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#Brickgate latest ~ Wirral Labour Council: “Eagle broken window was Anti-Social Behaviour” – and NOT an angry mob from Islington

27th October 2016 The Royal Oak pub in Liscard often has police and/or ambulances outside but looks like it's going for gold tonight #sixpolicecarsandcounting — Jenny Leigh (@_Bluefinch_) December 27, 2014 27th October  The Serious Bit (scroll down for the … Continue reading

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Wallasey Constituency Labour Party ~ Press Release, with enclosures.

Enclosure 1 – Improvement of the conduct of the AGM Enclosure 2 – Code of conduct for members attending Wallasey Labour Party Enclosure 3 – V2 Allegation of intimidation and homophobic behaviour at Wallasey CLP AGM v2 27th October 2016 … Continue reading

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UPDATED – Wallasey Momentum’s Response to Labour NEC Report ~ Alleged Homophobia Towards Angela Eagle

25th October 2016 Alice in Wallaseyland – Verdict first – Evidence later! Why Labour Party members should be concerned by the investigation into Wallasey Labour Party. The consequences of Angela Eagle’s disastrous decision to resign from the Shadow Cabinet and … Continue reading

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Wallasey CLP News. Does the Malicious Behaviour of an Angela Eagle Supporter Equate to Gross Misconduct?

23rd October 2016 This letter was written around the end of July / start of August 2016. Many of the assertions are speculative, but the central falsehood is a serious one, the allegation that Wallasey CLP Vice Chair Paul Davies was seen by … Continue reading

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Police Email Inviting Applied I F Limited to Co-operate on Widespread Alleged Vote Rigging

#VotegateUK 17th October 2016 Below is an email addressed to Director of Applied I F Ltd, Geoffrey Stansfield, from Frank Pike, Counter Terrorism Policing Standards Manager, based at the College of Policing.  One of the functions of the UK Police is to … Continue reading

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False Flag “Whistleblowing” – A Guide – Part One – Starring Angela Eagle

13th October 2016 Fantastic Story number #1 – Angela Eagle, Wallasey MP, has been ‘fighting the corner’ of 17 ‘whistleblowers’ Except she hasn’t.  But through possession of a dedicated media team, with contacts at the powerful Westminster press lobby, she has the power to … Continue reading

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