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A Terrible Dream.

We woke up screaming last night after the most horrific, traumatising nightmare. We only have ourselves to blame, after stupidly following this link to a Daily Mail article which appeared yesterday: In our dream, we were in London, in … Continue reading

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Leasowe Abbey’s in Ruins. And we’re in the gutter, or is it the sewer?

Some excellent, heart-warming news has just emerged from Wallasey’s Leasowe Ward.  The big cheese who’s been stood astride this working class stronghold for the last 22 years – yes, we know it feels like much longer – has been democratically … Continue reading

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From Wirral Leaks: A statement by Councillor Tony Norbury, would-be MP candidate for Birkenhead

Here’s the original Wirral Leaks post: To assist the public, and to get the message out there, we’ve copy-typed the statement as it stands, including all typos and errors. Like a retweet on Twitter, the publishing of the statement … Continue reading

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