We had an Important Question for our Local Councillor, Paul Stuart

12 11 17 - seacombe labour blog speak your mind

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12 11 17 - does paul stuart support jeremy corbyn

“Can you confirm that my councillor Paul Stuart supports the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn?

Did he always support Jeremy Corbyn, even through those troubled times when 17 bogus “whistleblowers” including Paul alleged in the Guardian and Liverpool Echo that fellow members (and declared Corbyn supporters) had committed “homophobic acts” against Angela Eagle at an AGM on 24th June 2016?

It’s just that those allegations were NEVER reported to police – who may have raised counter-charges of wasting police time, which would not have looked good splashed across the media (although in reality the news perhaps would not have made publication).

And despite melting away into thin air, the bogus allegations have stuck fast in the minds of the British public, having been reported in much of the national media throughout the summer of 2016.

So please clarify that Paul Stuart now supports Jeremy Corbyn, as I do, and that yes, he was there on hand to have his photograph taken in front of the similarly bogus “Angela Eagle Broken Constituency Office Window”, when a failed smear campaign was raised against Corbyn supporters at Wallasey CLP?

Thanks for your time and for granting me the opportunity to speak my mind !”

Paul Cardin

Angela Eagle’s 17 obedient alleged “whistleblowers”.

We often wonder where they melted away to?

We should add in a cautionary footnote that the last time we posted to this website, this happened.


Councillor Paul Stuart finds time in his busy schedule to…etc.

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