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If you wanna succeed in vanqishing a corrupted, bullying, gaslighting employer – plenty of those around – you won’t go too far wrong if you nick and use the letter I’ve reproduced below. Best of luck…!!

February 2xxx Dear Mr Xxxxxxx, Thank you for your First Stage Formal Decision document dated February 2xxx which I received by Recorded Delivery on February 2xxx.  I remain aggrieved and am contacting you to inform you of the reasons why, … Continue reading

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Heavy stuff like this won’t get retweeted on Twitter or shared on Facey, but who cares?!

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LOBO loans. Wirral Council plunged the people of Wirral, our kids and grandkids into £295 million of foreseeable, avoidable debt. We objected in 2016. Grant Thornton’s response has just arrived!

YEP! We’ve received the Grant Thornton response to our August 2016 qualifying objection, which arrived a couple of weeks back signed by their Director John Gregory. Attached to his email was a 13-page Decision and Statement of (alleged) Reasons. We’d … Continue reading

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