UPDATED – “Bold, unsubstantiated … defamatory … harassment” but now proven beyond doubt – James Griffiths was right



Extract from Private Eye Issue November 2016

22nd November 2016

Three years and seven months ago Surjit Tour, the “Monitoring” Officer at Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council threatened a libel action against James Griffiths, a whistleblower working for Council contractor Enterprise Solutions, for claiming that Wirral Council’s Director of Regeneration Kevin Adderley had lied to him along the lines “None of the companies who received BIG Fund grants (£4,000 to £20,000 via Enterprise Solutions) had gone bust”.

Last week it was discovered that Kevin Adderley had indeed lied and that Lockwood Engineering had already gone bust two months before he met James.

Furthermore, a total of TEN of these businesses had gone under by the time a public council meeting was reluctantly forced to discuss the issues on 8th October 2014.

But at this meeting Kevin Adderley lied again, as did Chief Executive Graham Burgess, all under the knowing, not so watchful eye of “Monitoring” Officer Surjit Tour.

Nigel Hobro, a fellow whistle-blower commented: “During our complaint, Council Leader and inveterate liar (see hereherehereherehere, and here) Phil Davies threatened to sue me.  We now know that this, along with Surjit Tour’s letter to James threatening libel, was grounded in rank dishonesty. In truth they had no reputation to defend and notwithstanding the illegality of any such action, they should never have threatened to sue or bring a libel action on this basis.”

“I take a certain grim satisfaction in the knowledge that Burgess’, Adderley’s and Tour’s dishonesty is now out in the open. But it is a miserable story and it was one of the darkest periods of my career.”

Here are Surjit Tour’s menacing words to good faith whistleblower James back in April 2013:





We fervently hope that Wirral council employees – junior, middle ranking, senior, and all 66 councillors are astute enough to read these pages and educate themselves.

In the near future we plan to act in the public interest by “blowing the lid off” what senior Wirral officials have been insisting is a “most improved council”.

If CEO Eric Robinson has not been told about the gravity of what’s been going on behind the scenes, OR if he hasn’t troubled himself to find out, OR if he does know but has gone along with the deception, then the buck stops with him and of course Council leader Phil Davies – who we believe does know and has known for a very long time.

More to follow soon.



About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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36 Responses to UPDATED – “Bold, unsubstantiated … defamatory … harassment” but now proven beyond doubt – James Griffiths was right

  1. johnarudkin says:

    Great news. It gives those of us that have faced lies and unjust treatment a glimmer of hope. What appalls me that people can be so inhuman, just to protect themselves, giving no thought to the impact on others. Honesty and Courage do exist…I’ve had welcome contact with it. Maybe it should be rewarded…it is part of ‘the job after all is it not’? I hope that those who are found out are made to apologise publicly and get the sack. Period.


  2. Bobby47 says:

    Good work Cardin. Very well done. Whilst I am very pleased that the ‘ordeal’ for both Nigel and James is nearing its end and the now unavoidable and inevitable conclusion, that they both had the shit kicked out of them by an obsessed and abnormally constructed Reputation Management bureaucratic beast of burden gathering of deluded fools, I can’t help feeling particularly pleased for the one and the only, relentless fighter and purveyor of words that moreorless, over and over again, read, ‘you lying bastads’, master James Griffiths, who, in his delightful and unique way, kept on going when many others might have thrown their hand in and given up.
    Well done lads!


    • James Griffiths says:

      Luv you Bobster

      I reported these crimes in real time.

      They went out of their way for five and a half years epitomised by that foolish old goat tory Hales’s outburst of insanity at Burgesses’s farce of a public meeting of 8 October 2014.

      I do hope he gets wirral’s BEST service, that is becoming normal, in his dotage.

      Don’t remember seeing “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” at that event to watch Adderley and Burgess lie through their teeth for him and his crud.




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