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High Noone at Reading Council. Danger averted…

VIDEO – added in June 2021: https://wirralinittogether.blog/2020/11/23/video-how-a-tribunal-judge-and-the-information-commissioner-facilitated-potential-disabled-abuse-at-reading-council-and-the-brook-charity-2/ Reading Council appointed an abuser of disabled people as its Head of Adult Social Care. The following links have the full history to this debacle: 1 An emergency safeguarding message has been left with … Continue reading

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An emergency safeguarding message has been left with our representative on Wirral Council, Seacombe Councillor Adrian Jones

In brief, the following is a recorded message, left with recently re-elected Councillor Adrian ER Jones of Seacombe ward… Adrian Jones reassured the Wirral public many months ago that he is a supporter of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. If his … Continue reading

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We had an Important Question for our Local Councillor, Paul Stuart

Posted this morning to: http://seacombelabour.org/because-seacombe-and-new-brighton-matters-/2017/10/19/universal-credit-tories-are-now-forced-into-partial-retreat-in-face-of-massive-national-outrage/ …and awaiting moderation. “Can you confirm that my councillor Paul Stuart supports the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn? Did he always support Jeremy Corbyn, even through those troubled times when 17 bogus “whistleblowers” including Paul alleged … Continue reading

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A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2017 To All Our Readers

24th December 2016

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Are Wirral’s 66 elected members beyond democratic scrutiny? Apparently, yes…

12th December 2013 I’ve had an answer to the FoI request below and have updated the article here It’s now being appealed to the Information Commissioner’s Office. 24th April 2013 I placed this Freedom of Information request in late March … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Wirral Councillor humiliates himself AGAIN. Trashes a critic… then breaches his data privacy

On 17th August I had a moment of weakness, and posted a comment to the following website: http://seacombelabour.org/ Normally I wouldn’t associate myself with two bit party political setups, but on this occasion, curiosity got the better of me.  I’d … Continue reading

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