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Wirral Tory / Independent antisemitism? Not reported in newspapers or media

12th November 2020 update We de-platformed ourselves from the hideous Twitter yesterday. All links to our tweets are now broken. Onwards… A reminder of what happened in March 2019… The background to this issue This is covered in more … Continue reading

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Wireless Wirral and the Planned 5G Rollout

Originally posted on Wirralleaks:
? The test dummy upon which the ICNIRP guidelines are based. The latest in our debate generating series of posts brought to you by ‘Bright Spark’  : Over the last two weeks we focused on the…

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‘Woe is Wirral’ : The Halliday scandal reaches Private Eye – again !

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A very good summary of the foreseeable Stewart Halliday scandal in this week’s ‘Rotten Boroughs’ section of Private Eye. And how courteous of them to acknowledge Wiralleaks (sic) as being an ‘excellent website’. It would seem…

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LED Lampposts – What Wirral Council isn’t telling you … (Part 2)

Originally posted on Wirralleaks:
Our latest correspondent ‘Bright Spark’ has apologised for any upset caused by their last post that we published. Needless to say we at Wirral Leaks say bring it on – we’ll take the brickbats with the bouquets.…

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Wirral Council reclaim their regular slot in Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs after a much-needed Halliday

Happy Days. Abusive, corporately bullying Wirral Council reclaim their regular spot in @PrivateEyeNews' Rotten Boroughs… … after a much-needed Halliday.@WirralLeaks @GSwinburn — Wirral In It Together ⏳ (@Wirral_In_It) March 20, 2019 Some background (nowhere near exhaustive) Stewart Halliday allegedly … Continue reading

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New Zealand Police are struggling to uncover what may have influenced Christchurch mass-murderer Brenton Tarrant whilst he lived in the UK       We hope the NZ police don’t have too much difficulty in getting to the truth here.   Toodle pip !

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Wirral Tories embargo Jewish Councillor as she speaks about her family’s persecution in the holocaust

Here are some Wirral Tory councillors, embargoing a Jewish Labour Councillor and walking out as she begins to speak about her experiences of anti-Semitism and her own family's persecution during the holocaust.@MichaelRosenYes — Wirral In It Together ⏳ (@Wirral_In_It) … Continue reading

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Feigned “anti-Semitism” campaign comes to Wirral. Are local Tories being genuinely anti-Semitic?

The ongoing mainstream media and BBC campaign of feigned outrage, centred around charges of “anti-Semitism”, thus far directed at the ONLY party with a very long history of speaking up against anti-Semitism – the Labour Party – reached new depths of … Continue reading

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Video finally tracked down… our statement of fact, shouted to the Wirral Council Leader in the Council Chamber recently

Video of when we shouted a statement of fact to Wirral Council Leader and liar (see here, here, here, here, here, and here) Phil Davies from the public gallery at the Extraordinary Golf Course / 160 proposed Luxury Houses meeting of 25th February. Details here, starts … Continue reading

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Bye, Bye, Bernie!

Originally posted on Wirralleaks:
Two days is a long time in Wirral politics. Soon-to be ex-councillor Mooney is now smiling on the other side of her face. We always know there’s something is brewing when an old post suddenly starts…

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