“Most Improved” Wirral Council are spreading a pack of lies across the careers market, in their search for a new Legal Director

A friend kindly forwarded the following advert to us, spotted recently on the www.local.gov.uk website. 


15-1-2017 - Wirral Council ad for legal director monitoring officer


  1. “Most Improved Council”.  This was awarded by the media publication arm of the body that acts as the “Trade Union” for local authorities such as Wirral Council, namely, the Local Government Chronicle and the Local Government Association respectively.  So…  when untrustworthy organisations such as these award their paying members (with our cash) worthlesss little badges, proclaiming bogus leaps of progress or wonderful, but in reality, worthless, phantom achievements, we can safely ignore it.  This award occurred 3 years ago.  Since then, it’s been repeatedly overwritten and drowned out by scandal upon scandal – such as the independent OFSTED investigation’s “INADEQUATE” for Children’s Services and the (conveniently secret) Serious Case Review for the Rajenthiram brothers child abuse case.  Despite these failures being overlaid across the top, the term “Most Improved Council” is still emblazoned shamelessly and dishonestly across every email, letter, and JOB ADVERT, (see above) jostling for our attention.

  2. “A Progressive and Driven Partnership Galvanizer”.  No comment, apart from ….WTAF?  The lurch to impenetrable jargon continues apace, and remains a surefire indicator of an organisation with its collective, away with the fairies head rammed firmly up its collective, tight as a duck’s arse sphincter.

  3. “Create a Legacy for Yourself in the Process”.  Here is another  clear insight into the whacky, out of kilter motivations of this basket case.  Forget old fashioned service to the public.  At Wirral, they do things differently.  You can shove all that public service bollocks to one side, and strike out on your own, in your own selfish interest, carving out your own miserable ‘legacy’.  And we’re here to shield and sustain you in that, and to passionately wave some palm fronds and beat the path ahead of you in your honour as you proceed…

  4. Transformation.  Do you get it?  Does anybody get it?  It’s another chuckaway term that despite forensic analysis, remains utterly meaningless.  Transformation to what?  Transformation from what?  It echoes the deep insincerity of that old chestnut, ‘moving forward”.  Moving forward from what?  Moving forward to WHAT?  The next scandal in the pipeline?



The skills and qualities you will actually require…

  1. The ability to attend court, molest a bible and bust a religious oath
  2. The ability to ‘forget’ inconvenient truths, and instead, to only recall events or details that are advantageous to oneself and the corrupted body corporate
  3. The ability to take copious notes every single day as part of your council role, as they will be required in order to successfully achieve 1 and 2 above
  4. The ability to state in court that you were not actually taking notes on ‘that particular day’, because such an admission would have the effect of damaging one’s chances of winning the case and endangering the reputation of oneself and the body corporate
  5. Er…
  6. 7. 8. 9.  …………….Lots more, but I don’t want to bore you.  You get the picture…       

10. That’s it.

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Liar Phil Davies, “Labour” Leader of Wirral Council Wants to Privatise the NHS. Don’t Let Him Get Away With It

branson and davies

Has a sordid deal been done…?

First of all, why is Council Leader Phil Davies a liar?

Answers here, here, here, herehere, and here.

We wonder whether Wirral Council leader Phil Davies uses the bumper public money allowances he draws to tap into private health care provision for himself and his family? Or shares in Virgin Care perhaps?

This very well could be the case because it would explain his and his ‘Labour’ colleagues’ curious behaviour when discharging OUR INTERESTS, which would appear to jar with every one of our heartfelt wishes as users and defenders of the NHS.

This entryist, hard right ‘Labour’ council leader may as well be swanning about on his own private yacht, taking potshots at us, pulling the ladder up, and leaving vulnerable and ill people to fend for themselves or drown, as his ideological fellows in central government starve the NHS of its vital funding and desperately ill people die on hospital trollies.

It’s tragic isn’t it, that the people of Wirral have voted for and endorsed the likes of him and his 38 colleagues in their dishonesty, and when doing so, were under the reasonable impression that the position of the NHS locally would be strengthened and defended. After all, these are supposed to be Labour politicians !

How dispiriting it is to find that this was never the case, and that the opposite is true. In voting ‘Labour’ they have in fact signed their own death warrants, because Davies and his colleagues, cowards one and all (some of them apparently “Corbyn supporters”) are being whipped into voting for what Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt, Slasher McVey and the Tory government are imposing upon us – Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs) and Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), because it will help the PM and her ministers to secure their own personal fortunes as their private health investments come good.

Does our own Phil Davies have a huge, secret, private bounty to pick up if and when his crooked activities win the day?

Can we just remind the people of Wirral that in May 2018 we can stop him doing this?

In the local elections, these 39 hard right TRAITORS can at long last be consigned to the nearest dustbin, where they belong, and you can pick somebody else, someone who doesn’t have TORY blood and their own GREED and self-interest coursing through their veins.


See also Defend Our NHS – Latest News, the latest update on Wirral Leaks.

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Whistleblowing in healthcare

You HAVE to report abuse. It is compulsory.

But then YOU have to be abused… er, for reporting abuse.


Health Management  Volume 17 – Issue 4 2017

Dr. Peter Wilmshurst, MB ChB, BSc, FRCP, FFSEM, FISM     Dr Peter Wilmshurst  MB, ChB, BSc, FRCP, FFSEM, FISM

Although healthcare workers have a responsibility to raise concerns about patient safety and unethical or illegal conduct, if they do so they are often treated badly.

Healthcare workers have a responsibility to raise concerns about patient safety and unethical or illegal conduct. Yet those who raise serious concerns are often treated badly by senior colleagues, their employing organisations and the bodies that should protect whistleblowers. This paradox is because whistleblowers raise concerns that, if made public, would embarrass the organisation or senior and powerful individuals, who are considered less dispensable than the whistleblower. Repeatedly we hear of scandals in healthcare, where whistleblowers were ignored or lost their jobs for raising concerns, but those responsible for both the scandal and its cover-up are promoted to more senior positions in the UK National…

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Public Service Announcement : Parking Fines

YUP. This needs to be spread far and wide.




READ ON >>>>>>>>>>



We’ve received this message from one of our readers:

Hi , I’ve just had notification from Wirral Council Planning that Parking Eye the company that issues parking ‘fines’ for Aldi in Prenton have been operating illegally. Parking Eye have never applied for planning permission for the ANPR? Cameras and/or signage.
Therefore anyone who paid £40 for an overstay should request their money to be returned.
Wirral Council are granting Parking Eye retro planning but no mention of prosecution for illegal operations over the last ten years.

ANPR = Automatic Number Plate recognition. If Parking Eye didn’t have planning permission for ANPR is that a Data Protection breach on the part of Wirral Council?

But then Wirral Council surely wouldn’t let someone operate without planning permission for 10 years would they ?  Of course they would ! As we’ve previously reported on the illegal marquees…

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Fox hunting thugs beat up protesters. Police do nothing.

Theresa May’s law breaking, barbaric thugs turn their bloodlust upon innocent human beings and get their cravings satisfied.

Pride's Purge


Time to totally ban this barbaric activity once and for all.

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Former Wirral Council Director of Law Bill Norman Resigns from Cheshire East Council


12 12 17 - bill norman - my bald lawyer

Former Wirral Council Director of Law, Bill Norman, has resigned from Cheshire East Council following the suspension of himself and two fellow senior officers.


No pay off we assume, but crucially, no disciplinary measures and no public accountability either… as usual.  Knowing his history, maybe this serial gamer of the system and journeyman has been busy looking for something else during the downtime?

If the bulging sacks of cash and growing pension pot he’s amassed during his journey from Torbay to Wirral to Hereford to Cheshire East were not quite enough to cover the mortgage and the lifestyle, then maybe we’ll see him being welcomed into his next well-remunerated senior public sector or “charity” role very soon?

And if we’re wrong, and setting himself up for the future was not the reason for bailing out, presumably somebody in the know on the inside has tipped Norman off as to what form of redress was on the cards…

Next, it’ll be a managed reputation for the inner ring at Cheshire East as the replacement broom sweeps clean and the most damaging aspects of the Bill Norman section of the ‘independent’ investigation are carefully and dutifully ‘lost’.

When we were suspended for five months, followed by a welter of gross misconduct  and ‘bullying’ charges, we were ordered not to contact anybody at Wirral Council, which is standard procedure. The stark difference in our case was that we were innocent on all charges and had no need or desire to contact any racist, bully, bigot, throwback, lackey, drone, clone, Unison traitor or otherwise, because we had no use for them and they for us.

But with Billy boy, he will have been desperate to stay in touch with events as they unfolded, simply to remain in pole position to call the shots. 

And so ……………this is what came to pass.

It is all too familiar, customary, and the road most travelled.  Because this is what transpires and passes for ‘due process’ under a system that’s been got at, contrived and honed over many years, with all paths converging towards the protection of the interests of senior officers and senior councillors…. and the same paths diverging away from the interests of honest whistleblowers, complainants and junior staff…. and by extension, the wider public.

Very rarely does a senior council officer come along who is acting in the public good.

Dignified people, with their good faith threats to the corrupt status quo will continue to be targeted, lined up, destroyed and dispatched in disgrace, as those who are not worthy…. and who didn’t quite fit the Bill….. pun intended.


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Jimmy Savile’s BBC Nursemaid to help young students “Identify Fake News” #Brickgate

A tweet came in this morning from HSBC whistleblower @nw_nicholas which immediately grabbed our attention.

It turns out this is a joint effort by four BBC journalists to pass on their ‘expertise’ to our brightest and best kids.  Very worthy.

But on a closer look, is it?


You knew there’d be problems didn’t you?  Lol… and here’s one that struck us…



07 12 2017 - BBC amol rajan - brickgate and fakenews

Amol “Teaching Fact from Fiction” Rajan is a media editor at the Beeb, and although willing to go out preaching to our kids about his own concept of ‘truth’, he’s also quite happy to sit there and say nothing when told in good faith about his own and others’ #FakeNews failings…

Amol cannot claim ignorance on this important and pressing subject.

Here’s a number of tweets we’ve sent directly to him over the last couple of years, as deliberate #FakeNews – designed to influence two Labour leadership elections – poured out from BBC journalists with a political axe to grind, and from the usual suspects at over a dozen national newspapers:







There’s also the unresolved issue of how the BBC promoted and nurtured Jimmy Savile’s unpunished, foul and depraved behaviour for over 40 years, but seemingly without any accountability for those very senior people who may have employed this group of journalists …a group who now seem very keen to get out there amongst our schoolkids, dispensing ‘truth’.

No response has come in from Kamal or Tina or Huw or Amol “Teaching Fact from Fiction” Rajan yet, but we’ll update you if / when one does.

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Discretionary Housing Payments. Wirral Council foreseeably and avoidably broke the law for 18 months

06 12 2017 DHP redacted

Links to previous Discretionary Housing Payments posts:

  1. FOI Request to Wirral Council ~ Discretionary Housing Payments
  2. UPDATE: Leaked Wirral Council email: Discretionary Housing Payments Unlawful for 18 Months
  3. “Most Improved” Wirral Council. Breaking the law on Discretionary Housing Payments – and now an FOI failure – have vulnerable families been evicted?
  4. Wirral Council Fails to Withhold Crucial Discretionary Housing Payments Report
  5. Information Commissioner Publishes Discretionary Housing Payments Decision Notice

We’ve reached the next crucial stage in this long-running FOI request that was originally made in February of this year.

Tellingly, last month, the Information Commissioner disagreed with Wirral Council and forced it to reveal information which it had previously withheld under a Section 31 exemption.

We’d disagreed with the council’s position right from the outset, and had asked for an internal review.  When this failed to prise them open, we appealed to the Information Commissioner.  Here is a link to the ICO’s subsequent Decision Notice which painstakingly listed the reasons why Section 31 was not fundamentally relevant in this case.


This starts with a determination giving the council 30 days to release the information to the public or potentially have themselves referred to the High Court.

The Council responded ‘at the last minute’ – yesterday – with three separate and fairly extensive pieces of information, although much of it has been obliterated behind large, black rectangles.

Here is a link to the council’s response on the WhatDoTheyKnow website:


Due to the amount of information contained, we will not be analysing this just yet.  That will come in a future post.  But we know readers will be keen to see the information for themselves, set out in a readable format.


Here are the three responses in .jpg format, with links to the .pdf documents below:

Response 1

05 12 2017 - DHP - redactedLADLFeb 17 - Discretionary Housing Payments - response

Download here:



Response 2

05 12 2017 - DHP - redacted Oct 16 - Discretionary Housing Payments - response2

Download here:



Response 3

05 12 2017 - DHP - redacted May 16 - Discretionary Housing Payments - response3

Download here:



Next, we’ll be comparing Wirral’s responses above with the advice laid out in the ICO’s #FS50684466 decision notice in order to clarify whether the data controller had the scope to obliterate so much of the information… including what looks like the investigation reports’ cover pages, titles and original dates of issue.

Once this is done we will update readers of this blog and make a decision on whether to appeal the case to the First Tier Information Tribunal after checking the lay of the land with the Information Commissioner.


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Wirral In It Together have been BLOCKED on Twitter by Wirral Council and their partners The Wirral Globe

25 11 17 wirral council block us on twitter

We uncovered this item today, and it must have happened very recently !

It’ll be connected to the ugly, alleged #Racism of a Wirral Councillor’s wife in Sorrento that turned up exclusively here on Wirral Leaks last month, and also to the hushing up of a very senior councillor’s appearance on a covertly recorded piece of digital audio known as #Wirralgate.

Despite the Sorrento incident allegedly occurring around seven whole weeks ago, our local newspapers, the Wirral Globe and the Liverpool Echo, along with all local TV and Radio news channels and the council itself, have come together as one, to not report on a story of significant public interest, for reasons known only to themselves.

So if you stop anybody in any Wirral street and ask them about it, their silence will tell you the job’s been boxed off……….. and it’s like it never happened.

Our 66 Labour, Tory, Lib Dem and Green councillors have adopted a similar position of ignorance.  There have been plenty of council meetings in the last 7 weeks, but not once has a single man Jack of them had the wherewithal to stand up in the chamber and use their positions to notify, challenge or even ask about the story that appeared in Private Eye.

Yes, it’s been out there in the mainstream public domain since 1st November!  So why not?  What’s been keeping them?  Why have they all been struck dumb?  Why have they all been lying prostrate?

We’re pretty confident this new Twitter block on us relates to #Racism because The Wirral Globe censored us, blocked us, and banned us in early November when we reported it to Peter Grant’s hopelessly inept and stupidly named “Inferno” column.

What a strange and counter-intuitive reaction to the reporting of an alleged crime.

Normally, when handed the opportunity to cover a crime story, the Echo and Globe tend to sprout raging hard ons, then rush about, salivate and knock each other out of the way to get their sweaty mitts on it.  And the dirtier the tone of it, the more shocking, the more horrific, the better.

Why is this?  Because as journalists, they love to sensationalise, and there’d be plenty of bang for their buck trotting out high impact, salacious, in yer face headline words like “#Racism” or “Councillor” or “Steve Foulkes” or “Fuck off….. ISIS” and it briefly boosts the popularity of their dreary, unimaginative, tedious, run-of-the-mill carte du jour.

Maybe the editor of the Wirral Globe, Leigh Marles couldn’t help but identify the messenger on this occasion, i.e. Wirral In It Together …….as the problem?

So in this strange, inverted world that they occupy, the person reporting the alleged #Racism – who is doing their public duty in good faith – becomes the one who needs targeting, censoring, deleting, banning, and silencing…

…. and certainly not the alleged #Racists themselves.

All because the hidden links to a basket case council with alleged #Racist members have made the newspaper feel exposed, uncomfortable and threatened.

The rot runs deep. Who remembers criminal ex-Councillor Jim Crabtree?  He made a death threat to a serving female councillor and received a 12-week suspended prison sentence.  He wasn’t just entrusted with the role of Chair of the Audit & Risk Management committee during a highly-controversial time at Wirral Council.  He was also a fan of an organisation called “Britain First” – slogan… “Taking Our Country Back”.

So which A-hole did the vetting for this?  Or was he / she a #Racist also?

The Wirral Globe, Echo and others are now being promoted and openly linked to online, inside Wirral Council documents (scroll down and click on the councillor names…) (yes, it’s true…WTF?)

2 councillor names with linked items in the globe echo and local papers

And here’s an alleged #Racist, George Davies, Deputy Leader of Wirral Council, pouring forth on how he believes Wirral’s communities will be ‘made safer’ (in the teeth of [Tory] government cuts) and how we can read all about it in the Wirral Globe…

…which appears to have taken on the role of political mouthpiece for its new master.

So much for self-awareness, political independence, impartiality, separation of the press, and balanced reporting, eh, readers?

26 11 17 - george davies advertises the wirral globe inside a council document

…furthermore, the Globe’s own reporting of council scandal appears to have lost altitude, lurched into a tailspin, and finally ‘disappeared from the radar’……………….à la The Wirral News (now crashed with no survivors and no longer with us).


If they’re targeting citizens, you have to wonder whether the Wirral Globe / Wirral Council have been consistent right across social media, and have censored, blocked, banned and silenced Elaine Foulkes and censored, blocked, banned and silenced the member for Claughton, Councillor George Davies, these being the two Wirral Labour Party members involved in two separate incidents of alleged #Racism and who may well merit urgent enquiries and some corrective action?

Or are they being waved through, not investigated, and treated as (ab)normal, as though nothing’s happened?

Judging by the above, we think we already know the answer to that one.


Here’s a few more deeply sensitive Wirral officials who “don’t like it up ’em”, starting with the Council’s Chief Executive…wirral ceo eric robinson block on twitter


councillor stuart whittingham block on twitter

blocked by councillor janette williamson on twitter

blocked by councillor christine spriggs on twitter

blocked by councillor warren ward on twitter

blocked by councillor louise reecejones on twitter

blocked by martin liptrot on twitter

blocked by wirral labour news


That’s it for now, but we’ll let you know if Wirral Council are really fed up with us and refuse to accept this month’s Wirral In It Together council tax payment.

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Wirral Council #Racism and Alleged #Racism – Some Posts and Tweets. Also… “Yer Barred !!”

18 10 2017 - postcard from sorrento wirral leaks post.jpg

The 18th October 2017 Wirral Leaks post that started it all…

#Racism and alleged #Racism

We thought a blog post on here would be a good place to ‘curate’ a number of #racism and alleged #racism tweets and list them for readers chronologically, as they went out.

The starting point was that infamous incident on a bus in Sorrento on 7th October 2017.  Then…

The tweets

A post to the Wirral Globe’s Granty’s Inferno was given the “inferno treatment”, but instead of singeing the fingers of council racists, Granty’s colleagues were turning their fire on their public, censoring their readers and emptying their inboxes of anything that didn’t agree to whatever the unstated new code is for public contributions!  Obviously, anything connecting senior Wirral councillors to alleged #racism was not now permitted by these bold defenders of the ‘free and fair’ press.

Not content with simply erasing posts reporting criminal alleged #racism, the Wirral Globe then went one step further and decided that it was time to  run their local ad-sheet like a local alehouse.  The clear message here was, “You will not be allowed to upset our customers, so…  Yer barred !!”

Fair enough !

This personal “raising of the drawbridge” against us happened on exactly the same day that the Bishop of Liverpool used the local rags to ask for UK authorities and media institutions to examine their closed off culture, listen to the public, take on our concerns, be more empathic, open and transparent and stop being an obstacle to justice where there have been catastrophic official failings, followed by calculated cover ups e.g. Hillsborough 1989.

Labour Councillor Tony Norbury

Councillor Norbury Quote… “We should challenge all forms of racism”.

But lately, the same Labour councillor, Tony Norbury – along with ALL of his colleagues, to a man and woman – have chosen to be silent rather than address two very clear forms of #racism that may have occurred slap bang in the middle of their own local party!!

As the apparent figurehead for all things #Racism, we felt the blatant hypocrisy of Councillor Tony Norbury, he of the “Show racism the Red Card” staged photo opportunities and the earnest, attention-seeking public tweets, was leaving a bit of a foul aftertaste.

So in the highly unlikely event that he had not heard about his party colleagues i.e. Elaine Foulkes alleged #Racism in Sorrento, and Deputy Council Leader George Davies’ alleged #Racism on the #Wirralgate audio recording, we took time to make sure that he became fully appraised of the details…

And in response to Councillor Norbury’s #Racism poem, which he read out to the assembled throng of po-faced, deeply dubious and shifty characters seated around him in the Wirral Council chamber…

And finally…

…at one point, we stopped to have a ponder on what has gone so hideously wrong at the local newspapers and attempted to evaluate and unravel the What, Why, When, How, Where and Who of taking a decision not to report an alleged crime involving members of the local Labour Party to your local public.  Please click the link…

I have six honest working men,

They taught me all I knew,

Their names are What and Why and When,

And How and Where and Who.

Rudyard Kipling.




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