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How we stay blind to the story of power. By Jonathan Cook

Our belief at Wirral in it Together is… Power = power abuse, by definition. This stunning article explores exactly what power represents. The true meaning / purpose / spread / impact of power is both compelling and truly menacing.  As … Continue reading

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Transcript of excellent George Galloway Monologue. From MOATS 36 on 23rd February 2020

YouTube Link: Transcript of George Galloway monologue from Mother Of All Talk Shows, Episode 36 broadcast on Sunday 23rd February 2020. Transcript It’s the trial of the century, opening this week in London. The fate of Julian Assange will be … Continue reading

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George Galloway, Neil Clark, Mike Barson, Joti Brar, Joe Lauria, Peter Lavelle, Alexander Mercouris, Eva Bartlett and Craig Murray, speaking on imperialism and for #Assange


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An apology has finally arrived from Wirral Tory Councillor David Burgess Joyce for his offensive tweet… seven months later.

Here’s the original tweet from July last year. It has to be said, Councillor Burgess-Joyce didn’t appear sorry – not one bit – immediately after this happened … when he blocked us on Twitter for many months. And as the … Continue reading

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Anne Sacoolas, CIA killer of English teenager

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog: This 5 February 2020 Sky TV video from Britain says about itself: Anne Sacoolas and Prince Andrew ‘must co-operate’ with law enforcement Harry Dunn’s family and alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein have…

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Will our local council be flying the flag to commemorate an alleged paedo-rapist’s birthday?

Dear @WirralCouncil, This is an official Freedom of Information request. Please provide all information re: plans to commemorate Prince Andrew, the Duke of York’s 60th birthday on 19th February 2020, including the council’s official position on the matter, Thanks Paul … Continue reading

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