The new Chairman of @spiritofshankly is former Wirral “Super” Director Joe Blott. Let’s take a closer look.

joe blott liver bird

UPDATE – 28th June 2020

Three days ago, when Chelsea beat Manchester City 2-1, Liverpool became English top level champions for the first time in 30 years. This hadn’t happened since the days of the Football League First Division in season 1989/90.

But how have Joe Blott’s Spirit of Shankly marked the occasion?

By saying nothing… 

Check it out here with this link to the landing page:

…then ask yourself, “Would Bill Shankly have approved”?

Now, read on…

Value for money?

Joe’s bumper Wirral Council payoff of £390,176.03 was agreed by a committee of cross-party councillors. They always rubber stamp these things. Despite the fact that this one dwarfed all other (publicised) six-figure payoffs in the long and colourful history of Wirral Council.

And in an effort to downplay the obscene amount of cash, Joe tweeted his response, and appears to have convinced himself he was worth it.

It’s not known what Mr Blott’s successive golden goodbyes amounted to at Knowsley, Wigan, Liverpool and Warrington, but this being Wirral, we have firm grounds not to take on trust Joe Blott’s assurance that Wirral Council didn’t gag him.

More on settlement agreements, gags and buying people’s silence here, when we were interviewed by Hereford & Worcester radio recently:

And leaving via an early retirement scheme does not in itself vouchsafe to the watching public that their servant is immune from being clobbered with a settlement agreement – which itself may contain a protective gagging clause – a ploy done to muzzle both the individual signatory and the issuing body.

Remember when Maura Noone left Wirral Council – gagged – and what happened next?

Remember when Mike Fowler left Wirral Council – gagged – and what happened next?

We’ll be placing an FOI request with Wirral Council in an attempt to shine some more light, which has been shown in the past to be hopeless and to provide no guarantee of a successful outcome.


“The country’s first football supporters union”.

As far as we know, Mr Blott is now chairing the largest group of unofficial Liverpool Supporters. Here is their website.

The main purpose of this blog post is to highlight some of the more recent work history of Joe Blott and to bring this to the attention of the many thousands of Spirit of Shankly members.

If any members are reading this, kindly follow all the contained links here, then take time to ask yourselves a few probing questions, e.g.

Whose interests is Joe Blott likely to be acting in?

In light of the factual information laid out here, how much of our trust can we continue to place in him?

Did Reds fans get their man? Or did the board of Liverpool Football Club get their man? 

The Alison Mountney case

This court case (Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council versus Mrs. A. Mountney) started on 30th January 2017 over a period of ten days. Mrs Mountney was unsuccessful in her claim.

We attended on the first two days and have reason to believe that the main respondent, the council’s former monitoring officer Surjit Tour – despite taking a solemn oath on the Holy Bible – ought not to have been relied upon so heavily by the judge to provide true and accurate testimony. That is our opinion, based on an intensely strong gut feeling.

The fact that the council leader at the time – Councillor Phil Davies – was a proven and unrepentant liar and that these council underlings were taking orders from him lends further credence to our belief that Surjit Tour’s fellow respondent witnesses – through a dubious and unreliable sense of corporate ‘loyalty’ to their leader – may have been supporting Mr Tour, even in the event that he may have been dishonest.

Here is a list of those council witnesses for the ten days;

Joe Blott; Kate Robinson; Tony Williams; Fiona Johnstone; Clare Fish; Chris Hyams; Lesley Hales.

Some excellent *Wirral Leaks posts

A Blott on the Wirral political landscape

“Joe Blott, a managing director for delivery at Wirral Council, pocketed £569,423…”

The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day Eleven, the Otter / Blott Incident

“Senior Wirral Manager dismissed for gross misconduct for email about Joe Blott…”

Spot the Blott

“Blott will forever be known by us for his infamous quote: No comment…” 

A Blott on the Lauries

By the time this reaches the Local Government Ombudsman – he’ll be long gone…”

Advent Farewell 21 – Blott’s Christmas Bonus

“Blott knows where all the bodies are buried and what’s more he helped bury them…!”


“Joe Blott” emails Wirral Leaks: “Get the facts right before spouting off about how Wirral does business; you can write all you like on here about past & present employees but take a second to think about how much harm this does to the families of these people and how this may impact them about distasteful comments about how people go about making a living. Your blog is a joke and you hide behind your keyboard due to the fact you probably haven’t got a real job and you vent your frustrations out due to being turned down for a role here at Wirral…”

Blott’s Pension Pot

“Joe…topping up his pension pot and forging a new career in property development…!”

*Note: Wirral Leaks is a fully anonymous, politically impartial and highly respected social media blog which has provided longstanding support to the people of Wirral by shining a searching spotlight into some very dark corners, seeking out the long-standing, corrupted workings of Wirral Council, whatever the colour of the crooked current administration.

This has brought a small measure of accountability – where there has been none otherwise – and His Lordship and Her Ladyship have achieved some wonderful results – consistently – over many years.

Joe Blott’s former collaborator at Wirral Council – Frank Field MP – hooks up with The S*n on the very same day the second Hillsborough Inquest started in Warrington

Despite 25 years of pain and injustice, which Merseyside MP is backing The S*n?

Yes, you did read that correctly. Joe Blott’s last council employer – right-wing Labour Wirral – will have worked very closely with Frank Field MP, whom from time to time writes for The S*n – an excrement-smeared rag of a newspaper – despite losing seven of his Birkenhead constituents at Hillsborough.

We know this and accordingly, we sent a tweet to Mr Blott two weeks ago on 7th July 2019 asking him as newly-installed @spiritofshankly Chairman to retweet it to @spiritofshankly Reds’ fans on Twitter.  But whaddya know? Despite further reminders, Joe appears to have fallen silent, so we sent him another prompt today.

We will continue to request support and retweets until he forgets his historical ties to The S*n’s Frank Field MP and begins to take his chairman’s responsibilities seriously:

frank field the sun screenshot now deleted

Here’s Joe and Frank in Birkenhead – working together – a long time after Frank Field started posting his toxic copy to the Murdoch rag:

Blott and Field 26th February 2015

Photo courtesy:

Joe Blott pay off

Courtesy: John Brace

The fellow sitting to Mr Blott’s hard-right in the above photograph is unrepentant liar Phil Davies, who is a liar and Wirral Council’s former leader. We should add that he is a liar and we possess copious evidence of his lies.

Liar Mr Davies is very welcome to mount a hideously misconceived, doomed at the outset libel case against us.

There’s been no answer to this either:

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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