BIG Fund – The Wirral Council Leader’s Dishonesty Becomes Compounded

21st December 2016

See 10:47 onwards. Item 5 on the agenda.

Thanks go to John Brace for filming the event and providing the footage. Also deserving of praise is Nigel Hobro who attended to ask a very pertinent question regarding BIG fund grant recipients who went bust –

See here, herehere and here for the recent build-up to this.

This was a question which had to be submitted several days earlier to allow the leader to prepare his li(n)es.  Mr Hobro asked a supplementary question which Phil Davies ‘completely refuted the premise of’ before promising to respond by letter in greater detail.

It looks like the council leader lied through his teeth once again on this video.

The personal and corporate dishonesty is now becoming compounded.

Why would we make such a serious charge? Because although we can’t see his face, the leader can be heard taking the opportunity to move the goalposts in response to the question and in order to suit his own devious ends.

As we can see at the following link, there was absolutely no mention in Phil Davies’ Media Statement dated 1st July 2013 that the contents were confined to just 5 companies.

These 5 businesses were simply NOT SPECIFIED in the statement.

As is plainly obvious, the Phil Davies’ Media Statement was seized upon as an opportunity to ‘blow the trumpet’ for the council and on its officers’ behalf, to draw a line under it, and to clear them of any dishonesty or malpractice.

However the statement took careful and calculated steps to make it very clear that it was referring globally and in the round to the BIG fund in its entirety i.e. ALL BIG fund recipients:

Here’s the pertinent bit that they even underlined and put in large font to assist us:


So… the council leader is bringing the whole council into disrepute through his refusal / inability to put an honest sentence together.  He is dragging any up ’til now non-implicated colleagues along with him by seeking their support and approval publicly.

Genuinely sordid stuff.

The official Wirral Council public position now would NOT stand up in court. After 5 minutes digging, the lies would be laid bare and Councillor Phil Davies would potentially be charged and found guilty of perjury.

And the idea that fellow conspirator Councillor Adrian Jones never showed the Timmins Report to his leader, Councillor Phil Davies – the one controlling the show, issuing false statements and trotting out lies in public – is just laughable.

So with this in mind, when will Davies take the honourable (lol, we know) course of action, resign his position, give some honest, good faith people a fair crack of the whip, depart gutter politics once and for all and allow the dirty cloud of corruption and malpractice that descended over Wirral decades ago to finally lift and clear?

Questions transcribed






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18 Responses to BIG Fund – The Wirral Council Leader’s Dishonesty Becomes Compounded

  1. johnar says:

    Keep asking the awkward questions and challenging those who prefer to opt out.

  2. James Griffiths says:

    In their, as ridiculous as they are, political jargon

    Hear Hear

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  4. Wirral In It Together says:

    Nigel is still waiting for a response. That’s two months now. Looks like the liar lied again.

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  8. John Brace says:

    They couldn’t even get Nigel’s name right or Cllr Phil Davies’ right in the minutes of this meeting which can be read on Wirral Council’s website.

    This is what the minutes state:


    To deal with questions from members of the public, in accordance with Appendix 1 to Standing Orders – up to 30 minutes.


    Mr J Hobro, having given the appropriate notice in accordance with Standing Order 11, submitted a question on the subject of Business Investment Grant (BIG) and Intensive Start-Up Support (ISUS) schemes.

    Councillor Phil Davis responded accordingly.

    In accordance with Standing Order 10, Mr Hobro asked a supplementary question and Councillor Davies informed that a full written response would be provided.”

    • Wirral In It Together says:

      When bullies prevail and employ their friends and family, and they start chucking their weight around, and the whole mess gets ingrained and turns in on itself, the last thing you’d expect is a competent, professional face being shown to the public.

      • John Brace says:

        Watching the video back (which I did), the whole episode came across as badly handled yes.

        Although the heckling, mobile phone going off and the way the Mayor was disrespected didn’t help matters!

  9. Wirral In It Together says:

    Wirral Mayors and councillors no longer command respect. Let’s list a few:

    o McLaughlin
    o Foulkes
    o Crabtree
    o Reecejones
    o Williamson
    o Norbury
    o Doughty
    o Green J
    o Hale J

    I’ll stop there … for now.

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