#Brickgate – and the Alternative “Reality” of Conor Pope

23rd December 2016


Five months on, The Guardian have made an important correction to this article:


We should emphasise that it’s only this article that’s been corrected.  All the other #FakeNews printed throughout summer 2016 still stands uncorrected and as nails in the coffin of the Guardian’s hard-earned reputation.

Some Conor Pope alternate reality tweets

Click on the above tweets to see the many reasonable, level-headed responses put forward by people occupying the real world, many of whom live in Wallasey, are CLP members and have been unfairly suspended via ongoing abuse of power, abuse of position, abuse of media connections, and a cynical abuse of facility i.e. filling local and national newspapers with reams of #FakeNews, smear and innuendo, followed by a refusal to apologise when caught out.

Although this story may appear trivial to those coming to it for the first time or not wise enough to perceive the implications, the Wallasey CLP remains unfairly suspended on the strength of empty, dreamed up allegations which have not been subjected to due process or treated in accordance with Labour Party internal rules. Those who stand accused of bullying, intimidation and homophobia need a chance to speak up and defend themselves, but have had their democratic freedom to speak unceremoniously removed -this is rumoured to be in place until Spring 2017. 

Democracy will kick in eventually, and when it does, Angela Eagle, Jane Kennedy (PCC for Merseyside), Iain McNicol (Labour General Secretary) and Conor Pope’s alternative world will begin collapsing around them like a panic scene from a cheap disaster movie.

We’d suggest if left wing, politically engaged readers would like to see progress online, they play it cool, don’t react to any online provocation and avoid Conor Pope’s publication “ProgressOnline” because any misplaced desire to return us to the heady days of Tory Blair ain’t progress and it ain’t doing what it says on the tin.

For further reading, the following Twitter “moment” contains all the relevant Wirral In It Together posts:

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2 Responses to #Brickgate – and the Alternative “Reality” of Conor Pope

  1. Sid says:

    Reblogged this on Sid's Blog and commented:
    Democracy is a loooong time coming
    Thus is a dragged-out saga that leaves the High Command of the Labour Party showing malice, and inaction! Shame on them!


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