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Do you live in Wallasey? After #Brickgate, a string of bogus allegations and council abuse, does Labour candidate Angela Eagle deserve your vote?

We Know What She Did Last Summer The first thing we should state here is that unlike our MP of the last 25 years, we’re Old Labour.  In 1997 we gave Tony Blair a wide berth, and naturally, as the … Continue reading

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Merseyside Police Expose Angela Eagle’s #Brickgate Newspaper, TV and Radio Falsehoods

1st February 2017 Cast your minds back to June / July 2016. After publicly disowning Jeremy Corbyn, Wallasey MP Angela Eagle was telling anybody who’d listen – which happily for her was an eager, Westminster pack of mainstream journalists with cameras and dictaphones … Continue reading

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UPDATED – #Brickgate becomes #PieceOfMasonryGate as More Intriguing Answers Come in…

5th January 2017 We should state right at the outset that despite our apparent obsession with a flying ‘brick’, followed closely by a breaking window, a torrent of media falsehoods mixed with rampant sensationalism, and the contribution of a pisspoor press regulator, this … Continue reading

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#Brickgate – Police say “no proof a brick broke a window”. But 50 mainstream political journalists are unmoved

4th January 2017 Back on 30th November last year, Merseyside Police released the above statement, revealing they’d never possessed any conclusive proof that a brick broke the shared stairwell window at the side of Sherlock House in Manor Road, Wallasey. This … Continue reading

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#Brickgate – Angela Eagle’s PR man – Imran Ahmed – throws his weight around on Twitter

8th December 2016 The world of Public Relations is a strange, unusual realm, where the task of turning hot, steaming cowpats into objects of desire is a difficult business.  A trade where threats of libel are plucked from the air and thrown around … Continue reading

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#Brickgate – Police finally admit – There’s No Evidence to Conclude ‘Angela Eagle’s Window’ was Smashed by a Brick

30th November 2016 Five months on, Merseyside Police… whilst possessing undisclosed information after watching Angela Eagle and UK Labour allow uncontrolled falsehoods to be spread across 12+ national UK Newspapers for reckless political advantage and whilst watching and hearing these fabrications being … Continue reading

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#Brickgate / Angela Eagle Broken Stairwell Window is now with the Information Commissioner’s Office

For those coming fresh to the subject, the following is a complete list in chronological order of all #Brickgate related posts we’ve made since the Angela Eagle / smashed stairwell window incident occurred at Sherlock House, Wallasey, on 12th July 2016. … Continue reading

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UPDATED with TV Report – EXCLUSIVE – Wallasey CLP Response to Labour Party Report. Personal Critique by Vice Chair Paul Davies

Labour Party  Report  Wallasey CLP  DP/82/16  A Critique of the NEC Report Paul Davies November 2016     (The salient parts of the report have been put into  bold type and then commented on. Supporting documentation is appended. My comments … Continue reading

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#Brickgate latest ~ Wirral Labour Council: “Eagle broken window was Anti-Social Behaviour” – and NOT an angry mob from Islington

27th October 2016 The Royal Oak pub in Liscard often has police and/or ambulances outside but looks like it's going for gold tonight #sixpolicecarsandcounting — Jenny Leigh (@_Bluefinch_) December 27, 2014 27th October  The Serious Bit (scroll down for the … Continue reading

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UPDATED – Wallasey Momentum’s Response to Labour NEC Report ~ Alleged Homophobia Towards Angela Eagle

25th October 2016 Alice in Wallaseyland – Verdict first – Evidence later! Why Labour Party members should be concerned by the investigation into Wallasey Labour Party. The consequences of Angela Eagle’s disastrous decision to resign from the Shadow Cabinet and … Continue reading

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