We met the Wirral Council leader for the first time today. We were not impressed

nigel hobro question and davies non answer

27th March 2017

We collared the council leader today as he briefly left the 10:00 AM cabinet meeting due to a conflict of interest (his wife is a pharmacist apparently).

We held the door open for him and once we were both outside, politely asked him why he’d broken a public promise made last year to Nigel Hobro.

The leader had said he’d respond to a question that WirralBiz whistleblower Mr Hobro had formally put to him during an official 19th December public meeting in the Council chamber.

This public engagement with Davies referred to a pack of lies the leader (and Burgess and Adderley and others) had been putting out there for a very long time – in a botched attempt at deceiving us.

The whole thing was an elaborate cover up, re: The Big Fund – and the string of businesses that went bust, in quick succession, one after the other, upon receiving public money grants of between £4,000 and £20,000.

The Davies lie was that only one company went under and all companies were continuing to trade, create jobs and contribute to the local economy.


Three months later, the lying council leader (see our previous blog posts) has done nothing about Mr Hobro’s question, just sat on his hands, avoided it, and left his barrage of lies out there, untouched, unretracted and corroding the reputation of the borough.

We won’t be expecting a libel writ to thump onto our doormat from selectively-forgetful legal bod, copious note taker, and stroker of The Holy Bible, Surjit Tour, for two reasons:

  1. The truth is pure, hard as a diamond, and favours us
  2. Lying Councillor Davies has no reputation left to defend

Before he slunk away, schoolboy-like, with his bottom lip quivering, we took the opportunity to give the dishonest leader a timely reminder that he serves us, not the other way around. He said he would respond to Mr Hobro “in due course”. We told him we did not believe him because he’d not done a thing in three months.

He asked us our name (haha – like he didn’t know), which we gave him, along with the name of this blog – wirralinittogether (lol, again).

We then instructed him, “Do your job”, hoping he’d go away and have a ponder on this unplanned encounter.

We figured if there was anything approaching reasonableness lurking beneath the frosty exterior, perhaps he’d reproach himself and think

‘Sheesh, Philly-boy, you must do a lot more to represent voters and channel the wishes and desires of the local population in the future. You are their servant after all, and Wirral is not your personal fiefdom’.

We then went back and retook our seat in the public gallery.

Sadly, we were soon to be left very disappointed, quickly realising our intervention had had very little impact.

He came back into the meeting looking extremely red-faced (see photo below and John “Tarrantino” Brace video), sat down and set about pleading poverty on behalf of the council, due to the nasty Tories (his ideological bedmates), egged on by the serried ranks of blind yes men, and lame yes women, lined up on either side – soul-dead, slaves to dogma, brown-nosing apparatchiks one and all.

This performance was given whilst sat next to the prostrate, supine CEO – he whom on arrival became the delighted recipient of an inflation-busting £45,000 pay rise – which at the time formed an obscene welcome gift from ‘cash-strapped Wirral’ – just when austerity was starting to bite deep for his startled and beleaguered workforce…

27 03 17 - tour davies robinson

It was also a double whammy, representing a thumping kick in the teeth to the rest of the population – elderly, disabled, vulnerable, jobless, homeless, poor –  those who’d long been in the council’s sharpened, ideological cross-hairs and on the receiving end of serial betrayals from the lacklustre team of hard right posturers and apologists – Messrs Davies, Davies, Jones, Jones, Foulkes, McLachlan, Whittingham, Williams, Patrick, et al. and on, and on × 65 (+1).

We had a similar encounter last year with the same ineffectual CEO in the same splendid – if corrupted and rotten to its very foundations – building.  We’d told him what it felt like for the forgotten Wirral public – the world beyond his plush, sumptuous, comfortable quarters.

He responded by going, “Ner, ner, na, ner, ner” and blocking us on Twitter.

So in summary, we’re stitched up so tight the Pips are squeaking (no pun intended councillor) – by rogues, scoundrels, hard right ‘Labour’ Tories, central government enablers and “corporate serving vermin”.

Living a lie, free of dignity, free of principles, one and all.

Rant not over.

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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43 Responses to We met the Wirral Council leader for the first time today. We were not impressed

  1. Bobby47 says:

    Say what you like and argue all you want but that head is red. My tormentor of forty two years, the bloody wife, is a Nurse and when I showed her this image of Davies, my words to her were, ‘there you go you rotten old vindictive hag, what’s your diagnostic opinion regarding the hue of his head’.
    Her response was telling. She said, ‘I’ve been treating the sick, the insane and those who’ve become obsessed on betting upon uncertain outcomes throughout a long career unblemished by any form of measurable achievement and in all my years, never have I seen a head as red as that and believe me, I’ve seen some red heads during my time tending those who’s heads have become red and they’ve visited me begging, ‘me heads turned red. Sort me out Nurse’.
    Her conclusion, ‘Has he just met Paul Cardin?’.


  2. wirralbizz says:

    Caught red-faced or what?

    M. Cardin what did you do other than ask a reasonable question?

    MR Davies did say pointedly ” I refute ” what Mr Hobro is suggesting so he must already have Marshall his arguments to be so bold. transference from mind to paper is not so time consuming.

    Perhaps the bill for claw back of Isus funds has finally landed and Mr Davies needs to explain to his fellows and opponents how come such a largely successful scheme has ended with a fine of over a quarter of a million pounds


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      Nigel, perhaps an engaged Wirral council tax payer who has not been deterred by the closed off culture, lack of transparency, glossy PR campaigns and ongoing corporate bullying of staff could place an FOI request and check if that is the case?


  3. jonathan hardaker says:

    Paul as an ardent follower of your blog were you squeezing the said councillors Davies t”””””””s to get an answer to Nigel’s long awaited request or was he was just lying as usual?????. You were right his blood pressure must have been off the scale, send for nursie.


  4. Bobby47 says:

    Me and her, the rotten old bag I formed a Union with so many miserable and desperately sad and tragic years ago, are prepared to journey together, up the A49, and after popping in to see relatives on the proper and right side of the Mersey, have agreed to see the patient.
    For, if his red head is not down to meeting the menace Cardin, and it’s possible, then the Leader of WBC, the patient, is probably developing high cholesterol and needs to be looked at and quickly before his arteries explode and a massive heart attack ensues.
    If during the course of time either Cardin, Nigel or Jon get to chat to him, make him an appointment, fix up a location and I’ll get this harbinger of doom, the wife and nurse to meet him, examine his red head and all parts beneath the thoroughly scrawny neck and if it’s necessary, she’ll pop him on Statins, provide him a diet plan and mentor him as he battles back to a facial and head colour more closely akin to a colour tone of the light spectrum that’s more familiar with the skin tones of the human head.
    There you go. You cant get fairer than that!


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      Wow. Looking forward to that! You haven’t been here since 12th July 2016 – the day of #brickgate – is that right Bob?!


  5. Bobby47 says:

    No Paul. Whilst your inquisitive and nigh on nosey bloody mind had established I was wandering around the area holding a house brick muttering, ‘I want to smash glass’, I have happily visited The Pool several times since and despite the advice from the Council and local charities, I’ve happily given every single homeless person I’ve encountered a quid to see them through the day.
    Do I care that just one of the many that I give to has the keys for a Ford Focus that’s parked in some back street? I couldn’t care less. Giving and doing a little bit makes me feel good about me.


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      My best wishes to you Bob. Make sure you knock on my door next time you’re up here and we’ll go for a few pints in town… and a good, long chat about the world.


  6. James Griffiths says:


    Knowing of you makes me feel so much better about being me.

    Even though I take the piss ad nauseum about these so called public servants you know the pain of bashing your head against a brick wall because all their obedient servants are made to be pathetic.




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