Wirral Council launches… “WIRRAL TOGETHER”

Wirral together July 2018 2

A bunch of highly-paid elected and non-elected senior officials have launched a programme to attract as many volunteers as they possibly can to come in and help them.

They’ve unwisely called it Wirral Together… through sheer incompetence we believe.

So this is all about volunteering and yes, in the centre of the photo that’s the elected Leader of Wirral Council, Councillor Phil Davies, who is not a volunteer and who is drawing rather large member’s and Leader’s Special Responsibility Allowances.

Council Leader Phil Davies also happens to be an inveterate and unapologetic liar.*

…see  hereherehere and here

Also in the picture is non-volunteer,  £200,000 per annum CEO Eric Robinson, somebody who’s been blocking the writer of this blog on Twitter ever since he started working at the council, following a chance encounter between us outside the lift in Brighton Street.

Anyway, if you watch the video link inside council newspaper Wirral View, which we won’t be linking to, some obviously very well-intentioned people have been turning up to help the abusive council out, unpaid.  I personally think before they volunteer, they should do some research on the characters behind this venture and not work themselves into an early grave on these sordid crooks’ behalf.

Admittedly there will be a strong sense of satisfaction when “putting something back” and helping Wirral look a cleaner place.  But when busy breaking their backs volunteering, there is no chance they’ll be interrupted or asked to take a rest by any of the highly-paid hypocrites and chancers in suits and posh dresses smiling at us in the above photo.

Why?  Because helping Wirral look a cleaner place has never been on the personal agendas of those populating the Wirral Chamber of Commerce… *Hi, Ms Basnett* … or Wallasey Town Hall chamber and its meeting rooms. Mainly because elected members, unelected senior officials and their associated hangers on are there to load themselves down and grab what they can before they turn their toes up and depart their county Cheshire and this island Earth.

*This statement is made once again in quiet confidence because we possess damning, incontrovertible evidence

What’s in a name?

Wirral In It Together is our name.

Wirral Together is their name.

We don’t think this choice of title has been done deliberately or with malice aforethought.  In fact it benefits us because anybody searching for “Wirral Together” on Google will be greeted with links to page after page after page of hundreds of our stories, started six years ago.  So we think it more likely to have been somebody’s bone-headed incompetence kicking in.  But who?

Prime candidate will be hard right Labour politico, public relations professional and former servant of Big Tobacco Martin Liptrot.  We assume he will be wielding the controlling hand over any ill-named, ill-fated venture such as this.

A friend of ours – who needs to remain anonymous – knew Liptrot in a former incarnation and reassures us that he’s mediocre, over-promoted and never been the sharpest tool in the box.  And if Wirral Together is indeed his brainchild, then all he’s done is successfully lived up to expectations !

Admittedly a small concern of ours is that the good reputation of our blog may become sullied and blackened by way of association with Wirral Together and the sordid reputation of its parent body, abusive Wirral Council (see Wirral Leaks, John BraceWirral In It Together, Private Eye Rotten Boroughspassim).

With this in mind, we will now make what is a carefully-drawn-up public pronouncement to show that Wirral In It Together is a rather different beast to the hapless Wirral Together and certainly the basket case that is Wirral Council.

Firstly, if you can f*cking bear it people, please read through the now published “Charter” of the Council’s Wirral Together, then scroll down further and compare this to our own offering, of which we are immensely proud.

Toodle Pip !


wirral together charter July 2018


wirral in it together charter July 2018

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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2 Responses to Wirral Council launches… “WIRRAL TOGETHER”

  1. Bobby47 says:

    Sweet loving Jesus! Eric looks desperately forlorn and disheveled doesn’t he. The last time I saw a fully grown man looking like this was when they released poor old Terrence Waite from his captors, untied him from the radiator and said, ‘off you go. You’re free’. He looks like a huge wool sack full of half inch spanners crammed inside in no particular order.
    Call me a patriot and a fool with a keyboard but the fella doesn’t look entirely fulfilled and happy with his lot does he? I’ve had a great deal of experience observing the bewildered, the deranged, the possessed and the dispossessed and folk who are desperately unhappy with life and this lad Eric definitely ain’t happy. Looks to me he’s a short hop away from a medicated prescription listing a double dose of the bestest anti depressants, a strong single dose unit of diazepam and a pen and paper to write his goodbye note pleading, ‘take me Jesus. I’m ready. Take pity upon me Lord and release my tormented soul from the burdens of leading Wirral Borough Council’.



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