An apology has finally arrived from Wirral Tory Councillor David Burgess Joyce for his offensive tweet… seven months later.

burgess joyce apology

Here’s the original tweet from July last year.

Burgess joyce offensive tweet

It has to be said, Councillor Burgess-Joyce didn’t appear sorry – not one bit – immediately after this happened … when he blocked us on Twitter for many months.

Burgess Joyce blocking us on Twitter

And as the months rolled by, it certainly took an exceedingly long time for the penny to drop and for him to begin to show the first inklings of regret.

This complaint was dealt with under Wirral Council’s new, ‘improved’ Standards Complaints procedure. If this is “new and improved” we hate to imagine what they were passing off as acceptable in the dim and distant past, when councillors were getting away with stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds from the bank accounts of disabled tenants in their care and doing their absolute damnedest to cover up the theft and make sure the council’s reputation got shielded from any attacks.

We’ll be watching out to see if this Tory is out there “challenging #racism, wherever and by whomever”, as promised in his apology letter.

But when did anybody ever see a Tory speaking up and alerting others to racism?

We don’t imagine we’ll have very much to report.

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Potential #racism by Wirral officials. And it’s all gone quiet over there! Yet again!

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