#Brickgate, Angela Eagle fed #FakeNews to the Daily Mail, and speaking truth to power

11 05 18 - angela eagle invatation to antisocial behaviour public meeting

11 05 18 - wallasey unitarian church

31st December 2020 – an update – LIARS prosper. Angela Eagle is made a fucking DAME in the New Years Honours list


We’re just back from the above public meeting in the lovely Memorial Unitarian Church, Manor Road, Wallasey, built in 1899 and a stone’s throw from #Brickgate – no pun intended.

The meeting went okay, but the whole thing felt a bit like a tick-box exercise, and due to the rather dismissive treatment of a sensitive local issue – antisocial behaviour – it got a bid rowdy at times.  And when a police inspector repeatedly responded to public complaints with, “I don’t recognise that statement”… and … “antisocial behaviour has gone down”, the audience got more and more frustrated.

We’d taken the following question with supporting statement to read out to Angela Eagle.  I held my hand up towards the end, but appeared to be ignored.

11 0 18 - angela eagle question and statement at church

Luckily, Angela had already offered to take complaints and queries from the public after the meeting, so when it ended we all queued up to be seen.

As we walked towards the stage at the front, down the central aisle, our three intrepid hard right Labour Seacombe councillors who’d been seated in the front row took their chance to escape down a side aisle.  Here they are in order of exit, Councillor Christine Jones, Councillor Adrian Jones and Councillor Paul Stuart.

jones jones stuart leave the church

As we queued, we were approached by Bridget Frear, Angela Eagle’s assistant.  We voiced our complaint to her and brought to her attention the following opinion piece in the Daily Mail of 8th April 2018…

11 05 2018 - dan hodges mail on sunday april 08 04 2018

We then stepped up to greet Angela…

We’ll finish with reminders of how Angela Eagle and Jane Kennedy were inflicted on us back in the early 1990s, a time when Neil Kinnock and Roy Hattersley’s star chambers were destroying good candidates UK-wide, and replacing them with right wing upstarts who later went on to call for the invasion of Iraq, the bombing of Libya and Syria, to destroy the Labour Party’s legacy under the guidance of war criminal Tony Blair and to fill council chambers up and down the land with cowardly, careerist, hard right Labour candidates.

Angela Eagle – Private Eye Reminds of Angela Eagle’s Highly Dubious Origins

Jane Kennedy – More News on Angela Eagle’s Dodgy Past, and the Rise of Jane Kennedy

…and finally an observation.  We are very poorly served…

…and how do we get rid of these people?

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3 Responses to #Brickgate, Angela Eagle fed #FakeNews to the Daily Mail, and speaking truth to power

  1. Bobby47 says:

    How much easier would it have been for Angela to simply explain that the whole Brick Through The Window saga was a complete clusterfuck and for her part, seeing as her name was associated with this false news fed to the media intended and designed to hurt Jeremy and benefit herself, she could quite easily have acknowledged that it was a matter which she bitterly regretted and one which she’d failed to maintain proper control over. Whilst it wouldn’t have stopped our Paul or others believing that The Liar Blair was still hanging around influencing the use of falsehoods to hurt an opponent, it would have given the people a better chance to see that Angela was capable of a little self scrutiny and a good measure of simple honesty with those who will forever now believe that Jeremy and his supporters did smash the window to frighten poor vulnerable, ever so sweet Angela who’s only sin was political ambition.
    Course, whilst the damage(pun intended) has already been done to both her and Jeremy, a political opportunist like Angela will understandably lie and if necessary lie harder to maintain the life of the lie if there’s still a little wriggle room left to keep the lie alive but, looking at the footage and cognisant of the real truth and the full facts which are relatively straightforward and self explanatory, it seems to me that dear Angela has come out of this encounter with Paul badly and the wriggling on this barbed hook only serves to belittle and hurt her reputation further.
    Silly young woman! There’s a time to lie through your back teeth and a time to throw your hand in and say, ‘we got this wrong and I’m sorry’. Sadly for Angela, being a disciple of The Liar Blair with his Far Away Eyes, she’s some distance off ever considering being open, honest and frank about the attempt to win the political prize of Labour Leader. Instead, she’s chosen humiliation at the hands of my friend who will never ever let go!


    • Thanks Bob. I’d been waiting nearly two years for this opportunity. In hindsight I’m glad I waited ’til the end of the meeting to confront her. While I queued up, I had discussions with three of her hangers on. Two of them refused to identify themselves or even to admit who they worked for. I had intended to put up their photos here, but on second thoughts I don’t want to view the sad spectacle of them clogging up important social media channels with feigned victimhood. Thanks again Bob !


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