Transcription Services and Secret Recordings

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Easy Virtual Assistance – Transcription Services

I run the above company as a sole trader, and have done so since autumn 2010.

I deal in virtual transcription services, i.e. receiving pre-recorded audio conversations, meetings, interviews, dictations, etc. and turning them into documents.  These are typed up to produce clear, accurate transcripts, supplied in a Word document.  I work quickly (it’s always me doing the workabout 80 words per minute), and use a transcribing foot pedal – to progress speedily and accurately through any given job.  Customers’ digital, audio files can be uploaded remotely, securely and easily through SendThisFile, Dropbox, etc.

If you’ve taken the time to Google “Paul Cardin” or “WirralInItTogether”, you may have come across my page.  Here, I provide a link to my blog, where I describe my experiences as both a whistleblower and a complainant.

Both times, the reaction from my employer to me raising my head above the parapet was to shoot, targeting me as some sort of “troublemaker” who was ‘out of step with the rest of the team’.  Although I was good at dodging the bullets, both experiences were pretty stressful, involved long periods of suspension, gardening leave or sickness absence, and ended ultimately with the issuing of bogus “gross misconduct” charges.

Although these collapsed on both occasions, it was followed by the loss of my livelihood.  So you could say I’ve walked the walk, talked the talk, and have earned the right to expose these former employers repeatedly, here on my blog.

Secret Recordings

During my difficulties, I found that one particular manager refused to record or correctly minute our meetings, opting instead to take non-verbatim notes. The problem with these was much of the essential detail, and particularly that which was advantageous to me, was deliberately discarded when the notes were typed up, damaging my case.

Another HR manager openly stated that she was going to destroy the notes she was making immediately after the hearing ended, because she said they were simply an aide memoir, done to help her think, again, damaging my case.

If you are going through these kind of experiences, I recommend that you either request full verbatim notes OR a dual tape recording of all interviews you have with investigators or managers.  These can later be transcribed.

I say this because such accurate records will serve to protect you against potential foul play.  If your request for dual tape recording / verbatim notes of meetings is turned down, and you suspect manipulation or malpractice, it may also be possible for you to covertly record, without informing the other participant(s) beforehand.  More on ‘covert recordings’ here – Daniel Barnett Employment Law Newsletter (10th March 2014).

The same case is covered in greater detail here at

…within this article…

admissibility of covert recordings

Unofficially, I have helped a large number of people who’ve been corporately or personally bullied. Not simply with processing their audio files and typing up their transcription work (paid), but with non-legal assistance when discussing both their experiences and mine (unpaid). I should add, I’m not a solicitor and I’m not registered with as a fee paying Ministry of Justice agent, but if you have recordings to transcribe, and you want accuracy, a rapid turnaround and a sympathetic and understanding ear, you know where to get me.

For more details, here is a link to my website:

When dealing with such sensitive information, I will also be prepared to supply confidentiality agreements free of charge.  These can be signed and exchanged between the parties for security purposes and to protect the integrity of the information.

I’ve provided written help here – businesslike suggestions to help you frame your thoughts when writing diaries, letters, reports, emails, summaries or attending meetings.

Very often, your employer will pay to have recordings transcribed, particularly if they know you have a strong case against them, and it’s in their interests to do so.

Finally, the following link underlines the importance of putting yourself in a position to present a business-like case.

The Honourable Mr Justice Underhill refused to accept a large amount of covertly recorded material without a transcript.  Had a transcript been provided on application to the court, the outcome may have been very different:

If you have recordings and need this kind of assistance, please email me at or fill in your details in the contact form below:

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