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We were accused of trolling by Patrick Torsney’s legal site SaveUKjustice

25th May 2015 (Whit Bank Holiday) On 23rd May, we posted the following tweet to @SaveUKjustice  amongst others… …and received a response two days later from @SaveUKjustice as follows: If the inconsistency here doesn’t leap out at readers, we’ll explain the situation. … Continue reading

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Direct Telephone Numbers for Heads of Service at Wirral Council

14th May 2015 I’ve been questioned in the past for being overly-critical and not reporting any positive developments regarding my local council.   Well, let’s put these concerns to bed by publishing the above; a list of the names of all Wirral Council … Continue reading

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UK Labour’s Tories are Running Away From Their Own Human Rights Abuses, and Worse…

9th May 2015 The dirty deed has been done and we’re reeling from the news that we’re about to be subjected to another 5 years of Conservative rule; but this time around, without the pretense of a ‘modifying influence’ from any coalition … Continue reading

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