#Brickgate Update – Angela Eagle’s alleged ‘Broken Office Window’ – all the links

26th December 2016

Below are links to all the relevant #Brickgate blog posts on Wirral In It Together.

The latest position is that following a telephone conversation with a senior case officer at the Information Commissioner’s Office, we await the drafting of a Decision Notice.  We are expecting this legal document to be published early in the new year.

After publication, depending on its contents – and any possible further submissions by Merseyside Police – we will decide whether it’s necessary to proceed to the First Tier Information Tribunal in search of any further undisclosed information.

12th July 2019

It’s three years to the day since these lies started. None of the falsehoods have ever been amended, retracted or apologised for. It all amounts to a fraudulent record of events, splashed across 12+ national newspapers, left for posterity.

These newspapers will be gone for ever one day. That’s the trajectory they’re on. But the truth will prevail, as it must.

At least Merseyside police finally went public 6 months later with a true and factual statement. Here it is: