Private Eye reminds us of Angela Eagle’s highly dubious origins

11th July 2016 – Wallasey

Our MP, Angela Eagle, this morning announced her intention to stand as a Labour leadership candidate.

On learning about this prospect a couple of weeks back, some locals found it surprising, and many more found it astonishing, given that she’d scraped a very poor 4th in the poll for deputy leader, conducted in the summer of 2015.  Jeremy Corbyn, the current leader, and the man she’s challenging for that leadership, breezed home superbly well with a virtual 60% mandate from members – a new record.  This was followed by solid by-election successes and a huge rise in membership which continues to this day.

A small crumb of comfort for Angela was that her own Wallasey branch of the local Constituency Labour Party had graciously nominated her for deputy (a nomination that still stands) and selected Corbyn, whom she seemed supportive of at the time, to be leader.

But how did Angela repay her local members’ and Corbyn’s loyalty and backing?

By throwing it back in their faces, going against her own recent approval of Corbyn and by claiming that he lacked the leadership to win an election.  Hunnh??

So what’s changed in the meantime? What’s behind this amazing transformation from Corbyn backing deputy leader no-hoper to burgeoning leadership candidate and potential Prime Minister – who all of a sudden despises Corbyn?

Very little from our vantage point.

And after failing with the deputy bid, how ironic to set it out under a banner screaming “Real Leadership”, with the predictable backing of the BBC and mainstream media?

We have very long memories and can still recall the time in 1992 when Bridlington-born Angela first set a tentative toe in Wallasey.

Firstly, we need to set the scene by briefly describing what had been going on politically in this town, a stalwart Tory seat under Ernest Marples and later Lynda Chalker.  Following a spirited campaign, the iron grip of the Tories had been loosened and virtually broken by Lol Duffy and team in the run-up to the 1987 general election, against all the odds.  And when we say odds … what was very odd was the behaviour of a very panicky right winger, Frank Field, in neighbouring Birkenhead.

Upon hearing that the May election in Wallasey was getting too close to call, he went public, encouraging the town’s electorate not to vote Labour – but to vote Tory – anything to prevent the popular people’s choice winning it.  This was at a time when Neil Kinnock and his ‘number two’ in every sense, Roy Hattersley, were conducting a national witch hunt to purge the party of persons they regarded as ‘too left wing’.  So forget about Lol and his campaigners achieving a 40 % rise in Labour’s fortunes.  At Walworth Road, the Labour Party’s HQ, paranoia swept all before it.

It seemed the dirty deed done by Field had the desired result.  If 280 more people had voted for Lol Duffy, he would have unseated Tory Lynda Chalker.

Over to a 1992 article in Private Eye for a concise summary of the 1992 Wallasey candidacy, where the rulebook was frantically torn up by Kinnock.  Lol Duffy was excluded, previously unheard of Angela Eagle was secretly slotted in and put in a position where she could profit from Lol and his team’s achievements five years earlier, all against the local public’s wishes:

lol duffy excluded private eye

2021 update: So Lol Duffy and his helpers prepared the ground, planted the seeds, watered the crops, then along came imposter Angela Eagle to reap the harvest. And our system of crooked Royal patronage has now elevated her to ‘Dame’.

Link to Private Eye Issue 788

And here we are in 2016, with Blairite Angela Eagle’s dubious origins long forgotten, and with the slotted in Wallasey MP perhaps on the brink of gaining the Labour Party leadership.

But how curiously reticent she is about the details of what happened in 1992 – if her write up on* is anything to go by:

about angela eagle from her website

As readers can now appreciate, in Wallasey we are very poorly served.  And please be warned. Let’s not make the mistake of extending that poor service to the whole country.

* Angela Eagle resigned citing Hilary Benn’s dismissal. However, this domain, set up by Tony Blair’s former PR man, a Mr Joe McRea, was registered before Ms Eagle resigned.

Toodle pip!

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22 Responses to Private Eye reminds us of Angela Eagle’s highly dubious origins

  1. Caitlin Ni Chonaill says:

    The Labour Party has a history of preferring to lose elections rather than come to power on a left-wing ticket. EG. Jim Callaghan.


  2. I’m a Corbyn and labour supporter and I am getting thoroughly sick of these character assassinations that are going on.


  3. Patrick Kavanagh says:

    The only words I can find to describe Ms Eagle are; Delusional, Dishonest, Egocentric, Arogant, Disloyal and Treacherous. Her actions and behaviour of late, have shown me she is not a person to be trusted nor, someone who believes in democracy but, rather, someone who only pays lip service to it. Her castigation of the Constituency Party Members who don’t share her opinion, has been woeful and disgusting. I am not a member of the Labour Party or, any other Political Part or there affiliates nor, am I constituant of Ms Eagle’s but, I am someone who abhors a lack of honesty and integrity, especially when people use and abuse their position of power and privilege.


  4. bobby47 says:

    Well it wasn’t me who smashed her window and I’ll be damned if I go out of my way again to say it wasn’t me. Quite simply, I didn’t do it and no amount of cunning and guile that the Constable might employ to find the culprit or decide to pin it all on me because I’m an easy target, will get me to roll over, throw me hands up and say I did it.
    I bloody didn’t do it. I was miles away at the time. Not that I know the time when the throwing took place and it wasn’t me who lumped that house brick through Angela’s window. Not that I know it was a house brick. I don’t. It could have been anything that was large enough and strong enough to shatter its glass and just because I’ve mentioned house brick, and it subsequently turns out that it was in fact a house brick that did the smashing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I did it, albeit, the more I comment and the deeper I dig I do appreciate that folks out there might conclude, ‘this bastard bust the window’.
    Frankly, other than trying to defend myself and stop my good name being dragged through the Wallesey mud, with hindsight, it’s probably been a waste of my time trying to distance myself from the whole thing that’s resulted in this pane of shattered glass because. Thinking more about it and considering all the circumstances, I wish I’d not bloody bothered to visit and post this on Cardin’s blog.


  5. Andrew Dyke says:

    Regarding the broken window, I’ve only seen the photograph but surely this was too low down for any missile to be thrown by an adult. The trajectory of the throw rather suggests that this was possibly done by a child or because it was so low down it was the case of an attempted break-in. An adult throwing a missile would, because of ther height, have hit a pane of glass much higher up.


  6. bobby47 says:

    Thank you Paul. I do appreciate your kind and encouraging supportive words. I am also encouraged and heartened by the recent response from the local Constabulary who’ve studied this case and its modus operandi and concluded, ‘this is the work of a criminal’ which hopefully excludes me from their list of suspects.
    Police work is a fascinating science Paul. To you and I, we see a shattered pane of glass, but to the Police, they see and note fascinating small details that they use to build up a profile of the one who hurled the brick smashing Angela’s window.
    The local Police Commander charged with finding the culprit told me in an unguarded moment that the offender definitely had either one or two legs. Apparently, when they visited the scene after Angela phoned in and said, ‘some twat has bust me bloody window’, they noted that the culprit wasn’t there, giving them their first solid clue that had the offender got no legs he’d have been present at the scene. Whereas, because the culprit wasn’t sat there waiting for the Police, the culprit must have had at least one leg or possibly two to enable them to walk, run or even hop away.
    As we speak Paul, the Police are adding and building to their criminal profile that gives the local Commander the confidence to say, ‘we are behind him. Sadly, at the moment many miles or even years behind him but, with the help of our Partner Agencies we are determined to stop the rest of Angela’s Windows getting smashed by this criminal who has either one or two legs’.


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  16. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:

    2021 update: So Lol Duffy and his helpers prepared the ground, planted the seeds, watered the crops, then along came imposter Angela Eagle to reap the harvest. And our system of crooked Royal patronage has now elevated her to ‘Dame’.


  17. jillazzouz says:

    Maria should go too. Doesnt even bother answering her constituents. Another mp oy working fir a foreign power


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