#Brickgate – Angela Eagle’s PR man – Imran Ahmed – throws his weight around on Twitter

August 2021 Update

Ahmed is still spreading his hate, beneath the careful guise of ‘countering’ it!

8th December 2016

The world of Public Relations is a strange, unusual realm, where the task of turning hot, steaming cowpats into objects of desire is a difficult business.  A trade where threats of libel are plucked from the air and thrown around like confetti by its inhabitants.

Often, when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is, the threats are never followed up and quickly recede, disappearing back up the protesting sphincters from which they originated.

And talking of hollow libel threats, here’s Imran “Imi” Ahmed…


…reputed to be the source of a prominent #FakeNews storyline which occupied the mainstream media all through the summer of 2016.

It concerned #Brickgate – or the trivial matter of a smashed communal stairwell window in Wallasey (not Liverpool), which didn’t really achieve much because Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as Labour leader with an increased majority, despite the mendacious slurs crayoned in banner headlines across the hostile, national newspapers.

Saying that, we don’t want to minimise its impact too much.  It did serve the very useful purpose of outing all those frightfully busy London-based columnists who jumped to the conclusion that Wallasey was a suburb of Liverpool, without bothering to check.

The fact that there are 2 miles of sparkling water (the River Mersey) separating the two locations never intruded on their loose, rather unpatriotic grasp of their home nation’s northern geography.

Anyway, back to the libel threat.  It didn’t seem to be directed towards the fine folk at Wirral In It Together, but towards @Fitzy_blue – a fellow Wirral-based blogger who is very popular on Twitter:

We’re uncertain as to which ‘lie’ Imran is referring to here and if you’re reading this Imran, we’d like further clarification on that.

Presumably some anonymous person in the Twittersphere has told a lie about Angela Eagle, @Fitzy_blue has repeated it and is now in line to receive a libel writ originating from the people who control Imran’s movements, actions and utterances at Labour Party HQ or the NEC.  This will thud onto @Fitzy_blue’s doormat very, very quickly.

Or will it?

Probably not.  In fact, definitely not. Why?

Because the last thing Angela Eagle would want is a forensic, detailed analysis into the relentless shit stirring that’s gone on since 24th June 2016.  Moreover, as constituents of Angela’s, we’ve been watching her movements, actions and utterances very closely, and we know precisely what she’s up to.

Angela’s been very careful to ensure that her name is never stamped upon any official action which may come back to bite her and seriously damage her fortunes at some unknown future date.

Hence, she has co-opted 17 alleged ‘whistleblowers’ who’ve got their story straight, are backed by Iain McNicol at the NEC and are putting their own reputations (rather than Angela’s) on the line to make sure that the fake charges of homophobia, bullying and intimidation hit home.

The other very telling aspect to this is how the stories we’ve been reading in our newspapers have little basis in fact.

It’s unregulated newspapers doing what unregulated newspapers do, i.e. telling tales, smearing, sowing seeds of doubt, manipulating public opinion, relying upon hearsay…before checking their plummeting sales figures when no-one’s looking for any upward movement.

We at Wirral In It Together have a discerning, probing mind and we smelled a rat on 12th July 2016 when it became clear that a stairwell window was being falsely misrepresented as an “office window” – and not just any old office window – our MP’s constituency office window.

We visited the site and quickly saw for certain that it wasn’t Angela Eagle’s office window that was broken.  We were then left to ponder … how did we see the ruse immediately when numerous professional journalists, photographers, the local Police and Crime Commissioner and numerous Labour councillors failed to spot it?

Did they have an undeclared hidden agenda, an ulterior motive?  Quite possibly.

Upon reading the papers, listening to the radio, watching the TV, we swiftly concluded that all was not what it seemed, and somebody – probably an anonymous PR person – had been ‘very busy’.

Imran, are you still reading this?

You’ve had the good sense to follow us on Twitter (2020 update: Imi is now blocking us at both his personal account and his Twitter hate account @ccdh). He still needs to address the following questions:

  1. Were you called to attend the scene on 12th July 2016?
  2. Did you attend the scene on 12th July 2016?
  3. Did you inform the press-pack that a brick had damaged “Angela Eagle’s Constituency Office Window” or words to that effect? (If you did it was highly-irresponsible and a foreseeable, avoidable, calculated falsehood)
  4. Have you read and digested the latest Merseyside Police Statement, sent in response to our FOI request?
  5. Do you agree with the police that there was never any conclusive evidence to suggest that the window was broken by a brick, although a brick was found at the scene?
  6. The public waited 5 months for this information.  Do you agree with the Merseyside Police decision not to release it immediately to ‘protect the integrity of the investigation’?
  7. Do you agree with Wirral In It Together that Angela Eagle’s real constituency office (around the corner of the building at the rear) was never attacked?

Thanks Imran.  If the police continue to withhold the requested information, your answers to the above points would prevent me having to take the issues to First Tier Information Tribunal in Vernon Street, Liverpool.

Your intervention would save us a few bob in public money, the kind of cash that gets forked out to cover the tribunal’s administration costs, staff salaries and the remuneration of the judge and the two panel members for a day’s hearing.  Which adds up to a fair few quid.

It’s now in your gift Imran and colleagues at the *Center*(?) for Countering Digital Hate (who ever bought a garland of fresh roses only to get them home and discover they stank to high heaven of newly dropped dog shit?) to discharge your public duty, desist with the fully funded, targeted hate campaigns and act in the public interest.

Many thanks.

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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11 Responses to #Brickgate – Angela Eagle’s PR man – Imran Ahmed – throws his weight around on Twitter

  1. Bobby47 says:

    Dear Imran, if your reading this, and I strongly suspect you are, please believe me when I say that I definitely threw two house bricks at my own property, smashing two of my windows that were subsequently repaired at my own personal expense in order to expose the puzzling issues regarding The Wirral Window.
    You Sir are very wrong if you are implying that my forensic investigations into this matter was based upon a fabrication. I’ll be damned if I sit back and remain silent on this issue.
    You can pop down here anytime you choose and knock on doors and ask the neighbours, ‘did he smash his house up’ and they’ll say, ‘he most certainly did,’ and what’s more many will probably comment, ‘we couldn’t understand why he did this’.
    I’d respectfully suggest that from hereon, instead of going to war via Twitter, you get onside and apply your considerable abilities to exposing why it became necessary for folk like me, decent God fearing folk who diligently recycle their rubbish, to feel it necessary to pick up large objects and smash up their own property and create public hysteria and a general fear from my neighbours that I was living in the same street as them.


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