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Wirral Council: Graham Burgess is given a permanent contract – after a curious change of heart

Mr Burgess is paid at the top of the Chief Executive salary range of £121,807 – £135, 341 per annum. ….so goes the blurb from Chris Hyams, Head of HR, who is subservient to the man at the top.  Er… not sure an … Continue reading

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Fine words – but with Wirral Council, they’re always a hostage to fortune

Here’s a link to a fine Wirral Council document.  ‘Fine’ because its stuffed with nice sounding, positive words – strong, decisive ones.  Only later – much later – to be revealed as shitty, deceitful and hollow.  The abusive council which promised … Continue reading

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Wirral Council’s external ‘independent’ investigator Richard Penn. Whose side is he on?

Make up your own mind here. The links below are by no means exhaustive and represent a quick selection taken from the net in a short time. Much more compelling stuff on Richard Penn’s increasingly questionable contribution is here ↓ … Continue reading

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