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Anti-Semitism, Israel and the Labour Party [version 2] – by Paul Davies, suspended Vice-Chair of Wallasey Constituency Labour Party

  How and why was Wallasey CLP suspended? How and why was Paul Davies suspended? Paul on BBC North West Tonight before his suspension With Labour currently holding their National Conference just across the river in Liverpool, it’s the perfect … Continue reading

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#Brickgate – Edited transcript of phone conversation between us and Jim Waterson of Buzzfeed (at the time)

Edited transcript of telephone conversation between JW – Jim Waterson (Buzzfeed News, now at The Guardian) and PC – Paul Cardin, proprietor of the Wirral In It Together WordPress Blog Date of conversation 6th January 2017 Date of transcription 30th May … Continue reading

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Show ‘Inappropriate Comments’ The Red Card

Originally posted on Wirralleaks:
? Tony tells the truth : ‘The darkness around us is very deep”   Pic : John Brace Little did we know when we published our Sorrento Shame : Holidaymakers claim they faced ‘racist abuse’ from ex…

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Wallasey CLP Suspension, Latest. The Labour Party, Breaching Data Protection Act, Unlawfully Withholds Paul Davies’ Personal Data.

  The letter below was authored and sent (email and post) last Saturday 11th November 2017 by Paul Davies. Paul Davies was until the CLP’s suspension the democratically elected co-Vice Chair of Wallasey Constituency Labour Party.  He has also been … Continue reading

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We had an Important Question for our Local Councillor, Paul Stuart

Posted this morning to: …and awaiting moderation. “Can you confirm that my councillor Paul Stuart supports the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn? Did he always support Jeremy Corbyn, even through those troubled times when 17 bogus “whistleblowers” including Paul alleged … Continue reading

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Wallasey CLP News. Does the Malicious Behaviour of an Angela Eagle Supporter Equate to Gross Misconduct?

Originally posted on Wirral In It Together:
23rd October 2016 This letter was written around the end of July / start of August 2016. Many of the assertions are speculative, but the central falsehood is a serious one, the allegation that Wallasey CLP…

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Do you live in Wallasey? After #Brickgate, a string of bogus allegations and council abuse, does Labour candidate Angela Eagle deserve your vote?

We Know What She Did Last Summer The first thing we should state here is that unlike our MP of the last 25 years, we’re Old Labour.  In 1997 we gave Tony Blair a wide berth, and naturally, as the … Continue reading

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Wirral Council ~ This Place Gets More Surreal by the Day

15th April 2017

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What are the Charges Against Wallasey CLP’s Paul Davies?

  9th March 2017 A tweet from 8 months ago… Paul Davies, of Wallasey CLP, told me he would pay for lie detector test which he claims would prove there was no bullying of Eagle. — Jessica Elgot (@jessicaelgot) July … Continue reading

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The Quest for the Fabled “Window of #Brickgate” – Part One

nce upon a time… …good, humble townsfolk heard tell of words scribed upon an United Kingdom Party of Labour, National Executive Committee (NEC) official missive, which proceeded along the lines… …that in the Lifcard Village quarter of the settlement of Wallafey, ensconced … Continue reading

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