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UPDATE – Homeless man has his possessions drenched by Debenhams security guard in Portsmouth

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A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2017 To All Our Readers

24th December 2016

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Dear @Tom_Watson/@IainMcNicol: re #fakenews #Wallasey accusations

An excellent letter to the highly-placed abusers of power and position at the top of the Labour Party: The SKWAWKBOX Dear Iain McNicol and Tom Watson, You will be well aware of the ongoing situation in Wallasey CLP, which remains … Continue reading

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#Brickgate – and the Alternative “Reality” of Conor Pope

23rd December 2016 Five months on, The Guardian have made an important correction to this article: We should emphasise that it’s only this article that’s been corrected.  All the other #FakeNews printed throughout summer 2016 still stands uncorrected and as nails … Continue reading

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BIG Fund – The Wirral Council Leader’s Dishonesty Becomes Compounded

21st December 2016 See 10:47 onwards. Item 5 on the agenda. Thanks go to John Brace for filming the event and providing the footage. Also deserving of praise is Nigel Hobro who attended to ask a very pertinent question regarding … Continue reading

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The “Most Improved Council”: Do As We Say, Not As We Do.

18th December 2016 We the public don’t get to see the disciplinary records for Wirral’s councillors – or anybody’s councillors for that matter – because sadly they’re highly sensitive and an internal party political matter.  But hey, how useful it … Continue reading

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Labour. A Scorched Earth Policy? 13th December 2016

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McNicol responds to Wallasey exec report – investigating them for writing it

Ian McNicol is now beyond control, not in a position to emerge from this unscathed, and engaged in a determined scorched earth policy. This has to change. The SKWAWKBOX Labour General Secretary Iain McNicol As regular readers of this blog … Continue reading

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#Brickgate – Angela Eagle’s PR man – Imran Ahmed – throws his weight around on Twitter

8th December 2016 The world of Public Relations is a strange, unusual realm, where the task of turning hot, steaming cowpats into objects of desire is a difficult business.  A trade where threats of libel are plucked from the air and thrown around … Continue reading

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Wirral Council Leader won’t let cuts / austerity / lack of funds get in the way of a sumptuous far east visit

5th December 2016 Leader Phil Davies recently accompanied Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson on an autumn junket to the far east – for two whole weeks – beginning on Saturday 22nd October 2016. After a timely tip-off – which came in as … Continue reading

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