Benefit Claimants To Get ‘Attitude Tests’ Reveals McVey

It makes me so ashamed to think I live on the Wirral peninsula, quite near to this diabolical fiend of a woman. Only callous Tories could have come up with such a crazed notion. Even Labour at their worst would not have resorted to cruel, quack psychology to hound benefit claimants.

Same Difference

Benefits claimants will undergo interviews to assess whether they have a psychological resistance to work, the employment minister reveals today.

Unemployed people will be subject to attitude profiling to judge whether they are “determined”, “bewildered” or “despondent” about taking a job, under plans prepared by Esther McVey.

Those that are less mentally prepared for life at work will be subject to more intensive coaching at the job centre, while those who are optimistic – such as graduates or those who have recently been made redundant – while be placed on less rigorous regimes.

“It will be scales of eager, despondent, maybe apprehensive. There are factors within that: somebody who is apprehensive but willing is differentfrom someone who is reticent but disengaged,” Ms McVey said in an interview with The Telegraph.

“For a mum coming back to work after a long time, it could be about self-confidence and self-esteem. It…

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