#Brickgate, an update, almost three years later


Right wing NEC, right wing media dreamt-up drivel, which appears everywhere because we don’t have a Press Regulator – worthy of the name – to shake a stick at

31st December 2020 – an update – LIARS prosper. Angela Eagle is made a fucking DAME in the New Years Honours list




For those difficult of thinking peeps – we know you’re out there in your right wing millions – just a quick note to say that #Brickgate was not the trivial matter of a brick through the window of a non-descript building, a window which happened to be not 20 yards away from the constituency office window of a serving MP…

not to be found on google images angela eagles office window

…and this happens to be the crux of the matter…so if you’re still with us, read on…

…the serving constituency MP happened to be shaping a leadership bid, a potshot at becoming the leader of a 116 year-old political party of huge and important standing at a time when new hope was blossoming and growing for its traditional supporters, i.e. the  swelling, burgeoning ranks of the poor, Old Labour members, and younger supporters who’d suffered badly and been betrayed during the ideological wilderness years – the Arch-Entryist, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair years – followed by years of Tory and Lib Dem betrayal, and who were returning to the fold in their many hundreds of thousands (as members) and their many millions (as voters).

The many, not the few.

And she – the MP Angela Eagle – strategically lied through her teeth, then with the help of 17 local, right-wing supporters who still remain largely anonymous, had her own Constituency Labour Party smeared with later to be proven entirely bogus ‘bullying, homophobia and intimidation’ charges and suspended for 18 months through her own selfish fear of being deselected.

She and her press man Imran Ahmed then used their combined Westminster press lobby networking contacts to get the lie up in lights and plastered all across the dishonest (see above) right-wing, mainstream media for months on end in order to smear the current leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

This in turn was intended to have the added effect of giving her a much greater chance of unseating the ‘socialist pretender’ whom, being a threat to the hundreds of right-wing Torylite, business-focused types – whose very existence flew into the face of the reason the party was set up in the first place – was upsetting the rickety, right-wing applecart.

So it wasn’t simply a brick through a Wallasey window, but much, much more, readers.

It was all because – horror of horrors – a politician had her eyes on the prize, couldn’t resist her base motivations, or her greedy little instincts, lied repeatedly, blamed Corbyn supporters and closed down any and all questions in order to satisfy them.





31 01 2017 - ICO - end of brickgate FOI - carolyn howes

August 2021 Update

Ahmed is still spreading his hate, beneath the careful guise of ‘countering’ it!

Toodle Pip!

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