It’s almost three weeks since we lodged a Standards Complaint against Wirral Tory Councillor David Burgess-Joyce. An update

David Burgess Joyce - Wikipedia page

Just a reminder that Wirral In It Together lodged a Standards Complaint against this now suspended Tory Councillor on 17th July 2019. In our reasoned opinion, he committed a #racist crime and our complaint is therefore well-founded.

Predictably, although we’re employing the official email channels that Merseyside Police advised us to use after we were accused of ‘harassment’ (bogus) by our local councillor Adrian Jones, the Brighton Street basket case has slipped right back into ignoring us all over again.

But as readers know, we don’t tend to get easily deterred and lately, we’ve been discharging our own brand of determined citizen journalism with added zeal.

Here’s the reminder (below), fired off this morning to Deputy Monitoring Officer Vicki Shaw, the senior officer who’s taken it upon herself to raise the fortress drawbridge once again and pretend the local public don’t exist, the very real people who actually pay her wages, fill up her purse and fund her summer holidays.

Arrgh. People, we’re now having a guilty moment.

It’s just occurred to us that Vicki may be enjoying her summer hols in the South of France as we speak. It’s that time of year, readers. If this is the case then we do apologise, humbly, deeply, sincerely and from the bottom of our Seacombe-bound (with occasional excursions to Newbo) heart.

5th August 2019 - Burgess Joyce standards complaint reminder to Vicki Shaw

We had a response earlier:

Vicki Shaw response to Burgess Joyce Standards Complaint 5th August 2019

Our response:


The Council’ s official response


Toodle Pip!

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