Angela Eagle supporters have been discovered telling lies about Wallasey CLP Vice Chair Paul Davies

5th August 2016

Please click the link here to the Politics Home website, where Josh May has written an article dated 1st August about a letter he’s seen which was penned by Wallasey resident and Labour party member Linda Keogh earlier that day.  Linda is a supporter of Angela Eagle MP.

Crucially, what’s been omitted from this article is a date, i.e. the date when Paul Davies, Vice Chair of Wallasey Constituency Labour Party, was allegedly seen in Linda’s road, posting leaflets for the very well-attended TUC arranged meeting that took place on 2nd August at Wallasey Town Hall.

This is the key, concrete allegation, with the rest of them – regarding illegal use of data – being uncertain and  speculative.

The allegation itself, contained in Linda’s letter, which has not been retracted so far, relies upon the evidence of three witnesses; Linda Keogh and two of her neighbours.  Although Linda rounds off by advising that she’s sending the letter to ‘the media’, a number of different browser searches carried out by Wirral In It Together failed to track it down.  We’ll make the assumption that it has not yet been released into the online public domain.

For this reason, and with our ever watchful eye to general privacy and the sensitivity of personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998, we’ll be redacting the names of Linda’s neighbours and the name of the street that they live in.

Although Linda Keogh appears to have sent this letter containing personal information and addresses to ‘the media’, including Politics Home, we can’t be sure that she has taken the precaution of either gaining clearance from her neighbours to do so or redacting their personal data in order to comply with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 – because it’s not actually stated in her letter.

Unlike the Seacombe Labour Party, led by Labour Councillors Adrian Jones, Christine Jones and Paul Stuart – we, at Wirral In It Together will not play fast and loose with private citizens’ personal data.

Here is the letter in full for the first time:

 linda keogh letter

If we leave all the irrelevant material to one side, we can see in the text of the above letter that there is a date connected to the allegation concerning Paul Davies allegedly delivering leaflets at the address – the one we were careful to redact.

This date (omitted by Josh May of Politics Home) is Saturday 30th August 2016.  Now, in her eagerness to get the letter done and posted, Linda has put the wrong month.  She obviously meant to write Saturday 30th July 2016.

Readers will be interested to learn that Paul Davies, the Vice Chair of Wallasey CLP, was not in Wallasey on this date.  He was 231 miles away in London.

He also has cast iron proof of his movements for that whole weekend consisting of train tickets, hotel reservation, text message, credit card record of Oyster card top up and who knows, probably more e.g. mobile phone tracking data.

Which is lucky for Mr Davies.  If he hadn’t been out of town and these allegations had been believed and had held fast, this was grounds for expulsion.  Nasty stuff.

With this information in mind, when reading the mainstream press, we would ask readers to proceed very cautiously where some supporters of Angela Eagle are concerned.  A case in point would be recently elected Seacombe Labour Councillor Paul Stuart – copied in to the above letter – a person who we’re told is a major source of much of the dubious information that’s been referred to in the national media regarding *abuse, intimidation, homophobia and the like.


At the time of the September 2017 Labour Party Conference, ALL the above charges had collapsed. It appears Angela Eagle, Paul Stuart, Bernie Mooney and others may have colluded to plant false information into complicit newspapers in order to blacken their party colleagues’ reputations – potentially having them expelled – in order to further their own ends.

Paul Stuart was the councillor entrusted with forwarding Linda’s email on to Kathy Runswick, the chair of Wallasey CLP, yet he appears to have just waved it through, without taking time to check its veracity.

councillor paul stuart via John Brace

Councillor Paul Stuart – via

In summary, upon reading this you are forced to ask yourself the question, if these people are seen to be either telling lies or helping to propagate lies about Paul Davies posting leaflets in xxxxxxxxxx street in Wallasey on 30th July 2016…

…what else are they lying about?


#InOurBritain – 7:00 pm 6th August 2016



Footnote: Link to further information re: Wirral councillors and the value and level of commitment they attach to Data Protection

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14 Responses to Angela Eagle supporters have been discovered telling lies about Wallasey CLP Vice Chair Paul Davies

  1. Mark Catlin says:

    Reblogged this on Mark Catlin's Blog and commented:
    worrying and indeed nasty stuff…..


  2. sdbast says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.


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  4. Very nasty people, there are a lot of Blairites very angry that Jeremy Corbyn has revigorated the membership and become very popular.
    I can see only a clean split taking place, I doubt Angela Eagle will ever be reelected in Wallasey again.


  5. Andy Jenkinson says:

    Ann Black had this to say about Angela Eagle:
    “I questioned, again, whether the NPF, the keystone of policy-making for the last 20 years, actually exists. It has not met for two years. The elected Chair Angela Eagle is no longer on the NEC or the shadow cabinet, and her extensive review seems to have departed with her. Two of the three vice-chair positions have been vacant for more than a year, and most of the frontbench policy commission co-convenors are new to their roles.”
    From Ann Black’s report
    What WERE the PLP thinking? Putting forward a woman who cannot even do the lesser job she was given yet they proposed her for Leader. Suppose she had WON! I understand now why she was only allocated a stairwell as her Constituency Office.


  6. skwalker1964 says:

    Reblogged this on The SKWAWKBOX Blog and commented:
    More proven-false accusations by #Wallasey Eagle supporters that call their integrity into serious question.

    This excellent piece of work by Wirral in it Together shows the kind of tactics employed against Corbyn supporters. As context for the allegations of homophobia etc, it’s invaluable as it shows people prepared to make very specific and damaging allegations – and, on this occasion, being caught out by the victim having a watertight alibi.

    The more you find out what’s been going on over the river from Liverpool, the more obvious it is that it’s not Corbyn-supporting left-wing members that need to be hauled over the coals. Regardless how Ms Eagle and others may spin differently.


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  14. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:

    Well over four years ago and the Starmer fellating villains are still at large and strangely passed over re: any disciplinary action!


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