Wirralgate : 4 x 4

This is the biggest, most serious criminal incident (potentially) around these parts. It involves Wirral Council, four ex-employee complainants, their MP Frank Field, Council Leader Phil liar (see hereherehereherehere, and here) Davies, Deputy Leader George Davies, ex-Leader Steve Foulkes and ex-Monitoring Officer Surjit Tour. Wirral Leaks have now produced the most comprehensive analysis of these very complex issues. Despite the twists and turns this story has taken over the last four years, the clearest aspect is that there has been a deliberate tactic of attempting to conceal criminal behaviour, which is yet to be acknowledged, investigated properly and addressed. Watch this space.



It was 4 years ago that Wirral Leaks first broke the Wirralgate story.  Read how the story began with the first 3 chapters from September 2013 :

Wirralgate 1

Wirralgate 2

Wirralgate 3

However little did we think that 4 years later we would still be waiting for the biggest scandal ever in Wirral politics to be fully exposed. Call it our spectacular naivety in underestimating the power that 4 politicians hold locally but it is astonishing to us that this particular 4 x 4 is still on the road. So , for those of you unfamiliar with the Wirralgate story , which for a start off means you’re not a regular reader of Wirral Leaks , we’ll break it down for you. It goes a little something like this :

4 Wirral Council complainants have a recorded telephone conversation involving the Deputy Leader of Wirral Council where he…

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