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Wirral’s Hard Right Labour getting a taste of democracy as The Matron resigns from the party

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party… Or maybe not?  Maybe now is the time for all hard right enablers of disability discrimination – who’ve outstayed their welcome – to bail … Continue reading

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Suppressing cancer cures as a means of population control.

Originally posted on The Revelations of Dr Richard Day:
During the meeting in Pittsburgh, Dr Day touched on the subject of cancer, and what he relayed to his audience shocked then, and many readers may find his revelations shocking also.…

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With #WirralGiants in the news, let’s have a look at one of Wirral Council’s BIGGEST fibbers!

The BIG Fund Many hundreds of thousands of pounds were lost here, then it was all frantically and guiltily covered up during secretly convened meetings of Wirral councillors and senior officers, right up to the level of CEO and Leader. … Continue reading

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Is the Wirral Council member for Prenton – Councillor Tony Norbury – a “sleeper”?

Birkenhead voters…  All 70,000 of you…  Will Councillor Tony Norbury be YOUR man in Parliament?  Or will Councillor Tony Norbury be WIRRAL COUNCIL’S man in Parliament? It’s in your hands… Read on… Here’s a statement dated November 2018 by this … Continue reading

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Anti-Semitism, Israel and the Labour Party [version 2] – by Paul Davies, suspended Vice-Chair of Wallasey Constituency Labour Party

  How and why was Wallasey CLP suspended? How and why was Paul Davies suspended? Paul on BBC North West Tonight before his suspension With Labour currently holding their National Conference just across the river in Liverpool, it’s the perfect … Continue reading

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A Reading Green Party councillor fails to notify the public that Reading Labour Council had appointed an abuser as Head of Adult Social Care

Here’s the full history to this dangerous debacle: 1 An emergency safeguarding message has been left with our representative on Wirral Council, Seacombe Councillor Adrian Jones – 4th June 2018 2 The causal link between a Wirral Council failure and a safeguarding … Continue reading

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Wirral Council issued 846 compromise agreements in just THREE years, costing us £66,150

We can disregard the plaintive, weasel-worded plea they’ve made underneath. Here’s the link to yesterday’s response A compromise agreement is a compromise agreement is a compromise agreement, and there’s no escaping that.  They engage in this damage limitation process to … Continue reading

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As the Wirral Council leader calls for an investigation into a “toxic” local Labour party, his council LIES to us in response to a Freedom of Information request

3rd September 2018 This kind of official dishonesty happened with us once before over 5 years ago, when we made an FOI request of Somerset Council. The Information Commissioner protected the council’s position when they appealed.  We can’t recall … Continue reading

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Re: Martin Liptrot story. An unnamed person has handed himself in to British Transport Police to be interviewed. Transcript of phone call.

Earlier post on this: Wirral Globe local crime incident re: Martin Liptrot – published then hurriedly removed. What’s going on? 22nd August 2018 Transcript of a phone conversation between Paul Cardin, writer of this blog and a phone operative at … Continue reading

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Wirral Globe local crime incident re: Martin Liptrot – published then hurriedly removed. What’s going on?

This transcript of a phone conversation reveals a lot more…  21st August 2018 We first saw news of this incident around mid-afternoon yesterday on the Wirral Leaks blog – Train Rage The post had been up a few hours and … Continue reading

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