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Wirralgate : 4 x 4

Originally posted on Wirralleaks:
It was 4 years ago that Wirral Leaks first broke the Wirralgate story.  Read how the story began with the first 3 chapters from September 2013 : Wirralgate 1 Wirralgate 2 Wirralgate 3 However little did we…

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Liverpool Council accused of snooping after “intercepting” emails between resident and councillor.

Originally posted on L8in:
Liverpool council has been accused of “intercepting” emails between a resident and an elected councillor. Liberal Democrat councillor Andrew Makinson received an email from community campaigner and former councillor Josie Mullen, but not before it…

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Workplace bullying and mobbing: Toxic systems and the eliminationist mindset

Originally posted on Minding the Workplace:
(Drawing by Aaron Maeda, copyright 2016) Virulent instances of workplace mistreatment often involve an eliminationist intention on the part of the chief aggressor(s). Two years ago I wrote that the eliminationist instinct may express itself…

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Welcome to the Matrix: Enslaved by Technology and the Internet of Things

Originally posted on Battlefield America – A Government of Wolves:
“There will come a time when it isn’t ‘They’re spying on me through my phone’ anymore. Eventually, it will be ‘My phone is spying on me.’” ― Philip K. Dick…

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London Grenfell Tower disaster survivors not getting donated money

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog: This TV video from London, England says about itself: Grenfell Tower Residents Say Warnings Were ‘Ignored’ | Good Morning Britain 16 June 2017 Vice Chair of the Lancaster West Residents’ Association Andrea…

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Former Abuse Inquiry Panelist: Counsel Silenced Me So That May Could Become Prime Minister.

Originally posted on Researching Reform:
In a controversial interview released today, former Child Abuse Inquiry panel member Sharon Evans makes a startling number of revelations about the Inquiry. A child abuse survivor and journalist who founded children’s charity Dot Com,…

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Our Criminal Allegation Against Theresa May Falls at the First Hurdle

25th July 2017 Readers will recall an official complaint we made to the Metropolitan Police, amongst others, back in early June 2017. It concerned an election broadcast featuring both Conservative and Labour party leaders, recorded and put out live on the … Continue reading

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Concern Will be Growing about Wirral’s High-rise Tower Blocks

25th June 2017 Since the catastrophic loss of life at Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, inspections of similar, potentially unsafe locations have been underway across the country. Camden Council in London were very quick to spot the potential dangers and … Continue reading

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Our Allegation Against the Prime Minister – the Crown Prosecution Service Refused to Refer it to the Police

  12th June 2017 At the beginning of June we lodged an allegation that the Prime Minister had lied about an opponent during the election campaign.  We viewed this as not just unlawful, but serious and potentially damaging because it … Continue reading

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We alleged the UK Prime Minister committed an electoral crime and the Regulator passed us to OFCOM

11th June 2017 This is an update to the allegation we made here while the UK General Election was underway.  We followed it up here. In the process of reporting this alleged crime – on the part of Theresa May … Continue reading

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