The “Most Improved Council”: Do As We Say, Not As We Do.


18th December 2016

We the public don’t get to see the disciplinary records for Wirral’s councillors – or anybody’s councillors for that matter – because sadly they’re highly sensitive and an internal party political matter.  But hey, how useful it would be as a democratic check and balance the next time you’re putting your ‘x’ in a box alongside a name on a ballot paper, usually in early May.

If Wirral’s councillors had been hauled over the coals for:

  • dishonesty
  • not paying their council tax
  • becoming involved in a criminal campaign to extort £192,000 of public money

…and if the details were made available in the public interest, we could read down the list, check the circumstances and make an informed judgment.

Or could we?

We’re hearing from a well-placed source inside the council that two Labour members are in trouble right now and allegedly have been hauled before a disciplinary committee this week.  Their names are Christina Muspratt (Bebington) and Walter Smith (Bebington).

But because a concealing veil has been quickly drawn across and there shall be absolutely no reporting of the matter in accordance with unseen, unpublished ‘open and transparent council’ rules, we’re left to rely upon persons of conscience and insider leaks to cut through the barbed wire and make themselves heard. We’re also left to wonder:

a. what’s the full detail of their offence? and;

b. why was it deserving of disciplinary action? and;

c. why are the Labour Executive desperate to keep it all under wraps?

Luckily this time we have some more details on the ‘offence’.  So was it serious stuff like dishonesty, or lying to an investigator, or racism?

No, none of these.  It was the ‘heinous crime’ of supporting Green Party councillor Pat Cleary after he was unfairly gagged when trying to carry out the wishes of voters who, as with every other elected councillor, had provided him with a mandate to speak and act on their behalf.

When you gag a councillor, you’re gagging his people.


Excerpt from John “Tarrantino” Brace’s website at including link to Pat Cleary blog post

For this ‘offence’, Muspratt and Smith were allegedly hauled before a disciplinary committee this week – but all beyond public view.  So Wirral’s controlling public servants are up to their eyes in shadowy, secretive, mendacious machinations once again.

We wonder whether Muspratt and Smith are Jeremy Corbyn backers, because it’s always interesting to compare the disciplining of junior, relatively powerless councillors with the on the record, foul behaviour of powerful seniors – who seem to think nothing of dobbing their ‘friends’ into the crap with party HQ i.e. the mendacious, power-abusing Wirral Labour Council Executive in league with the mendacious, power-abusing London NEC:

      – not disciplined

      – not disciplined

      – not disciplined

So there we have it.  Even if we did have access to a public record of bad behaviour and disciplinary sanctions received by councillors, it seems that even this would not provide a true picture of the facts on the ground because:

  • minor ‘offences’ are blown up out of all proportion in order to bully those involved
  • major transgressions are concealed in order to protect the power abusing bullies
  • accountability can’t exist let alone survive in a self-induced vacuum
  • the senior movers and shakers are not just unequal before the law but stand untainted, untouchable and unreachable by their own internal party disciplinary policies.

We can only conclude  that power is still being abused, governance is broken, and people are being routinely gagged or steamrollered beneath the party machine to make way for the same old corruption and malpractice.

All at the award-winning ‘most improved council’, under the Chief Executive Officership of ‘thingy’, whose name escapes us.

And finally…

This is reasoned conjecture, but it’s possible that the same cack-handed fate awaits Councillor Anita Leech after she bravely stood up to Steve Foulkes’ stomach churning antics at the recent fire station planning committee meeting where a sensible conclusion was reached – kicking the thing out – despite Foulkes’crazed histrionics, and to some extent Blakeley’s party-political bias.

Rather than risk lives, Leech presided over the demise of a dreadful application which should never have seen the light of day and would almost certainly have endangered the lives of Wirral West citizens by increasing the fire crews’ average response times.

We shall wait and see what comes to pass.  Or maybe we won’t be allowed to see. 

Any public interest dispatches from inside the increasingly paranoid bunker would be very gratefully received here at Wirral In It Together.



“The longer one scurries around in a sewer, the more questionable one’s self-awareness.”



The time when Cllr Steve Foulkes as leader oversaw the theft of £736,756.97 from the bank accounts of learning disabled council tenants in Moreton over 9 years.  Foulkes spent many years trying (and failing) to have this abuse covered up or minimised.






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9 Responses to The “Most Improved Council”: Do As We Say, Not As We Do.

  1. 2. BeamMeUpScotty says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    December 19, 2016 at 2:04 am
    The only thing “open” about “open government” is surely the ever open cheque books of the Councils, Wirral Council, and many other Councils, who dispense ever increasing amounts of public funds to ever more unaccountable recipients of those public funds by dubious quangos or private companies who have secret undeclared conflicts of interest with, allegedly, both Serving ”Elected” Councillors, and Council Officers themselves?
    Please correct me if my memory is inaccurate on the following:-
    Didn’t the Legal Criminal Offences which are now so often being allegedly committed, often in Wilful Blindness, and Guilty Knowledge and total reckless indifference of the Law of the Land, (that is, Acts of Parliament, Statutes, and Statutory regulations), used to be called, taken in the round so to speak, and for brevity of posting upon this Blog,

    Via this Blog, might I put a very simple question to Wirral Council please?

    This concerns the recent postings on this Blog regarding the Forensic Investigation into Vote Rigging at the 2015 General Election, and since, apparently.

    Would Wirral Council, please disclose the 3 Categories of allegedly “Missing” Votes by, and through which, for example, Ms Angela Eagle, and Mr Frank Field, were Elected as “MP’s”, and who are currently Serving as “MP’s” in Parliament?
    The does, in fact, repeat the Postings on this Blog

    According to the Public Disclosure being made by Applied I F Limited, what has been disclosed, so far on these two #VOTEGATEUK Blogs, is only 1% of what is intended or may be Posted,?

    Many Electors no doubt will have heard of the Wiki Leak Disclosures, and those of Edward Snowden, but what appears from the Applied I F Limited #QUIXOTE Forensic Investigation Public Disclosures in the Interests of Justice and of the Survival of Democracy Itself, is that the whole of the 650 MP’s who are currently serving in Parliament are Unlawful and Ultra Vires?
    Since Mr Cameron’s Government, through Mrs May’s Government, [ And including the EU Referendum ], ALL Elections have allegedly breached, at least 3 Acts of Parliament Viz

    1) BALLOT ACT 1872

    So, to sum up the above ramblings, would Wirral Council please put my mind at rest, and would the Council please provide, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the following
    Voting Categories which were Declared by the Council Returning Officer at the Declaration of the 2015 7 May General Election Results:-

    The Number of Ballot Papers (Votes) as follows:-

    A) Postal Issued Ballot Papers (Votes) , which were Returned by Electors to the Council and placed into the care of the Presiding Officer at each of the Council’s Polling Stations on Polling Day before 10 PM on Election Day, and taken by each Presiding Officer to the Count and before which they had been Verified by him or her, and a Declaration Signed by each Presiding Officer and given to the Council’s Returning Officer, before the Returned Postal Votes were Counted
    B) Issued “walk-in” Polling Station Ballot Papers (Votes)
    C) Rejected Ballot Papers

    Might I please quote what Applied I F Limited has posted on it’s Blog:-

    “Counting Votes is Not Rocket Science”

    Might I please have an AGREED Joint Response from the Council between

    A) Wirral Council’s Chief Executive
    B) Wirral Council’s Monitoring Officer
    c) Wirral Council’s Chief Finance Officer
    D) Wirral Council’s Head of Internal Audit

    Thank you, Wirral Council
    I look forward to your response to the above publicly posted comments


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      Beam Me Up Scotty,

      You need to address this request directly to Wirral Council itself. As it stands, they may read it in passing, but are highly unlikely to respond. We’d recommend the query part of it is copied and pasted to the indispensable website where you will get a response – eventually. Thanks, WIIT


  2. John Brace says:


    As political parties aren’t subject to FOI (maybe someone needs to campaign to make them so?) this kind of matter is only going to be reported through leaks.

    I will however point out that the rebellion by the Wirral South Constituency Labour Party over the closure of Lyndale School (which finally happened earlier this year) didn’t go unnoticed by Wirral Council’s Cabinet, so one wonders how much of this (considering both are Wirral South Constituency Labour Party Members) how much this is about differences on policy issues between two factions in the party intertwined with what happened at the Council meeting you refer to.

    Then again, philosophical differences over policy tend to be at the heart of a lot of these matters and there are those within the Labour Party with long memories.

    Thanks for the link.


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      Thanks John. I find it pretty despicable that people with something akin to ‘principles’ are treated so shabbily by their own supposed ‘friends’, whereas those who are completely devoid of integrity can and will abuse their power to remain one step ahead of any accountability.


  3. johnar says:

    I’m not surprised in the slightest at all. These days there seems to be one rule for one and another for the rest of us. When I consider the devious ways in which systems seem to have been manipulated ( in my original case that went to Tribunal over 3 years) I wonder whether some kind of hilarity was had behind the scenes. How can the people who perpetrated and falsified claims, hid the truth and pleaded innocence and even civil-rights violations live with their crass and unholy untruths? I cited lies and fabrications, manipulation of employment laws, the disregard of human-rights and the abuse of ‘safeguards’ all of which were countered by ‘so called’ professionals. It isn’t as though this is all my own experience – the same people have similarly lied since. I even know thatches untruthshave been told in another legal case that saw a teacher ( a teacher!) blamed for what amounted to an ICT failing. I know, I saw how useless the security was in ICT…..What is disappointing to me is the way callous disregard was given to the impact and health of those who suffered at the hands of the liars and cheats.


  4. Jonathan Hardaker says:

    Party politics should not determine planning decisions it should be common sense, councilor Foukes should learn this instead of abusing the other sides argument.
    The sense in response times , the road conditions and the destruction of green belt should be the only thing to consider not party politics and the sooner the bully boy tactics are taken out the better it will be. Councillor Foukes should learn to keep his gob shut.


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      Thanks for your comment John. Gutter tactics are what we’ve come to expect of this character. His childish, grandstanding approach to serious matters brings shame upon the chamber and he’s morphing into a sordid parody of a rotten, storybook villain who would stab persons of good faith and honest intent in the back to get his own selfish way.

      He has thrived in the complete absence of any deterrent to crookedness and any form of accountability.

      The sooner he and his ilk are kicked out by voters or penalised by the overdue return of surcharging the quicker we can install dignified and honest democracy.


  5. jonathan hardaker says:

    Its just goes that great minds think alike thanks Paul for your support.


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