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Benefit Claimants To Get ‘Attitude Tests’ Reveals McVey

Originally posted on Same Difference:
Benefits claimants will undergo interviews to assess whether they have a psychological resistance to work, the employment minister reveals today. Unemployed people will be subject to attitude profiling to judge whether they are “determined”, “bewildered”…

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ICO News. Have you ever seen a fire station on fire? Or a snow plough stuck in the snow? Read on…

3rd September 2014 For those who don’t know me, I am, amongst other things, a freedom of information campaigner.  My reason for doing this is simple: well-justified disgust at what seems to be a growing number of power abusing, wayward public bodies, stuffed … Continue reading

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Rochdale. Simon Danczuk MP gets the abuse message out there. What about ACTING on information received?

Some background – check the date – well BEFORE the recent child abuse revelations in Rotherham: 1st September 2014 Here’s an email to Simon Danczuk MP, from last year, dated 24th May 2013, a month before the above article.  In … Continue reading

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