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Eagle has crashed, but WHO do Wirral Council support for leader?

23rd July 2016 Wirral Council is a Labour-controlled council and includes the parliamentary seat of Wallasey within its boundaries. They’re not backwards in coming forward when it comes to publicity, but after noticing they’d become unusually quiet, and concerned that … Continue reading

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Blog post gets 25,000 hits in five days and puts WirralInItTogether at position 22 in WordPress top 100 global blogs

http://www.botd.wordpress.com https://wirralinittogether.wordpress.com/2016/03/12/list-of-mps-who-voted-to-crush-disabled-people-in-preparation-for-tax-cuts/ “Blog of the Day” is a live channel that monitors hits and reports varying positions.  As a result, information changes continually.

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We were accused of trolling by Patrick Torsney’s legal site SaveUKjustice

25th May 2015 (Whit Bank Holiday) On 23rd May, we posted the following tweet to @SaveUKjustice  amongst others… …and received a response two days later from @SaveUKjustice as follows: If the inconsistency here doesn’t leap out at readers, we’ll explain the situation. … Continue reading

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