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Some people have said I should show more deference when I tweet the Council Leader

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The Rock ‘n Troll years. Today, we journey back to 2012… EPIC

This brief encounter with our first and only internet troll started way back in May 2012.  “eVirtual_Assist’ is our former Twitter user name.  We’d been up on Twitter for a while, doing what we do, exposing the neverending scandal and the part played … Continue reading

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As a Council Leader, would YOU get up and walk out of a Landmark Meeting, never to return?

On Friday 15th November 2013, there was a landmark meeting at Wallasey Town Hall between the Wirral Council “Improvement” Board, CEO Graham “Mistakes” Burgess, Council leader Phil Davies and the public (about 50 of us). It was supposed to be an … Continue reading

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The Parasite’s “If…”

The Parasite’s “If…“ IF you can stay in post when all about you Are being sacked and blaming it on you, If you retire just as we start to doubt you, And claim your pension early, lucky you; If you … Continue reading

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Evictions begin as government starts grabbing your homes

Originally posted on Vox Political:
It is easy to get caught up in headlines and forget that the Coalition’s benefit reforms mean people you know will lose their homes. You know what happens then? PEOPLE YOU KNOW START LOSING THEIR…

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ATOS demo, Swansea, 19th February 2014. Filmed by Amazon News Media

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What The Fuck Does David Cameron Know About Poverty?

Originally posted on the void:
There are few things more vile than listening to a man born into a multi-million pound fortune lecturing the rest of us about whether people are really poor or not. David Cameron’s pathetic tirade about…

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An open email to Tory Councillor Leah Fraser

To set the scene here, Councillor Fraser posted the following very short item on her blog recently: Compensation = £107,000 Posted on February 10, 2014 by Leah Fraser In 2013, Wirral Council paid out £5,166,001 in ‘severance payments’ to departing directors … Continue reading

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Compensation = £107,000

             comment left on 11th February at 9:10 AM Dear Councillor Fraser, Do you have a link to the detailed information please? Thank you

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Graham Burgess – “We made mistakes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s”

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