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The importance of citizen’s qualitative accounts in democratic inclusion and political participation

Originally posted on Politics and Insights:
Government policies are expressed political intentions regarding how our society is organised and governed. They have calculated social and economic aims and consequences. In democratic societies, citizen’s accounts of the impacts of policies ought…

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Absence ‘Management’ and Wirral Audit & Risk Committee locates six principles

I’ll start this post with a caveat.  Despite the gloss, the awards, the PR blitz, and the desire to control what goes into the local press and media (largely successful), lest we forget, the same runaway, corrupted,  unaccountable specimens are still infesting Wirral Metropolitan Borough … Continue reading

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Rage @mencap_charity Grows As Thousands Demand Crabb Must Go!

Originally posted on the void:
Mencap’s chief executive Jan Tregelles explains the charity’s position. If you want to know how Tories sleep at night, how they salve their consciences or make peace with their non-existent Gods, then just ask Mencap…

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A Bungling Fucking Idiot On A Mission From God, That Was The Real Iain Duncan Smith

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Good riddance, to an absolute tool. Pass the fucking sick bag.  Iain Duncan Smith’s performance on the Andrew Marr show this morning was one of the most nauseating displays politics has seen in a long,…

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#WriteAPoemAboutTories – The IDS “If”

  The IDS “If” IF you can stay in post when all about you Are being sacked and blaming it on you, If you resign as Cameron starts to doubt you, And claim some compensation, lucky you;   If you … Continue reading

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Open letter from quadriplegic to Osborne: how is taking £120 a month from me going to get me back to work?

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:
This open letter to George Osborne was posted on Facebook. Please feel free to share: I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but I am so downright disgusted I feel the need to…

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Blog post gets 25,000 hits in five days and puts WirralInItTogether at position 22 in WordPress top 100 global blogs “Blog of the Day” is a live channel that monitors hits and reports varying positions.  As a result, information changes continually.

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List of MPs who voted to crush disabled people in preparation for tax cuts

Like a Robin Hood in reverse, stealing from the poor to give to the rich, the path is now clear for Chancellor George Osborne to share the spoils of these heartless attacks by divvying up the ‘stolen money’ between greedy … Continue reading

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Shocking Announcement: Disability Benefits To Be Slashed For 640,000 People

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A ‘low, one off cost’ according to the DWP The government is set to slash benefits intended to meet the additional cost of living with a disability warning that up to 640,000 people could be…

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