Wirral Council are to apply a flat charge on elderly / vulnerable people for CRUCIAL assistive technology

Just announced…

From the council that…

assistive tech page 1

assistive tech page 2

assistive tech page 3

assistive tech page 4

Let’s work out an annual figure for this:

cost of assistive tech annually

So that’s an extra £130 per year my mum, aged 81, will have to find from an already stretched budget.  Can she manage to stump up the cash and stop the council from taking enforcement measures?

My mum lost both her parents during the war and became orphaned, aged 12, in 1944. Happily married in 1957, she and my dad set up home in Wallasey, Cheshire, which was also the beginning of a long-standing relationship as rate payers to the local council.

My dad died in 1985.  This council though, are still here.

Fast forward to today…  this piece of Cheshire has become Merseyside, and apart from a deluded and godforsaken journey up a cul-de-sac known as the poll tax, the old rates have become known as the Council Tax.

What I would like to know is this…

Without even working out exactly what colossal sum of money my mum has willingly handed over to Wirral Council over the last 60 years, if I ring up young feller-me-lad Director of Social Services Graham Hodkinson, I’ll want to enquire…

“When my mum’s difficult life, her current circumstances, and her long history of uninterrupted payments are taken into account …will you have it in your heart to accept this in mitigation?”

4th October 2014

A few tweets…



I also tweeted Dr Maurice Smith, below, chair of the More Independent (Mi) board, and executive lead for Integrated Care at NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group.  He was kind enough to respond very quickly.

It seems Liverpool City Council don’t charge if you qualify under their Social Care Rules. Which is how I think it USED to be done at Wirral, until some uncharitable bright spark came up with a way of clobbering senior citizens.


Dr Maurice Smith MI

Okay, living confidently, independently and healthily sounds great, all very desirable, and may come at a price for those who can afford it… but what about subsisting and being SAFE in your home through the minimum level of assistive technology?

Why should struggling people who’ve propped the council up all of their lives, and paid to keep axe-wielding bureaucrats in comfortable high-paying jobs and plush, refurbished offices be forced to pay for their own safety and peace of mind?

20th February 2016

RIP my mum, Margaret Cardin, who died today, aged 83.


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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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3 Responses to Wirral Council are to apply a flat charge on elderly / vulnerable people for CRUCIAL assistive technology

  1. John Brace says:

    Let’s face it, Wirral Council don’t expect issues involving disabled people to either:

    (a) kick up a fuss or have political connections,
    (b) have the money or access to lawyers to legally challenge such policy changes
    (c) reported on by the mainstream media

    Your thoughts?


    • John Brace says:

      Oh and the usual stock answer from Wirral Council is that this is what disabled people are paid benefits for, so some of that money can go to Wirral Council to provide services related to their disability… however… I’m a little sick and tired of the multiple attacks Wirral Council is currently making on the disabled recently…


  2. Scott says:

    They went after my mums house to pay for her care even though her care was funded. They are criminals, supported by the police and courts.


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