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Wirral Council are wrong about the true number of compromise agreements

September 2018 Update  Wirral Council are now agreeing that they issued 845 compromise agreements after denying it repeatedly  The headline above sounds a little peremptory doesn’t it?  A bit harsh maybe?  Accusing an organisation of getting it wrong?  What evidence can I possibly have? … Continue reading

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Snouts In The Trough – Charities Scramble For Lucrative Workfare Hand Out

Originally posted on the void:
It’s full steam ahead on the workfare gravy train as charities and welfare-to-work companies scramble to profit from George Osborne’s upcoming mass workfare scheme. Appallingly these charities will not just benefit from a mass influx…

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It’s all in the body language…

“WE HEAR WHAT YOU’RE SAYING…” STRICTLY FOR FUN… As they face the people they serve, which ‘Improvement‘ Board member has the most convincing “Listening Posture”? Through posture-analysis alone, are any of the members unconsciously sending out the wrong message? On the strength … Continue reading

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I meet my “vexatious” accuser face to face !

16th November 2013 I thought I’d turn up to yesterday’s 1:30 pm “Improvement” Board public meeting in Wallasey Town Hall.  I won’t post in detail on this meeting but will provide a link to John Brace’s blog, as I’m pretty … Continue reading

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#FoI ~ Wirral’s SECOND “vexatious” rebuttal against me bites the dust

26th June 2014 – UPDATE – Wirral Council have capitulated, and have now withdrawn ALL their ‘vexatious’ refusals targetted against me.  Not content with this however, monitoring officer Surjit Tour, head of the legal “team” has made a veiled threat … Continue reading

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UPDATED ~ Lies, Damned Lies and Machinations…

A recent article in the Wirral News (a paper with no hint of Wirral Council scandal between its obedient pages since, er…  February) …tells us that the “What Really Matters” survey is going really well.  Councillor Musprattt reports on progress: “I think the … Continue reading

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#FoI Act – Arguing against ‘Confidentiality’ and ‘Commercial Confidence’ exemptions

Wirral Council’s disability discrimination ~ found in 2010 by the Equality and Human Rights Commission First ICO Decision Notice Second ICO Decision Notice The following requests were sent to Wirral Council almost a year ago, but were never answered.  It has taken … Continue reading

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The Saga of DLA Piper – can the truth finally be allowed to emerge? Er, not yet…

Regular readers of the blog will be well aware of this one, and the depressing depths to which senior officers and councillors of Wirral Council have plummeted in order to draw a concealing veil across disability discrimination – as found by … Continue reading

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