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JEFFREY EPSTEIN: why the stakes must be incredibly high on the killed v witness fate that awaits him.

Originally posted on The Slog.:
 The calumny of Jeffrey Epstein, the horror of his sexual predilections and the quite astonishing Book of Connections he has squirreled away somewhere goes some way towards explaining why, for decades, he was let off,…

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Jo Swinson is as bad as expected

Originally posted on ducksoap:
As a key member of the (2010-2015) Tory/Liberal Democrat government Swinson waved through destructive Social Murder policies and dismantlement of NHS.  Her support for such policies was (and is) as keen as that of any Tory…

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Tory #Antisemitism and the Silence of the [Mainstream Media] Lambs. Here are two video recordings

VIDEO 1 CAUGHT ON VIDEO… Tory Party #Antisemitism. Wirral Tory leader attacks Jewish Councillor via inappropriate use of a motion designed to quell unruly behaviour. As planned, the subsequent vote gives him and his party an excuse to embargo her … Continue reading

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British oil tanker?

Originally posted on ducksoap:
Last week Iranian military seized an oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz as a direct response to an attack on and detention of an Iranian oil tanker by British armed forces near Gibraltar a few weeks…

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The new Chairman of @spiritofshankly is former Wirral “Super” Director Joe Blott. Let’s take a closer look.

Value for money? Joe’s bumper Wirral Council payoff of £390,176.03 was agreed by a committee of cross-party councillors. They always rubber stamp these things. Despite the fact that this one dwarfed all other (publicised) six-figure payoffs in the long and … Continue reading

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The BBC have been interfering with children…

Video: 1000s of scouts blindside BBC singing ‘Oh Jeremy’ – before BBC quickly cuts them off

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One to watch

Chair, Labour Wallasey CLP. "Leftie", apparently. CLP suspended for 18 months following #fake, dishonest trial by media campaign instigated by @angelaeagle MP. Now "appears" to support Angela Eagle for some, strange reason. One to watch. — Wirral In It … Continue reading

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“Bloody Health & Safety”. Our political tale was included in the Write Time, Write Place anthology

Bloody Health & Safety. A short story by Paul Cardin. r. John Fairfax MP was born free, but the people of his constituency were in chains. Today, a reckoning was coming, one which he was determined to turn and face. … Continue reading

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Hundreds of thousands of #5G guinea pigs to attend Glastonbury 2019

“5G Ready”? UK Government’s “5G Rural First”: “Dangerously High” Levels of Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF) in Southern England.

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What’s a little disruption in Central London when you can pack them in for your friends in the police?

…and get thousands of innocent faces logged by the watching cameras, push a bit more, and land hundreds of earnest but gullible students with a criminal record? And that’s not all.  It gets far worse than that. Read on…

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