Alleged Disability Abuse by Autism Initiatives. The Mainman Receives a Substantial Out of Court Settlement

abuse and neglect of people with disability is unacceptable mainman audrey

This is an update to our original post from almost three years ago, here:


This is a positive ending to a long-running scandal, instigated and prolonged by hard right ToryLabour Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson’s long litany of damaging negligence, blaming of others and serious failure.

Anderson’s approach was to dig in and battle against the safety of vulnerable people and the interests of justice, hand in glove with the aggressive “Autism Initiatives” legal team.

This was a deeply regrettable, harrowing situation for the innocent people involved and was both foreseeable and avoidable, ever since the dark days of Winterbourne View, the events recorded by the BBC Panorama programme, and the subsequent ‘new safeguarding regime’ – which was roundly ignored. 

The Mainman’s mum and guru, Audrey is a spirited fighter who has run rings around the corrupted council’s local power brokers.

These officials have been blind to the suffering, and have been ensconced, dug in, squatting, throwing public money at the case hand over fist, and have enjoyed full license to abuse their positions in the safety of their corrupted power base inside Liverpool Town Hall.

We will upate readers here with a link to Audrey’s updated blog and further details when the matter has been signed off by the local courts.


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11 Responses to Alleged Disability Abuse by Autism Initiatives. The Mainman Receives a Substantial Out of Court Settlement

  1. Joedd says:

    Thank you for all your support ……….

  2. I’m looking forward to reading Audrey’s blog when it’s published. I’ll bet it will make for some *very* interesting reading. Thanks for this Paul.

  3. alison mountney says:

    Huge congratulations to her she has my utmost respect.

  4. Bobby47 says:

    Congratulations to everyone. Rob.

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