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Workplace bullying and mobbing: Toxic systems and the eliminationist mindset

Originally posted on Minding the Workplace:
(Drawing by Aaron Maeda, copyright 2016) Virulent instances of workplace mistreatment often involve an eliminationist intention on the part of the chief aggressor(s). Two years ago I wrote that the eliminationist instinct may express itself…

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Wirral Council. New Customer Service System soon… BUT… will it be bullied into position?

  Woah… @bainesy1969 @ADransfield @tim2040 An endorsement of disabled employees being bullied — WirralInItTogether (@Wirral_In_It) March 28, 2015 As a follow-up to our earlier post, here’s a link to a Wirral Council meeting called for this Monday 27th … Continue reading

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Alison Mountney Case is Dismissed

Just got a message through…  case dismissed. So the upshot is… Wirral Council and its Monitoring Officer Surjit Tour go from strength to strength. Following this important decision, Mr Tour’s position is now pretty much impregnable. Thank you Judge.  Thank you Andrew … Continue reading

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Mrs A Mountney versus Wirral Council – Verdict Soon !

THE VERDICT IS NOW IN >>>>>>> 9th February 2017 This important Employment Tribunal case finally closed today and a verdict is expected at 12pm tomorrow, 10th February 2017. We know who the Wirral public will be supporting here – and it is not … Continue reading

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Court Out

Originally posted on Wirralleaks:
Thanks to all those who have expressed an interest or forwarded information and comments about the court case involving Wirral Council currently unfolding in the Liverpool Civil & Family Court . Whilst the matters under discussion have…

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Employment Tribunal – Day Two – Alison Mountney versus Wirral Council

31st January 2017 Day Two There was a late start to proceedings this morning, with the case being delayed, before re-commencing at 11:20 AM rather than the planned 10:00 AM. Attendees Claimant Mrs Alison Mountney, represented by Mr Simon Mountney. … Continue reading

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Tribunal Case Goes Ahead – Day One – Mrs A Mountney versus Wirral Council

Whilst we at Wirral In It Together are generally, and with good reason, critical of Wirral Council, the public can rest assured that the reporting on this blog post will follow standard, statutory court reporting requirements and will make strenuous … Continue reading

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Employment Tribunal Case – Mrs A Mountney versus Wirral Council

30th January 2017 Here’s an excerpt from the CourtServe website listing a 5 day Employment Tribunal case starting today 30th January at Vernon Street Civil and Family Court at 10:00 am: The nomenclature in use above deciphers as follows: DDA … Continue reading

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Opinion of Senior Counsel, Hugh Tomlinson QC, on Freedom of Information ban by Cheshire West and Chester Council –

Following Cheshire West & Chester Council’s hideously misconceived “ban” on my statutory FoI and personal Data Protection querying rights, the time has come to release the opinion of Senior Counsel Hugh Tomlinson QC, who has granted his permission. This “ban” … Continue reading

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In trouble at work? Hit your employer with some well-chosen words to keep them on task

The following passages may be useful for people in serious trouble in the workplace.  You may have blown the whistle on bad practice, or lodged a grievance, or been going through internal processes, hoping that the next particular meeting will … Continue reading

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