BREAKING NEWS – #Brickgate – Angela Eagle’s Office Window was NOT broken…

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31st December 2020 – an update – LIARS prosper. Angela Eagle is made a DAME in the New Years Honours list

BREAKING NEWS: Merseyside Police have released an important statement:

24th July 2016

#Brickgate – The Story That Won’t Go Away
16th July 2016
“Angela Eagle’s office window was NOT broken,” seems like a very bold, possibly ill-judged statement doesn’t it, given the screaming headlines above?
But……….. we’ve all been had.
Yet again, the mainstream media juggernaut has lunged into overdrive and without stopping to check its facts and its sources has taken on trust what Angela Eagle, a hard-bitten Westminster MP of 24 years’ standing and her advisor Imran Ahmed (now boss of the Centre for the Countering of Digital Hatred) has been telling them. They could have applied the brakes and made some very basic, very obvious checks – checks which I’ve carried out for myself this evening.
As soon as we’d put down our newspapers, we the British public – putty in the hands of the press, as ever – drank it all in. Then, scanning around through narrowed eye slits, we came to rest on Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters – viewing them in a new light. As the middle class media Twitterati would put it – #TrotsRabbleDogs !
The bastards! What kind of hideous, demented individual, we raged, would plunge a brick through an MP’s office window, with no regard for the safety of the hardworking occupants inside, striving in good faith on behalf of the local public?
On Monday 11th July, overnight, someone – nobody knows who – did fling that brick and did break a shared stairwell window (although Merseyside Police have yet to admit that there WAS a brick – see this FOI request). It occurred on a well-used footpath linking a built up residential area to the shops in Liscard. It’s only a mile away from where we live and we visited the site this evening after watching this video on Youtube:

Presumably plenty of reporters will also have visited the site last Tuesday morning, but the following headline in the Liverpool Echo (owners Trinity Mirror, publishers of the Daily Mirror) is blatantly untrue and remains uncorrected, three days later. The article now stands uncorrected three months later after this failed complaint to press regulator IPSO:

Angela Eagle’s constituency office attacked as Labour crisis deepens
The YouTube video above very clearly explains how Angela Eagle’s office windows were not targeted. They were left untouched. But it appears that somebody connected to Ms Eagle or possibly Ms Eagle herself, when briefing the press pack, has allowed their dishonesty or their desire to misrepresent what happened to get the better of them.
Before proceeding with this, it’s worth pausing and taking a step back. We’re not rushing to meet a deadline at the expense of truth and accuracy, so let’s evaluate and take some time to put this whole incident into a wider context.
It’s worth doing this, because the mainstream media who ‘covered it’ on 12th July 2016 don’t appear to have bothered.
We know this area very well. We also know that Sherlock House is only 25 metres away from a popular pub, The Royal Oak. Before the writer got married, he spent many a long night in this very busy pub, talking politics and government, watching his friends’ eyes glaze over and unwittingly clearing a circle 10 paces wide as he was left alone staring down into his pint.
Check out this record of violent incidents which occurred at The Royal Oak. The Daily Telegraph – even with its wealth of resources to hand – didn’t:
[Scroll Down after clicking…]

Here’s a handy map of the area:

sherlock house map
As you can see, there’s a taxi rank nearby, a few shops down is a pizza place, and there’s an Indian curry house on the opposite corner to Sherlock House called Chutneys. I spoke to the owner this evening and he bemoaned having his windows put through also. Not every week or every month but every once in a while. So it seems this kind of thing has happened before around here. Well it would, wouldn’t it?

Link to Merseyside Police criminal damage figures for Wallasey – not likely to be a resource accessed by the mainstream media recently. But we can step in, do it for them and update the public.
It’s hardly surprising that a pane of glass got broken. All the ingredients are there:

  • Pub, with bouncers on the door, selling alcohol
  • Taxi rank, with queues of impatient people
  • Licensed Curry house, Chutneys, to pile into later and tank up

We know that Sherlock House is skirted on the eastern side (the side of the damaged window) by a public thoroughfare which links Manor Road to Barnwell Avenue, Glyn Road and to the very large residential area beyond. Many of the Royal Oak’s customers, too impatient to wait for taxis, use this footpath as a short cut on the way home from the pub:

map showing footpath
Sherlock Business Centre and Property Management. Liscard, Wallasey CH45 4JB.

Map from Google Maps:

Google Maps map of site

Photos taken on site and maps – showing position of Angela Eagle’s office, local streetscene, local businesses, cctv, lighting, etc.

In summary, given the history of violent and unruly behaviour at the local pub, we think most mature and fair-minded people would assume that this was the work of either somebody who had been drinking and got angry, local youths, or it was an attempted burglary. The police crime figures for the area (above) and the fact that Chutneys Indian restaurant has had its windows put through on more than one occasion would seem to lend support to this view.
Meanwhile here’s a comment directly into camera from a person with an axe to grind, a political person who appears to be very much NOT fair-minded; someone who has rushed to judgment and has instantly placed the blame for the incident on “Labour party members”. How she reached what seems to be a well-formulated and precise conclusion – nobody knows.
I believe Councillor Mooney has also contributed to an official complaint of alleged bullying, homophobia and intimidation against the Wallasey Constituency Labour Party featuring 17 alleged “whistleblowers” – in close concert with Anglea Eagle MP (who is not herself a complainant).

I tried to find out more by sending Councillor Mooney an email but received the following curt response, which I found to be negligent and complaisant. It’s the kind of “don’t give a damn” public response that a council worker would be ticked off for:

mooney negligent response
20th July 2016
And a tweet to finish off with…

Finally, here’s a link to a Twitter moment, containing all subsequent #Brickgate posts:

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38 Responses to BREAKING NEWS – #Brickgate – Angela Eagle’s Office Window was NOT broken…

  1. Peter Nelson says:

    Did anyone check whether the window was actually broken? As it appears to me that if it was broken it had also been painted very quickly and with the same colour paint. As an ex glazier the putty in the window would be too soft to take paint, so it has to be left for a few days to harden. Therefore time scales are important and even though the window had a board over it this does not denote a broken window.


  2. Graham lloyd says:

    Simple way to clear this up. Ask her to publish the repair bill in local or national press.


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      What will be cleared up by doing this please Graham? Those who made the YouTube video have already established beyond reasonable doubt that the broken window was not her office window.


      • Graham Peter Lloyd says:

        Yes. But her office will be forced into making a public statement to that fact. All you have is the video showing the facts. Which none of the major news chanels are commenting on. By demanding to make public the cost of the repair she must then issue a statment about it. Giving the presses intrest in her should make it more public and hopefully allow the proof to be shown.


  3. maxwell1957 says:

    So, it would seems like it is the activity of some tanked-up individual rather than somebody taking ‘direct action’ to show their disapproval of Eagle’s political stance.


  4. bobby47 says:

    Clearly matters have developed and the public need answers to the whole thing. I’d like Angela to do the right thing, put this whole tragic affair to bed and put right all that’s gone wrong.
    For my part I do not demand an explanation as to what went wrong. Quite frankly it’s done, it’s dusted and the whole tragic tale of woe is now disappearing fast in my rear view mirror. It’s of no concern to me.
    However, I do think it important that Angela should now, for the purposes of political credibility and a keen sense of duty to public service, have a broken window and so, I say to Angela, gather the media together in your backyard or front lawn, tell them, ‘start filming lads’ and then throw a brick through her own window causing the glass to shatter.
    That’s right! I’m suggesting that Angela should bust her own window as a form of pennants for allowing the great British public to believe that some twat, driven by political anger or shear disgust for her speech where she rightfully calmed, ‘I am a woman’, should actually smash up her own glazed window or window’s, several would be good, and make good all that’s gone wrong.
    Course, some commentators will feel differently to me and be demanding more than a few bust window’s but, being a reasonable man I believe that if Angela went about this properly and smashed every single upstairs or downstairs window, it’d send out a clear message covering three key points. Firstly, Angela is a woman, secondly she’s got no problem smashing up her own property and thirdly and lastly she desperate enough to do anything to win our vote and destroy a good and kind man Jeremy Corbyn.


  5. Sue Hughes says:

    I have just submitted a complaint to the BBC about their reporting of the advice given to Angela Eagle not to meet her constituents. This afternoon and evening every news report has stated that a brick had been thrown through her office window and then commented that following this she had subsequently withdrawn from the leadership contest; clearly inferring that the two events were linked. I am heartily sick of and very concerned by such subliminal influencing of public opinion against Jeremy Corbyn by the public broadcasting service. They probably won’t do anything to redress this so wanted to share with you that 9 days after the ‘incident’ the BBC is still repeating the Daily Mail headline of 12th July linking a broken window with Jeremy Corbyn.


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  10. Nickle101 says:

    Was a brick ever found?


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  15. Someone said the window was broken from the inside. In that case there would not be any brick or other missile. It is important to know that. Meanwhile only last night on BBBC radio an editor from Bristol repeated this storey that a brick was thrown thrown through off ice window of A.E. It all sounds suspicious to me. Eric Walker


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  18. Paul Smyth says:

    Reblogged this on The Greater Fool and commented:
    A month on it’s important to be reminded of this


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