tragically ironic isn’t it?

And just to rub the irony in a bit further, The Guardian is still bemoaning the #FakeNews or #AlternativeFacts committed by other, ‘less responsible’ news gatherers in its articles, and soliciting help from its readers since Donald Trump and his henchmen and women gave added currency to these burgeoning populist terms.

The outgoing MP for Wallasey – who was imposed on us in 1992 – and whom nobody in the local party wanted from Day One – now needs to apologise to local Labour Party activists – the solid, working class fighters she has been content to stand by and see attacked and demeaned.

Having local members ‘gagged, bound and straitjacketed’ since July last year through the calling in of favours from selfish, unprincipled journalists – both local and national – now needs to end.

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FOI Request to Wirral Council ~ Discretionary Housing Payments

12th February 2017

This FOI request was lodged on 9th February 2017.

It concerns an important area of local authority spending and one which appears not to have undergone full and comprehensive audit, recommendation and scrutiny.

The importance of this area cannot be overstated.  Discretionary Housing Payments help to keep vulnerable and disabled people and their families – who are in receipt of Housing Benefit – in their homes.

Running this area incompetently, negligently or abusively would have a direct and adverse impact, could create severe injustice and could cause victims of council failure or malpractice to be evicted and potentially forced onto the streets.  To sum up with a rare (for this blog) political statement, Housing Benefit recipients qualifying for DHP are not ‘scroungers’ and need this benefit to survive.

During the recent Alison Mountney versus Wirral Council Employment Tribunal, the crucial area of scrutiny, the extent to which it has – or has not – been pursued, and whether it was generally fit for purpose featured strongly.  The impression we formed of Wirral Council’s scrutiny function, as an attendee to this case, was not a good one.

Here’s a link to some recent, publicly-released information detailing Audit Recommendations across five separate areas – including Discretionary Housing Payments.

First is a summary box, listing the completed areas covered during the Audit Recommendations Period; April 2015 to October 2016:


On completion, the public would now expect recommendations to be made in all 5 areas.

Whilst the area of elections was vital to the Alison Mountney tribunal case, another area – Discretionary Housing Payments – apparently received no recommendations at all. Furthermore, whilst 4 areas listed the actions taken in the Outcome column, the DHP Outcome box was left curiously empty.  And further still, “no opinion provided” is the rather bland response to the crucial area of Organisational Risk.

Due to the glaring omissions, we’re left to wonder… what’s occurring here?


The FOI request is quite detailed because it needs to be, breaking down into nine separate areas.  If Wirral Council respond with a Section 12 exemption, to state that addressing it will take longer than 18 hours (or £450 based on the salary of an officer paid £25,000 p.a.), we will comply, rewrite it to suit, and try to ensure that the information can be found, set out and released to the public.


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Alison Mountney Case is Dismissed

Just got a message through…  case dismissed.

So the upshot is…

Wirral Council and its Monitoring Officer Surjit Tour go from strength to strength.

Following this important decision, Mr Tour’s position is now pretty much impregnable.

Thank you Judge.  Thank you Andrew Moore – @MooroLLM.

We have all been rendered a lot poorer. And we’re not simply referring to something as vulgar as money.

21st Century UK society continues to be a deeply sad, divided and threatening place for junior employees and vulnerable people to be occupying, particularly here on Wirral.  The implications of this decision – most of them unregistered and untraceable – will be felt by many people and in many ways.

Judge Robinson lives on Wirral, but is probably safe and insulated from societal movements (or survival considerations). It’s likely that his and his colleagues’ decisions in cases like these will have very little personal impact for them.

It’s a classic case of ‘fire and forget’.

The Judge revealed quite early on in the case that he didn’t know who *Graham Burgess was – which was a bit of a giveaway to those of us who watch these things.


We have to hope that Alison will one day feel able to place what should have been damning information into the public domain, where we will all be able to appreciate and comprehend her experiences and the turmoil that is involved.

We will certainly assist in that if we’re approached and asked to assist.

*Graham Burgess is a former Wirral CEO – whom the judge was not prepared to summon – after extremely fleeting deliberation – but if he had it could have resolved a conflicting position on the part of Surjit Tour

n.b. Most Wirral Council senior officers continue to choose not to live locally.

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Mrs A Mountney versus Wirral Council – Verdict Soon !


Vernon Street Civil and Family Court, Liverpool L2 2BX.  A neat, well-designed, attractive building. Will justice be equally smart?



9th February 2017

This important Employment Tribunal case finally closed today and a verdict is expected at 12pm tomorrow, 10th February 2017.

We know who the Wirral public will be supporting here – and it is not Wirral Council.

The fact that this notorious, scandal-ridden public body is in a position to plough huge, possibly six figure sums of public money into such expensive, hideously misconceived, steamrollering abuses of power and people is nothing short of shameful.

Please watch this space !

10th February 2017 – 14:42

At the time of writing, we’ve been unable to locate Judge Robinson’s judgment online.  We sent the following email this afternoon:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Paul Cardin
Date: Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 2:43 PM
Subject: Re: Listing
To: “Ryder, Linda” <>

Hi Linda,

The case referred to in the email trail above is Mrs A Mountney versus Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council, held before Judge Robinson.
The case number is 2400718/16
I had heard that the judgment would be reached today at 12 noon.  If possible could you forward the judgment or point me to any online resource which may list the details?
Many thanks,
Paul Cardin
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But I cannot recall



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