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Rotherham abuse. Which 53 councils shut up shop when people came knocking?

Starting in January 2011, I carried out a broad ranging survey of 345 English local authorities (local councils) which was aimed at discovering totals for compromise agreements (settlement agreements) drawn up by each council between 2006 and 2011. Compromise agreements … Continue reading

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No public consultation. Foreseeably and avoidably, innocent persons could be injured or killed.

*****Yes, that’s how serious this is… innocent persons could be seriously injured or killed, because Wirral Council have switched off hundreds of street lights without genuine public consultation or internal scrutiny…  now,  they’re locked into denial and seeking to conceal their actions***** 30th … Continue reading

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Liz Davies’ Open Letter to Margaret Hodge

Originally posted on Desiring Progress:
Last Friday (August 1st, 2014), Margaret Hodge, Labour MP for Barking and Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, issued a statement on the poor treatment of whistleblowers, and how they are often victimised by managers…

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