Private Eye 788 – More news on Angela Eagle’s dodgy past – and the rise of Jane Kennedy

27th July 2016

In this popular blog post  we bemoaned how an MP and recent pretender to the Labour Party’s throne, had been crowbarred into the Wallasey, Merseyside seat in 1992 against the wishes of the local people.  To back it up, we reproduced an old Private Eye cutting containing an enigmatic reference to ‘EYE 788’.

After asking around, we’ve managed to get our grubby hands on Private Eye issue 788 and below is the section that was referred to, a short, informative piece describing the covert, anti-democratic star chamber trials that were in vogue at Labour HQ in Walworth Road, London, under Neil Kinnock’s dictatorship.

Kinnock’s henchman, Roy Hattersley, he of Spitting Image fame – full emphasis on the spitting – had his mitts firmly on the levers of control when it came to …

  • pinpointing problem people
  • yanking the trap door down
  • supplanting them with A. N. Other

…the lucky other being one of the brighter, fresher ‘candidates’ that Kinnock and Hattersley much preferred, i.e. right leaning, and carefully chosen from a pool of obedient, prostrate nodding dogs, keen to get on.

Imagine … a pool of wet behind the ears Martini-swilling wannabes, keen to muck in with whatever antics were necessary to get themselves established … anytime … anyplace … anywhere.  But who could Neil and Roy be lining up for the Wirral seat…?

Step forward, the lesser of two Eagles … Angela to you and I; Oxford University’s finest, and a shoo-in as the ideal Wallasey MP …

Private Eye 788

Citizen Smith

Between our two Private Eye related offerings, and as predicted by those excitable pundits who love to analyse and dismantle these things, Angela has fallen from favour and been replaced by thrusting Welshman, Pfizer’s Owen Smith, who by clever sleight of (unseen) hand is currently being made over as a ‘soft-left’ convert who didn’t really want Iraq to be invaded or PFI hospitals to be built and was never really a special adviser and lobbyist and legitimised drug pusher and didn’t support the public sector pay-freeze.  Not really.

However, we all have long memories and internet browsers and can call up Owen’s gushing, not so ‘soft-left’ statements of yesteryear, the ones stuffed throughout with diametrically opposed wording to his more up to date Citizen Smith meets Derek Hatton based efforts. 

Smith has been dogged by allegations of feigning victimhood, similar to Eagle’s, and today, as he was being chased out of South Yorkshire by an angry former miner and told never to come back, there were doubts his own campaign would ever attain the very modest foot-hills that Eagle’s struggled to scale.

Anagram of Iain McNicol = Inimical Con

Here at WIIT, we’re intrigued to see that meddling Labour bureaucrats still can’t help themselves, and Stazi-style interference never went out of fashion.  In fact, it seems to have intensified under Blair, Brown, then Miliband.  With £25 charges being levied on out of pocket voters this time around, and our own Paul Cardin and thousands of others being banned from voting by General Secretary Iain McNicol during the popular voting frenzy that crowned Corbyn leader in August 2015:

Windows for Dummies

Did any sharp-eyed readers spot the name of the current, recently re-elected Merseyside Police Commissioner in the above Private Eye excerpt?  Here she is bang up to date, commenting on  the brick that was hurled through a shared, communal stairwell window in Sherlock House, Manor Road, Wallasey … and NOT the window of Angela Eagle’s office – which was the story fed via surreptitious means to 6.89 million plus newspaper readers each day in the UK.

Luckily that total circulation figure is down 43 per cent on the same figure 14 years ago as the press rapidly becomes the author of its own destruction.  These days they’re really going to struggle to fool all of the people all of the time.

Cue Jane:

Experienced policemen of many years standing need something known as evidence to investigate, charge and convict but – heaven forfend – inexperienced Police Commissioners like Jane Kennedy, who’ve been just a few years in the job certainly do not!

Jane has decided on a whim that this brick through somebody else’s window, minding their own business, was in fact a portentous political action targeted at her own colleague.

We don’t know about you, readers, but on re-reading the above Private Eye excerpt and noting how Jane benefitted from scandalous skulduggery in 1992, and still does to this day, our favourite line from the above interview is…

“This is not an acceptable way to conduct democracy…”

p.s. We’ve recently had confirmation via Peter Hitchens’ Mail on Sunday blog – Merseyside Police have stated that Angela Eagle’s office window was not broken.

peter hitchens blog

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13 Responses to Private Eye 788 – More news on Angela Eagle’s dodgy past – and the rise of Jane Kennedy

  1. garyrowl says:

    If it were not for the fact it is reseached by WIIT I would find this whole sorry tale too incredible to believe, it’s not so much the amount of skullduggery that is amazing rather than the fact that they are so crap at doing it. how anyone can believe james bond is british is beyond me.


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  3. Did we ever get sight of that brick, Paul? Or was it an imaginary one?
    I’d like to know what other historical snippets may be in that edition of private eye! That was a good one 😎


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      Cheers Paul. I don’t know what happened to the alleged ‘brick’. I’m not even sure if it’s worth pursuing either because the Wirral Globe article contained a police statement saying that an ‘office’ window had been damaged. Wrong!

      However Peter Hitchens apparently spoke to Merseyside Police who by then had had a change of heart, saying Angela Eagle’s office window was not damaged. He repeated this in his most recent blog in The Mail on Sunday.

      I do have the copy of Eye 788. Is there anything in particular you were after?


  4. John says:

    I am still waiting for the revelation that Jeremy Corbyn’s finger prints were found on the brick.
    ………………Or is that next week’s “revelation”?


  5. l8in says:

    Reblogged this on L8in.


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  8. simplyshirah says:

    It is utterly appalling. So good to have your blog my good friend. Been on Liz Kendall’s feed today. And some of the tweets I received were just utterly appalling. One in particular I found so offensive that sadly I became very angry. All because I won’t go along with RW Labour & its pitiful whinging. Survation puts Labour under Corbyn 8% in front of Tories – something that Tory MPs admitted about 2 weeks ago & which Tory polls insisted were right. If one dares to stand up to these bullies then you get most awful abusive stuff coming back. Thing is we are all in a fog of our own making but they are seeing everything clearly and we r just full time losers. Facts mean nothing to these people; Evidence is spurned upon if it doesn’t agree with status quo. They can be as abusive as they like towards you but call them RW & they go ballistic.

    It is a very very nasty game some of these RW Labour MPs are playing. If it is not shenanigans in rigging elections, suspended members, lying about members, parachuting their own RW people into safe-ish seats, it is closing down CLPs, stopping democratic elections to be had. There are some very vicious people out there both in PLP and outside it. What CLP has gone through in Brighton and Wallasey is beyond parody. You couldn’t make it up as no one would believe it.

    Take heart folks JCs Labour is now 8% in front of Tory Party, must build on that and deal with NEC. We all deserve that to happen. Sorry to ramble.


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