UK Labour’s Tories are Running Away From Their Own Human Rights Abuses, and Worse…

9th May 2015

The dirty deed has been done and we’re reeling from the news that we’re about to be subjected to another 5 years of Conservative rule; but this time around, without the pretense of a ‘modifying influence’ from any coalition party.

And just to add insult to injury to those who were told their vote mattered, turning up and putting our cross in the box perversely ensured that over 1 million votes cast for the Green Party translated nationally into just one Westminster seat – Brighton.

In the run-up to the election, I’ve been busy on Twitter, advising those who need to know about it (i.e. everyone possible, but in particular, potential Labour voters) of the abuses and long term crookedness that’s been carried out in their name here on Wirral.  Sample tweet here (click to follow):

foulkes disabled abuse example

These are proven abuses, listed and highlighted within comprehensive, externally commissioned reports, undertaken by professional, largely ‘independent’ investigators.

Here are links to two of them:

Independent Review of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council’s Response to Claims Made by Mr Martin Morton (and Others) – carried out by Anna Klonowski Associates

Report of an Investigation Into the Treatment of Martin Morton in Relation to His Allegations of Abuse of Power / Bullying – carried out by Martin Smith of North West Employers

Although questions persist about thoroughness and process, and despite the redactions and obliterations still in place years later, there’s no denying the factual nature of these findings.  They were damning.  This was disabled abuse / disability discrimination / bullying / abuse of power writ large – and all in defiance of not just the council’s duty of care towards its own whistleblowing employee, but the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 and its statutory obligation towards the care of vulnerable residents within its own jurisdiction – which went on for up to nine years.

The one thing we can still criticise to this day is despite the awful nature of the findings, there’s been absolutely no accountability for those heavily-involved in the learning disabled abuse, the bullying, the mobbing and all the associated ugliness, criminal conduct, malpractice, malfeasance, obfuscation and the ongoing cover up of all the above.

Because at the forefront, sweeping all before it, was the Labour-controlled council’s overpowering desire to protect and conceal.

Elements of the cover up are still in place to this day e.g. redactions to documents and reports which serve to conceal the identities of gagged senior officer abusers who’ve either moved on under compromise (settlement) agreements with clean bills of health and a total of £1 million plus in associated pay offs, or who still remain working for the council following an LGA ‘improvement board’ – which has been watched closely, before being heavily and justifiably derided by the local public.  Browse elsewhere within this blog for more on this.

In fact instead of an anticipated moment of reckoning for the abusers, we’ve had the opposite.  The chief perpetrator behind the learning disabled abuse, accreditation of gangster care companies, and subsequent cover up (including the theft of £736,756.97 from the bank accounts of at least 16 learning disabled tenants, at least five of whom are now dead) and the portfolio holder for Social Services AND leader at the time, Councillor Steve Foulkes, has been elevated to Mayor of Wirral.

His period of office ends around now, but a massive and hideous injustice has been perpetrated which forms a cynical rewriting of history, mainly through the endorsing actions of inveterate, unapologetic, shameless liar (see hereherehereherehere, and here) Councillor Phil Davies, the council leader who took over from Foulkes.

Even for those with very short memories, the insulting public makeover is perfectly encapsulated in this recent Wirral Globe story.

I won’t go into precise detail again on the events as it’s all referred to in depth throughout this blog and others; but my Twitter campaign of late has thrown up a few surprises, both before and since the result of the general election emerged and took shape – as a slender Conservative majority.

Here’s a few Twitter user names that need flushing out into the open for the purposes of this blog post.  In one way or another, they’re all prominent Labour members or supporters who’ve been very public and very vocal at election time in their own inimitable ways…

…however, not in keeping with their heavily-promoted public “election image”, they’ve been strangely reticent when it comes to seeing, registering, acknowledging, confirming and admitting that there’s been hideous disabled abuse carried out by their own party – the one that they claim to support, cherish, love, etc. etc… AND abuse which appears to run counter to Section 12 of the Human Rights Act they now claim to support, cherish, love, etc. etc.

@SadiqKhan – Labour MP for Tooting since 2005; posted this tweet on May 6th 2015, the day before the general election.  He has ignored my input ever since:

@AdamWagner1 – Barrister at 1 Crown Office Row – mentioned in the above tweet. If he’s reading this post, he may instantly recognise certain human rights breaches by Wirral Council, proceeding unchecked.

@MarkFerguson – Editor of LabourList – posted this tweet after the election on May 8th 2015:

A desperately ironic and unwitting response came in from somebody called Matthew Harrison (click to follow)…

markferguson responder taking money from disabled people

…to which I responded, but I kept most of my replies for @markfergusonuk, the person at the centre of it.

My position on this issue, that of the calculated abuse of Wirral’s learning disabled people and the repeated breaches of their human rights, is a simple and straightforward one.  A person cannot occupy a platform claiming that the movement he is involved in is honest, fair, decent, civilised, protective of people, just and possessed of modern values if there are unaddressed ugly truths that have been minimised, diminished in some way or worst of all, deliberately concealed from the public in order to present a controlled, managed, and dishonest face to the world.

I allege that the above three persons have been engaged in reputation management by omission and failure to speak up.  They knew before the election what happened on Wirral because I told them in some detail about it – by providing links to a number of court cases that arose as a result of proven disabled abuse or proven disability discrimination and the ensuing bullying, mobbing and removal of social worker whistleblower Martin Morton in response.

Here are links to blog posts I have written about these legal cases:

Disability Discrimination:






Learning disabled abuse:



One of the persons mentioned above, @adamwagner1 is a highly-qualified barrister here in the UK, who operates at the very top level in the area of human rights, no less.  In fact, he’s also founder of the UK Human Rights Blog and a member of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the same body that found there was unaddressed disability discrimination occurring at Wirral Council – only to withdraw that finding later and remove the person who arrived at it.

Precisely why is @adamwagner1 achingly silent on these Wirral issues?  In the absence of any response, we’re forced to go digging, to try to see whether his wider involvement is all it’s cracked up to be.  Do Labour party fortunes trump all else, even cases of proven abuse? Does the personal suffering of people who are in no position to fight back somehow become relegated to an afterthought?

Why’s he mingling with people who need to recognise and acknowledge that turds are turds, and they need to be scooped up and thrown out?

Perhaps they need to muck out their own dirty stables, register, quantify and condemn the abuse, then with at least a modicum of restored credibility, go after the Tories with a clear conscience?

And what about the rewards for abuse? In the case of Wirral, with the chief perpetrator elevated to Mayor, this outrage has to be acknowledged as such, the abuser(s) expelled and a full apology made.

See the following tweet for a sense of the apparent determination and resolve (that @Adamwagner1 is prepared to go public on)… to fight for the retention of the Human Rights Act now that the Tories are planning to go ahead and dispense with it (click to follow):

adam wagner the fight to keep our human rights starts now

Editor of Labourlist @markfergusonuk appears to be afflicted by the same malaise; this failure to speak up and defend / condemn his party’s conduct.  So we’re forced to question his credibility, and to raise similar queries about motive, purpose, loyalties, allegiances.

What is paramount in your own plans if all you’re prepared to do is keep shtum, ride it out and say nothing when your own organisation has been found up to its neck in the most callous conduct imaginable?

Here’s a tweet from Mark showing that he is indeed capable of recognising and responding forcefully to opinions that he disagrees with:

markferguson hideously diabolically unfair

On the strength of the above, I’m now asking @MarkFergusonuk, editor of LabourList, to reflect carefully on personal human rights and condemn:

  • Wirral Council’s disabled abuse over 9 years
  • the theft of approaching three quarters of a million pounds from “sitting duck” vulnerable people’s bank accounts
  • the thuggery, and the bullying, mobbing and disposal of whistleblower Martin Morton
  • the creation of false bank accounts by organised crime groups
  • the accreditation of gangsters who formed ‘care’ companies
  • the ensuing Local Government Association cover up
  • the worthlessness of Local Government Chronicle Awards such as “Most Improved Council”, bestowed on Wirral (with crushing hindsight, see the LGC Award for Rotherham Children’s Services in 2008, presented at the height of unmonitored, unchecked child abuse)
  • the protection and the financial sweeteners or career rewards handed out to the perpetrators

…and I’d like him to use the same terms to describe this horror show that he so readily deployed here, when loftily criticising an incoming tweet.  “Hideously diabolically [sic]…etc.”

10th May 2015 (22:27)

One of them has at last spoken up on Twitter, if only to distance himself (click to follow):

adam wagner please remove me im not getting involved

17th May 2015

The editor of LabourList, @MarkFergusonuk has now blocked me on Twitter, presumably because he doesn’t want to be kept up to date on the foul, life-wrecking abuses that have been heaped on some of the vulnerable and disabled people of Wirral, inflicted by his own party colleagues.

It has to be said, Mark’s background photo does have a threatening feel to it. Those red rosettes could so easily be swapped for certain historically disturbing insignia.

ferguson blocks

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3 Responses to UK Labour’s Tories are Running Away From Their Own Human Rights Abuses, and Worse…

  1. Bobby 47 says:

    A brilliant piece of writing. Outstanding! So good, I won’t even bother to add to it because there’s nothing that I can say that’d add weight to this body of work.


  2. joedd says:

    As Bobby 47 says – absolutely brilliant writing – you have great courage and your courage gives me hope.


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