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To commemorate the end of the Falklands Conflict 38 years ago, here is a copy of the diary I kept at the time👇👇

Hover over the top of the image / link below and click to download the handwritten diary… Click to access falklands-diary-complete-2015_02_02-15_03_05-utc.pdf      

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With 11.49% of GLOBAL #Covid19 deaths, Boris Johnson continues to spin the UK’s catastrophic death statistics as a “success”.

ALL NUMBERS BELOW ARE CORRECT AS AT TODAY, 2nd MAY 2020 Below, we’ve accumulated some inescapable numbers / statistics related to which areas of the globe are most badly hit by #Covid19-related mortality. The UK Tory government continues to meddle … Continue reading

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[VIDEO] Council Tax Cash for Honours. Wirral Council

  Wirral in it Together proprietor Paul Cardin provides Council Taxpayers with a historical lowdown on how their money has been invested. This is not very reassuring viewing for those struggling to drum up the cash to cover the latest … Continue reading

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The UK has 1% of world population and 10.1% of global #coronavirus deaths. China has 18.9% of world population and 2.2% of #coronavirus deaths. WHAT WENT SO WRONG?

Updated with the latest figures as at 20:40 on 28th April 2020 Boris Johnson has been busy spinning his Tory government’s #Coronavirus response as a “success”. Read on… Meanwhile, here are the latest actual figures: The UK has 1% … Continue reading

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The death of campaigner and public activist Robert Pickthall

We’re told by the police, the courts and the newspapers that Northwich resident Robert Pickthall died on 30th  July 2019 when he committed suicide at Acton Bridge Railway Station, Acton Bridge, near Northwich, Cheshire. MAP But campaigners are concerned that … Continue reading

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Two excellent eBooks are now available at The Duran. Follow the link for a 20% discount code. #Epstein and #Ukrainegate – Video Five

Below is a link to the Duran website where you can purchase the#Epstein and #Ukrainegate eBooks for $4.99 each. From now on, 100% of the money received will be donated to help the brave Australian firefighters, many of whom are … Continue reading

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Emmanuel Macron slam dunks his VETO against Boris Johnson’s lawful extension request.

Timeline:10:00 AM. Monday. 28/10/2019. Emmanuel Macron slam dunks his VETO against Boris Johnson's lawful extension request. — Wirral Resurgent (@waxdonaldtrump) October 27, 2019    

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Edward Snowden on governmental spying

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog: This 20 September 2019 video from the USA says about itself: Snowden Explains Terrifying Government Spying Powers.

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Potential #racism by Wirral officials. And it’s all gone quiet over there! Yet again!

Who remembers this?  #Racism The above gem appeared in Private Eye around autumn two years ago and the incident it briefly refers to received much more detailed coverage on Wirral Leaks, but strangely never made it into the national media. There … Continue reading

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#Racism Exclusive – Tory Councillor David Burgess-Joyce, who sent an allegedly #racist tweet to David Lammy MP, is to be formally investigated by Wirral Council

The original Wirral In It Together article: It’s almost three weeks since we lodged a Standards Complaint against Wirral Tory Councillor David Burgess-Joyce. An update We lodged a Standards Complaint with Wirral Council on 17th July as follows: The offending Councillor … Continue reading

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