Labour Party Member Linda Keogh tried to Frame Wallasey CLP Vice Chair Paul Davies – What Happened Next?


9th January 2017

Let’s start by answering that question.

What happened next was Paul Davies contacted Labour HQ to refute an allegation that while the CLP was suspended in late July 2016, he’d been seen posting leaflets in Linda Keogh’s road in Wallasey (see above for the cast iron proof he was in London at the time), amongst a multitude of other accusations.

Yet we’re now told Paul Davies is in the firing line to be disciplined by senior party apparatchiks later this month !

Here is a reminder of the Linda Keogh dreamt up incident.

We know what she did last summer, and we wrote about it in two blog posts:

August 5th 2016

October 23rd 2016

She also sent her ‘evidence’ to the Politics Home website (along with Iain McNicol, scourge of new and Old Labour members, Jeremy Corbyn and several others) in a failed attempt to make her story go large.

What’s tragic about all this is that the reputation of the Labour Party is being voluntarily dragged through the gutter by its most senior people – largely Blairite has-beens who want their version of ‘the good times’ to roll again.

Shitty behaviour at the top of this outfit has all happened before, frequently, but how frustrating it must be for the hundreds and thousands of bright-eyed new members who were hoping to be riding the crest of a wave and turfing out the despicable Tories come the next election?

Without wanting to be too negative, as this brand of avoidable internecine warfare carries on, with the media largely stoking the flames, egged on by party traitors, the prospect of consolidating and mounting some real opposition over the next few years, followed by a Labour victory seems to be drifting further and further away.

We at WIIT are not Labour supporters locally here on Wirral, not after witnessing at a very close quarter Blairite councillors behaving like gangsters, abusing disabled people and allegedly Corbynite councillors turning up to bail them out with their nodding dog votes.  So there’s not much happening at Wallasey Town Hall to attract our mandate.

That said, Corbyn is a welcome return to old and trusted values, the traditional Old Labour that we last voted for in 1992 (which we still regret in many ways because here it installed failed MP Angela Eagle and not Lol Duffy.  More about that hideous event here).

Finally, we will not be expecting any libel writs to thump onto the doormat.

Telling the truth rarely attracts them.

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