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Wirral Council #Racism and Alleged #Racism – Some Posts and Tweets. Also… “Yer Barred !!”

#Racism and alleged #Racism We thought a blog post on here would be a good place to ‘curate’ a number of #racism and alleged #racism tweets and list them for readers chronologically, as they went out. The starting point was … Continue reading

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Information Commissioner Publishes Discretionary Housing Payments Decision Notice

Here is the link to this decision notice. Following allegations of Wirral Council’s abuse of vulnerable benefit claimants, DHP audit failure and an ongoing breach of statutory law, this was a successful Freedom of Information request we placed with … Continue reading

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Show ‘Inappropriate Comments’ The Red Card

Originally posted on Wirralleaks:
? Tony tells the truth : ‘The darkness around us is very deep”   Pic : John Brace Little did we know when we published our Sorrento Shame : Holidaymakers claim they faced ‘racist abuse’ from ex…

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Wallasey CLP Suspension, Latest. The Labour Party, Breaching Data Protection Act, Unlawfully Withholds Paul Davies’ Personal Data.

  The letter below was authored and sent (email and post) last Saturday 11th November 2017 by Paul Davies. Paul Davies was until the CLP’s suspension the democratically elected co-Vice Chair of Wallasey Constituency Labour Party.  He has also been … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE – Hoylake Golf Resort – Campaigner’s email to Wirral Labour Councillors Reveals Their Hidden Duplicity

Further to the very real fears that this whole project is highly questionable and has deeply dubious motivations, the additional concerns laid out here are very clear: no public consultations false assurances / fobbing off by a senior member of … Continue reading

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We had an Important Question for our Local Councillor, Paul Stuart

Posted this morning to: …and awaiting moderation. “Can you confirm that my councillor Paul Stuart supports the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn? Did he always support Jeremy Corbyn, even through those troubled times when 17 bogus “whistleblowers” including Paul alleged … Continue reading

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Wirral Council Fails to Withhold Crucial Discretionary Housing Payments Report

Victory is sweet We can now report that the Information Commissioner has – after a long delay – found in our favour and Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council now have 30 days to put their house in order and provide the … Continue reading

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The Wirral Globe and The Liverpool Echo Will NOT, repeat NOT be reporting the news. Whereas Private Eye WILL. But why?

The above is a racist incident on a bus, here in this country, where at one point, the racist shouts, “Get out of my country, get out of my country” at a man whom he believes to be Nigerian. This … Continue reading

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‘It Has To Stop’

Originally posted on Wirralleaks:
‘It has to stop’ ….. These were the poignant words used by one of the whistleblowers at last night’s special meeting of the Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee. These whistleblowers had been found to have been…

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Brighton Street

Built on dogshit pavements Watch the lackeys swoon A cynical arrangement  Every workday afternoon Where the fecal germs of Mister Fooks Are rendered obsolete The legal beak is “Turgid Spoor” In the case of Brighton Street In the cheap seats where … Continue reading

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